DON’T STARE AT IT!!! | Social Interaction Trainer #1

*WHAPSHOO!* Top o’ the mornin to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to “Social Interaction Trainer”. I saw this game on Game Grumps. Barry and Ross played it recently, and it looked really, really fun so I wanted to try it out for myself. I don’t really understand what the hell it’s all about But it did look funny, some of the scenarios that it puts you in OH! His eyes follow theee thing. Oh, oh god, *laughs* THAT IS NOT HOW EYEBALLS WORK DUDE *BLBLLBBLLBLBLBL* *laughs* Um, alright, so I think you’re just put in situations based around a cashier, a urinal and transport And then you have ‘ta… Progress the situation? I have no idea In normal social interactions, i’m fine! I get along with alot of people that I meet straight away Because I like to make them feel welcome, I like ‘ta.. I dunno, I like breaking the ice with people and I like talking to them Yeah like- I don’t go out of my way to meet new people all the time But if I am ~Thrust~ upon new people I’m usually pretty good at getting along with them Ahm, as- as- as long as I don’t mention , um, anythin’.. ..about their dead parents. THEN, then we’re good. Um, what is this? Does this change the- oh god WHAT? Why did clicking Canada make this show up?? I don’t know what that means- Oh that’s not Canada its China. *hysterical laughter* ((JACK PLS (ಠ_ಠ) )) ooooh I saw USA, Australia, and then CN Its the fuckin’ Chinese flag what is wrong with me Ahm Oohh kaaay so USA- wwha jeez Clickin USA just makes them angry Okay- Imma go with HTTP I dunno what difference it makes Use your gaze to socially interact with the cashier. Ok… so I just keep eye contact? Th- that’s great! Yeah! Thank you! Congratulations you socially interacted with your cashier successfully. How could I have been unsuccessful at that? Just be like, “”you want your bags back?” “That’d be great!” “Sir, that’ll be 3.50.” “Cool!” I’m on it! Don’t worry! hehe Urina- oh, this is gonna be a bad one Any of you out there who use urinals, um you’ll know that there’s a certain etiquette When you walk into a urinal, and somebody stands next to you You don’t, like, look at them; you don’t look down at whatever they got down there You don’t do anything like that! You just sit there, do your business, and you move on. But there’s always a buffer between you and the other person. You don’t go in and then you’re like, “Hey” “How’re you doing?” and then start peeing all over the place No! ‘s not how it works! Ok, so Uh, *laughs* do not allow your gaze to wander off from your task. Ok So, you see that game last night? Yeah *laughs* What happens if I stare at his junk? “Staring at others’ genitals is not encouraged.” *laughs* I was hopin’ it would change Yeah i’m just gonna stare down at my.. my own genitals.. [weird game -wep-‘s] ..this is great- WHAT IS THIS SOUND?? HE’S LOOKED AT ME! [WOP] *reading screen* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) YOU MOTHER FUCKER He stared at me though!! Did he take a peek? Did he take a peek, a peek at ol’ Johnson HE FUCKIN’ DID. I’m over here mindin’ my own business bro! *reading screen* Thank you! Except I was just here- -doin, doin my business, I was just spellin out my name in the urnial cakes. And, fuckin’ Steve over here had to go- *weird noises of awe* yeeeah, niiiiiice, I mean ‘cmon, admit it, we’ve all done it. Any of us who use- who’se been at a urinal Have looked over, and tried to take a glace at somethin ‘CMON~ I haven’t done it…no…never… (¬‿¬) *laughs* Aaaahhm, riiight, okay, I’m not unlocking anything? TRANSPORT *reading screen* Weh- wuh whah what ‘cha readin? Beautiful day out today, isn’t it? *Jeopardy theme in Dums* Um, did’ya- did’ya see ch- ah hi, uhmm, *reading screen* Yeah cause it was a guy over next to her goin’ like- *shifty eyes* Umm, Did you see that game? Last ni- -wh why do I keep sayin that- *shifty* -Did you see that episode of…Black Mirror last night? Good one right? *UULLGGHHH* *reading screen* ..mkay how? Imma stare at her book! GREAT, YEAH! I DID IT- What is that sound? *reading screen* *snap* Just like that! That’s how Jackaboy works! He gets right in and he’s like “hey thats a nice book” *yelling* BE MY GIRLFRIEND!! Apparently, that’s how it wor- B̫̤̼͖̫̗̼͝È͈̦͚̞̪ ̨̗̣͙M̦̞̪̯̩̘Y̰͠ ̨̙̳͈̰͙͖F͚͇̟͙͍̪RI͓̤͖E͕̻͈̹ͅN͢D̲͚͖̰̙̟͜ That’s how ~I~ make friends in real life I told you, i’m very good in social situations. You just thrust me in, and I stand there and just be like- Hi! Yeah! Oh! uh, Steve! Great to meet you my – BE MY FRIEND! Coffee- Go rope her in. K, nice boobs! Will it do something if I stare at them? Mate, her eyes are up somewhere… Not too sure myself. Oh, changing the Changing the region changes how they, like, the text pops up. Go rope her in. That’s very nice. Yes, why do you keep looking up? *WAH? WAH? WAH?* Apparently I’m Pac-Man. Go easy there, tiger. Oh, was I not supposed to do that? Yeah! Imma just look at the ground, look at you Great conversation! Meaningful! We talked about life! I’mma just go home now. Ok? Aw mate, that’s some cold bleak atmosphere. *laughs* God, I’m fucking dying out here! Be thrust in that situation and be like “talk to her!” “Hi, how are you?” “Good, I’m fine.” “how are you?” “Good. Yes.” “Your name?” “how are you?” “I said it already.” FUCK! Go home! Aaaargh!! Women like to know you’re listening. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. Look at her when she’s talking. Where the fuck do you think my eyes are? I’m staring right down the barrel of the gun right now. I did it! …Right? I did exactly what she was doin’! Fuck’s sake! Uh-huh, yeah. Great story! I love that one! Fantastic! Yes, I’m telling you all about my childhood! What do I do? What? That was a good date. You glanced at the cleavage 1 time. Oh, I glanced way more than that. That was at least 15 times. Considering how many attempts I had. Oh my god, SHUT UP! Oh, it’s cause I crossed my eyes She looked at me and she said “Haha he’s silly! Haha!” ‘Cause it said look deep inside yourself for the answer. Got it. Nailed it. Accidental genius. That’s how I stumble into my social situations. I just walk in, like, fucking feet first, and I’m like “hey!” How ’bout them badgers, huh? And someone else is like “my father was killed by a badger” and I’m like *weird groan/sigh* Enjoy the more comfortable second date. Hell yeah. Imma stare up at these clouds. Nice clouds, right Your date is being interrupted. Um, excuse me! You’re the guy that looked at my dick before! Get outta here! You acted too strongly, the situation escalated. Well I’m sorry, I thought I was just standing up for myself. And my lady friend. I thought I was just being here like “yes” “It’s a nice second date. The clouds are lovely.” Fucking Steve comes up Strangling his dick around again! I’m only over here trying to like Look at clouds with this lady! We’re having a fantastic time! Why does Douchebag McGee have to show up?? *laughs* K, not too strongly *laughs* what the fuck is wrong with my eyes? You acted too strongly, the situation escalated. Dammit all! I didn’t! All I said was “Go home, go fuck a couch.” I didn’t say anything bad to this guy. Ok, maybe I — maybe I said something terrible to this guy like, “Oh, your mother’s a whore, whatever” But he asked for it, ok? He came over and he was all up in my grill! Don’t behave weakly in this situation. Pay attention to facial changes of your character. I was, I was paying close attention! I — I– I I’m paying attention. I’m paying attention, ok? That guy’s just talking away FUCK! *laughs* If you change to Australia, he gets a mullet and it says “This cunt again?” *laughs* Ok, he’s looking happy Don’t be a wuss. Sometimes it doesn’t even fucking register that your mouse is right there I’m looking this direction and the game’s like “Where you lookin’?” K, he’s smiling And then he acts angrily. So if I What- what the fuck happened? *laughs* You got him to fuck off with some bants, g’donya mate. Aw, fucking crickey mate Aw, fucking hell! *laughs* Oh, it’s awesome. Oh I get two now. Romance and interview. What’s romance? Buy some frangers from the servo. Oh, this is good. With all your mumbling, people will think you’re waiting at the methadone clinic. to open. Quit shouting about rubbers, ya galah. *laughs* Quit being a creepo. Fuck’s sake! Don’t be so awkward about buying latex gloves. Ok, What did I do? I turned him into a fucking robot, blehblehblehbleh Take me to your leader I broke him! He doesn’t fucking work anymore! Ok, I’m changing this back. Cause, it seems to be messing up. Wait this is romance? Oh, purchase the condoms. There we go. Um, It’s a problem with the cashier at this point. I’m just here like “hi, yes” “Some condoms please, yes, thanks” Good night. Yes, I will have fun. This guy is like “DON’T LOOK AT ME!” Please stop shouting about condoms. I’m just — you know what I’m gonna do? *laughs* Making the cashier uncomfortable with your staring There we go! Yes! You’ve successfully purchased the condoms. *laughs* That’s how you get condoms apparently! You go in, you look them right in the eye, and you’re like And then when they’re just about to scan them you just go *noises* *laughs* This game is awesome. Have sexual intercourse. Oh, god! Oh, um… This is not how it happens. Congratulations on completing coitus! Your partner found your lovemaking to be hyperactive. This is normal behavior for the-for the unexperienced. What? That was sex? We were both on opposite sides of the bed! Just bouncing up and down! It looked like we were just jollying our own rogers! Ok, convince the interviewer to hire you. HIRE ME! Ok, what the fuck — am I controlling his eye now? What is happening? Oh, I think I have to do this to match up the eyes so he actually looks down at the thing! Right? No? ~You spin me right round, baby right round~ *noises* *laughs* Well this is fucking awkward. Oh he’s talking to me! I did it! I don’t know what I did! The interviewer was put off by yur cucumber nosed face. You won’t be getting hired. Cucumber nosed face? How fucking dare you. How very dare you, sir I don’t even know what I did. I give up! I dunno how his eyeballs work! Congratulations. You have been hired to work for Grey Offices. What?? I had to keep moving his eyes all the time I was able to keep my eyes on him and make his eyes look at himself. I dont fucking know I dunno how the hell that worked Oh, god! How the shit– ok! Parents, work, funeral, and baby are left so I’m gonna end this episode here and I might actually do the rest of them in another episode This game is weird! Fun, but really really weird! it’s like a puzzle game, a trial and error thing where you get in and mess around. I wish there were more of these, though I want an irish one! Where you go in and it’s like “ah, sure jesus boss how’s it going?” and then you-you get a job.. I dunno I dunno how it works. *laughs* But really really fun game! Surprisingly fun! And I kinda like the aesthetic of it as well and dicking aroud with the eyes, cause you can get some really Weird combinations going on Imagine if you could that in real life, making your eyes go all over the place. Anyway, THANK you guys, so much for watching this episode If you LIKED it, PUNCH the like button IN THE FACE- ~LIKE A BOSS~ AND- /high fives all around/ ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ THANK you guys and I will SEE ALL YOU DUDES- IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOO [Outro music] Background: what are you gonna do? eh? Your country? You’re pressuring me! I can’t see you but you’re yelling at me. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah, so close to being destroyed, no! BE MY FRIEND!!!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  1. "WHY WHEN I CLICKED CANADA DID THIS SHOW-UP????" If it was Canada It would be Ca Jack XD I would know because I once lived there!!

  2. Did anybody see that romance went away when he chose Chinese language on the homepage? I don’t know if that was a mistake or a burn. 1:16

  3. At my old school, the urinals were just one big rectangular tank that 3 people would use at a time

    I didn’t use that urinal

  4. A book from the Gaelic gladiator
    How to social interaction with everyone

    the book: it is easy only what do you do is this BE MY FRIEND
    This is how you social interaction with everyone hopefully you get a lot friends
    Me: well that was a waste of money

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  6. You know in my old school when I was a kid me and the boys shared bathrooms and I was so scared for life to pee in that bathroom

  7. cow goes: moo
    pig goes: oink
    jack goes: off
    like if you get it
    (remove "goes" from the last one if you don't get it immediately)

  8. So…. the correct social interaction to buy condoms is to have a seizure while the cashier calmly scans the condoms.
    OK, alright, will keep that one in mind.

  9. 94% of the comments: jack i love you you are the best
    5.9% of the comments: “meme” -random person
    0.1% of the comments: PILL HEADS

  10. 4:48 That’s essentially how Danny Sexbang’s dad (Avi as Dan calls him) asked out Danny’s mom when Danny was telling us one of his adorable Dad’s stories.

    Avi: “Hey, can you tell me where the A train is?”

    Dan’s mom: “I was on my way there anyway, let me show you.”

    Avi: “I will take you to lunch!”

    Dan’s mom: “I already had lunch but maybe tomorrow.”

    And then the miracle of Danny Sexbang happened.

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