Eating At A Communist Restaurant in China | Mindblowing Chinese Food in Sichuan

so check this out it's Trevor James and today I'm at the one and only remnant shirt on which means people's cafeteria here in Chengdu Sichuan really packed we're gonna go check it out okay what Jay Chou Julie the timer Turkish Emma oh yeah Martha Martha Shing flew the answer and she would be able to call me on a car yeah Wow happy that does your name in the troop on the anti phone Wow oh and finally how haha this is awesome take a look at this nigga should shine material oh yeah here oh I'll cheer my mouse out of a hollow denim aha good a hot place should I even buy is yeah it's really cool about this place here is this all old communist style like propaganda like look at these paintings on the walls it's super busy and and oh my God look at all the people here look at all this food oh my god I'm so hungry hey goat Iola okay we're gonna find a spot Wow look at this Wow Han go on Lee huh Wow Nina your hunger time she went education MA Oh what did you get what did you get wow this yeah see I'm not sure the gadget like a gentleman gentleman Gingka shushing send them on oh yeah super ship ship being a big quarter gave you okay okay that's it well I guess I'll try this out looks like a Chinese pancake that's hajeck I know cheer yo yo hometown laganja Hong Kong the weight off tastes like bread sugar hey Wow I know just your name man let's go just trying to find a spot to sit here okay just yeah yeah yeah um okay this is where I'm gonna have a seat oh this yeah you gotta have rice right seven fat dishes here tears doleful pee tofu skin that looks amazing I can smell the garlic on that and it's got some chopped green onions oh yeah look at that this is all eggplant with green onions and green see this dark green in there that's green chillis super spicy full of oil look at that whoa it's a Shing fuya happy duck duck broth full of bean sprouts Wow a nice fatty chunks of duck with some nice greens in there as well oh my god this is Shou Shou food Oh basically that bacon flavor potatoes wow it's super oily it's got chunks of ham big spicy fresh green and red chilies oh yeah that's heavenly this is likely unban gyro which is like a cold Sichuan style salad lots of chopped green onions lots of cilantro lots of spicy chilies like it should the oil oh yeah nice salary on there oh god that's a true cold citron salad and then this one over here this is similar look at this this is like a this is like a young band hero pull the sliced chicken in a super spicy chili oil sesame flavor in there we're gonna try all this out now oh really cold I'm also really mushy like eggplant should be 10 spicy it's really building on me now as I see oh my god right from the get-go bestest always a shout out hood all that flavor is strong tastes just like bacon really really beautiful really smoky and full of life and love oh my god okay so we're gonna try a young band URL here awesome that's like a cold beef six one style salad wow that is awesome let's have a cold beef salad spicy and crunchy oh yes sliced chicken and tons of chili oil mmm I'm getting spiced out this young man here oh just spicy chicken anyhow so what's video right jungle Thai hanging out Rita yes yeah people are so nice here honestly lots of seven dishes I'm gonna feast now this is really spicy but it's like pleasurable scene am i killing myself or am i pleasing myself and I have a special announcement for all my followers I'm going to Penang in late January early February for a food trip and the best part is that it's sponsored by a local Singapore company we're doing a food trip for two weeks in Penang living the dream leave me a comment down below what you think about this video and let me know what you want me to eat in Penang I've tried a lot of the stuff there but if there's anything particular any recommendations leave a comment down below okay leave me a comment whatever you think as well I just really appreciate it thanks again me huh the man okay yeah okay so had some really no meal you been man so what you got baby this is the one in the Mojave you should America Jenna Canadian OH Canadian yeah okay this is funny just trying to shoot a sous vide no wait well honey I actually did our way you don't usually go May when tea was young in LA oh maybe on creature make you lunch hey ah he wants to force a la baie qionghua welcome to the humble country ladder may 1 C media you bien man yeah okay yeah okay there's a little that's funny okay

  1. Some people still think China is a closed country,you must be brain washed by media.Just stay away from us , we dont be friendly to anyone who look down on us

  2. They seem to really appreciate that you take the trouble to learn their language. How long did it take? Watching other China vids like from Laoway made me think China was a terrible place and the Chinese had no manners, were never happy and had no morals. Your videos are slowly changing that opinion of mine.

  3. The lady at the end wanted him 100%. Just should have said yes and took her with you man, it was so obvious uuuuuuh😂

  4. I ate here once. I was enjoying half way through the meal. All of a sudden the government officials confiscated the foods, and my whole family was arrested and led away to prison. We had to confess our crimes. We got the full Cultural Revolution experience. Not bad!

  5. Dude, I'm going to be in Sichuan later this year. While I lived there briefly, I didn't get out much. I'd like to go on a food ranger tour with you.

  6. Let's just hope that the Communist theme doesn't include the years 1958 – 1961. You wont be getting much food.

  7. a lot of restaurants have good food, but how to be stood out among the many? the name was an eye catch strategy.

  8. Kind of a cute theme. I'm pretty sure most people in China didn't eat that well when those costumes were actual uniforms.

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