D'Souza shuts down socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the hours after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in the Supreme Court tweeted support for abolishing the electoral college to prevent more Cavanaugh's OKC of Cortez tweeting quote it is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College a shadow of slavery's power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic so why does the Electoral College matter first right now dinesh d'souza conservative filmmaker and author of death of a nation also a major motion picture available for pre-ordering right now genetic warranty good morning when you read her tweet what did you think she was talking about well first of all I think she's confusing the Electoral College with the three-fifths clause the three-fifths clause was about slavery and it had to do with a an argument between the north and the south over representation ironically the North which was the anti-slavery side wanted blacks to count for zero because they wanted to reduce the representative power the slave states the South wanted blacks to count for a full person so the three-fifths clause which is usually presented to show that the founders didn't consider blacks to be fully human doesn't actually show that at all now the electoral college is a different matter the Electoral College emerges out of this contest between the large states and the small states not a not an antiquated issue we have that now we have large states we have small states and if we had a system that gave power only to the large states the small states would essentially be unrepresented actually so the whole point of having remember the founded the core of our founding is the consent of the governed so to create a Union the founders needed the consent of the large states and a small state the Electoral College is part of that arithmetics sure but you know dinesh the Electoral College has become a talking point for the left because look at Donald Trump he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote same thing with George Bush so we've heard this for a while we've heard it for a while and I think you know in this case I'm not saying we shouldn't have a debate about this the problem is that someone once said you know don't take a fence down if you don't know why it was put up in the first the founders had a very they had a philosophical statesmanship that tried to have powerful ideas but implemented in the real world and the problem is today we don't understand well our schools don't do a good job teaching the principles of the founding so you can't have an intelligent debate about the founding so you have this kind of fanaticism so you're blaming her education and blaming her professors and I'm blaming her all right Dinesh D'Souza joining us live thank you sir my pleasure with a history lesson

  1. Wonder why Dems want 16 yr old kids allowed to vote, all incarcerated inmates, and illegal immigrants and open borders? Increase Dem voter base? No way Jose!

  2. Bill clinton only got 43%of the vote and since half the people dont vote no candidate has won a majority of voters.

  3. AOC didnt even learn economics. All she did was date all the international students attending Boston U and submitting "date reports" for her international relations degree.

  4. AOC can shoot her big mouth off were she's safe. Let's see her have a real debate with someone on the right. She knows better!
    What scares me is that there are more like her on the left. Yikes!

  5. How did that stupid Alexandria Ocasio-cortez ever get elected She is so stupid I can’t listen to any thing she says. she needs a lot more education

  6. Green new deal. I think that if climate change is an issue that threatens the planet. Then it should be a concern of all nations of this planet. So wouldnt a better green new deal be to convince the entire planet to take steps towards reducing their countries emissions as well. If thats what you wanna do. There are bigger polluters than the u.s.a. how bout some new paris agreement that includes the biggest polluters aimed at reducing emissions or sanctions or whatever is agreed on. If its not a world thing then its not a thing.

  7. …and the demonRATS still have blacks under their control – i.e., enslaved. Seems nothing has changed since colonialist America. What a pity.

  8. She's the perfect example for the saying, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and have it be thought that you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."…

  9. Ronald Reagan said it best: "Liberals always know so much about things they know nothing about."

  10. Hillary didn''t win the POPULAR VOTE, she won the ILLEGAL VOTE, that's all the demoRATS have…DRAIN THE SWAMP, MAGA!

  11. She has no idea of the history of our government, that blacks sold blacks to whites for money, trinkets, whatever they could get. So punish the blacks in Africa that sold their own people for junk. She needs to go back to school and learn history of the world and that we are all related. When countries were invaded they raped,murdered and violated young girls. Don't you think some got pregnant and that all our DNA would eventually show that we are all related in some way. She married her brother and in this country that is considered incest. Just like abortion is murdering babies, no matter what stage of pregnancy.

  12. He came out of nowhere with the 3/5ths rule and completely ignored the context of Ocasio’s tweet. I’m not impressed

  13. Not only is AOC ignorant, she’s dangerous because people her age don’t know fact from fiction and are easily fooled.

  14. Since the dems lost the electorial college they want to get rid of it so they have a better chance to win the Presidentse. What a bunch of sore losers pathatic.

  15. Crazy Eyes Cortez is "Furious" at these photos of her and a staffer eating a (((hamburger))) and killing the planet! https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2019/02/27/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-is-furious-at-these-photos-of-her-and-a-staffer-eating-a-hamburger-and-killing-the-planet/

  16. AOC-democratic republic? America is a Constitutional Republic. I have to be qualified to in order to work within my field. AOC barely comes across as high school graduate, let alone qualified for Congress.

  17. I'm glad HE said this and explained it. 'Cause we all know in the America we now live in, if a WHITE dude would said it, it would be RACIST.

  18. As a proud Puerto Rican living in Texas, and a free thinking conservative, I’m gonna flat out say that this little girl has been giving Hispanics, myself included, a bad rep.

    Thank God her position is only a two year service

  19. http://amp.timeinc.net/time/4558510/electoral-college-history-slavery

    This video is not correct.
    At the founding of our nation, the North supported direct elections and opposed the Electoral College. The South would only agree to support the Electoral College as the determining institution of who won the presidency. The South would not allow their slaves to vote. The Electoral College was the only way that the white South could maintain its influence during the presidential elections. Slaves were still counted as 2/3 of a person even though they could not vote. Thus, Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez is correct about the Electoral College and its connection to slavery. Mr. D'Souza, you need to retract your statement.

  20. Without Electoral Collage there is no United States, but a bunch of European states fighting against GERMANY every few decades.

  21. AOC and Dems in general are trying to solve a problem that did not exist before they made the problem. The world has not ever needed Karl Marx or diversity, but we got it to have something to fight against.

  22. Hold it; Trump lost the popular vote? We're assuming that the voting was straight & all legal. There wasn't any poling place in this entire country that didn't accept a fraudulent vote, accept a drivers licence that was given to an Illegal immigrant, accept a State ID from a person who's name on the card is from a person now dead, that accepted a persons vote at one poling place & said person didn't go to another place to vote a second time? Really…CA, NY, IL, MI or FL. They were all above board?? Yeah, well then pigs fly & the Dems always tell the truth.


  24. When AOC doesnt understand something she demands we get rid of it and say it needs to go because it's racist

  25. this is so the breeding like Rats people can vote in" free stuff " and don't have to work, we all understand that !

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