DT&SC 1-4: Technological Determinism vs. Social Constructivism

“In this section we learn about two key terms
and their definition. The two terms are technological determinism and social construction of technology
: Technological determinism: technology determines
the outcome . ex) The internet implies freedom and democracy.
ex) The internet implies informational dictatorship The first example says the internet is good
and the second
example says the internet is bad. Technology equals good
or bad
it’s a direct relationship. Social construction of technology: Technology
has different outcome. Just a tool that
can be determined through the social construction.
ex) Hammer. The hammer can be used for both
good or bad depending
on what the purpose for it is.”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful explanation of the two themes. This helped me so much understanding the SCOT and technological determinism. keep it up 🙂

  2. THANKS A LOT for a perfect a super clear explanation! Finally get the idea of technological determenism! 🙂

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