Dumbest Trump Supporter Ever Claims Biden "Socialist" Because He's "About the Money"

I've told you before that the word socialist
for the American right has become just like a meaningless catchall insult that doesn't
actually have anything to do with what socialism is. A, as a form of government as a form of an
economy. Socialism is in its simplest form a system. We're ownership of the means of production
is socialized. There are different versions of it. We can debate whether we should be for or
against it. But socialism is socialism. It's not other stuff that you don't like. Uh, Emma Viceland from TYT, I hope I'm pronouncing
the last name correctly, interviewed a Trump supporter. And this Trump supporter may be the dumbest
Trump supporter I have ever seen interviewed period. And that takes a lot. I mean, it takes a lot to even potentially
get to that level. The woman that Emma interviews says that Joe
Biden is a socialist. Now of course, if you look at the Democratic
field, you would realize that Joe Biden would be the likely, the furthest from the socialist
of those candidates currently running in the Democratic primary. Um, and Emma asks basic follow up questions
like, what do you mean Joe Biden's a socialist? And then it gets really good if you're listening
and not watching. Just bear in mind that the woman is wearing
obviously a red mag, a hat during the interview. Do you think Joe Biden is a socialist? Yes. How would you define socialism? I define socially when you bring down your
own country, your own race, because he's not black. And does that mean bringing him down to a
black people? Not what you're saying. No, he's saying that the white people, he
doesn't look at himself in the mirror. Okay, so it's already insane. He's a socialist because he's bringing down
his own country and race and he's not black, white. Like what does that even mean? I'm not even understanding the language that's
being used. Nevermind the underlying sentiment sentiment
that this woman is trying to communicate. Let's continue. She tries another definition and Emma is actually
so perplexed by the stupidity of this person. She's visibly struggling to even unpack this
and ask follow up questions because you can't unpack complete and utter nonsense. He, that's what I look at. Hey, you talking about the white beamer and
look at you. Oh, he actually said, no, I don't like it. I'll tell you exactly why I don't like him. He's got a big ego. He thinks he's better than God. Trump. Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle
of Fifth Avenue and get away with it. No, I don't think so. We didn't say that. No he didn't. No, it's on tape. Nope, I don't believe it. That's fake. I swear to God you can watch him news. Fake News. Okay. This part is actually really scary. Trump obviously did say that he could shoot
someone on fifth avenue and not lose support. This is how the minds of these people work. They hear something that they don't like. They just denied it exists. And this is why you can't reason with these
people. And I'm going to say more about that later. Fake News. Fake News. Okay. Do you want me to watch the video? I have the most loyal faithful. Did you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of fifth
avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters. Okay. It's like incredible. Any of the Democrats to any of them appeal
to you? Liars. All Liars. That'd be Nokia. Keeps growing. Okay. And then you yourself will have a country. You your cell phone. I'm a country. Keep believing all this liars and you yourself
will be out of your country. Socialism doesn't work wherever it goes. Why is Joe Biden a socialist? Why is you're buying a socialism? He, because he's all about the money. I mean, socialism is about the thinking is
that you're buying in is all about the money. It's all about the power. The money. That's why Trump's a billionaire. Yes. And it's always Joe Biden. No. Yes, yes, yes. Trump went bankrupt four times. No he didn't. No he didn't. No, he did. Didn't. And that's business. But he did any people, okay, you got bankrupt. How many people do net don't start all over
again after bankruptcy. So this is severe idiocy. That's all. I mean, this is not, this is not a person
who simply mentally ill, right? That's not what we're talking about here at
sure. There may be some personality disorders going
on there. Who knows? But this is someone who simply severely brainwashed. Biden is a socialist because he's all about
the money. And Biden is a billionaire. Biden is of course not a billionaire. And if you were a billionaire in a country
where most people can't even meet a $400 expense, that's unexpected, he probably would not be
a socialist. And the most important takeaway I want you
to glean from this is that we can't convince these people that Trump is toxic, that he's
bad for the country, that he's bad for the world and not to vote for him. You can't convince these people because they
reason backwards. Facts have no effect on them. They come up with an idea like Biden's, a
socialist, and they will attribute to that anything Biden's a socialist because of something
about his race. Biden's a socialist because he's all about
the money. Biden's a socialists because he's a billionaire. So when I say don't worry about them, I don't
mean don't worry about the fact that people like this are what got Trump elected and have
done so much damage to this country. What I mean is let's just get left-wingers
to vote. It's a much better campaign strategy and this
is an example of why. How long would it take you to convince this
woman to vote for someone other than Trump? Would it take five hours? Would it take 10 hours? If we got like the most influential and effectively
convincing progressive minds a room with this woman, would it take a hundred hours to convince
her to vote for someone other than Trump? How many people who already dislike Trump
but are sort of on the fence about whether they want to vote at all? Could we simply talk to and say, listen, here's
why you should vote. Let's get you registered. Here's why voting is important. I believe that in the time it would take to
convince this one woman to vote for someone other than Trump, if it were even possible,
we could be convincing dozens or hundreds of people to vote for someone other than Trump
who already are sensitive to the anti Trump ideology. So as I've said before, I do a show, right? I believe in dialogue. Emma works for TYT. It makes sense for her to talk to this woman. I take phone calls from Trumpists and from
right-wingers, but I'm doing a show right as a campaign strategy, as a get out the vote
strategy as a strategy to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 don't waste your time with these people
because there is no sense in it. You cannot convince them or if you could it,
the amount of time it would take would not make any sense to actually spend. Okay. There a lost cause for the purposes of winning
elections the way we want to win them. Let me know what you think. I'm on Twitter at the pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show. If you're watching on youtube, please hit
the subscribe button down below the David Pakman

  1. That is definitely not an American accent – Talk about hypocritical – she is a stupid tub of lard

  2. That maga lady is a moron, LMFAO! She is a typical Trump lover who thinks Trump will rain down the spoils of white privilege on her, lol. In reality, Trump doesn't give a flying fuck about her, he just wants to con people like her for their votes!

  3. Those people are actually the easiest to convince, because they can't think independently. You just need people around them to say the opposite. These brainwashed lemmings are the communists in communist countries, they're the Trumpists in the US, they say things based on the proportion of powerful people who say the same thing.

  4. Yeah, you've got to watch some Trump Supporters Say the Darndest Things compilations before you go handing out the Dumbest Trump Supporter Ever trophy, lol. There are some crazies out there, and that's just the tiny segment that have been interviewed.

  5. Why is it that people always have to bring black people in the equation in various of discussions and topics that they have nothing to do with them?

  6. Behold, the creation of shitty education. Make no mistake, every corrupt politician who ever lived wants as many of these people in their country as possible. Ever wondered why American education is regarded as shit but right wingers (and no doubt many scumbags on the left) don't seem to care? Because an educated population is less easy to manipulate.

  7. Can someone call a psychologist! I think I finally figured out why the right wing doesn't want mental health care in this country, their constituents need it!!

  8. I think she's confusing Biden with Trump. Also, I'm not entirely convinced she fits the defenition of person.
    Please VOTE Democrats, because the rest of the people on this globe are sick of your president also and we are not able to do anything.

  9. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill: "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter"

  10. She Cuban… from the anecdotal evidence I experienced, there's only a small percentage of them that actually aren't filled with self hatred and contempt(elders specifically, the teens I grew up around with were moderate right).



  12. But what if you think Emma Vigeland is the dumbest political reporter ever? She said Tulsi was her favorite politician in 2017 and actively smears her at every point now. Is that smart?

  13. Honestly? She's able to make coherent sentences so she's smarter than about half of the Trump supporters I've encountered.

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