Don Jr. admits president has told him to tone it down on Twitter

  1. Ahh a news channel interviewing the presidents relatives all the time for that “unbiased” opinion about defending and supporting dad.

  2. I HAVE ALWAYS admired the loyalty and respect that Trump’s kids have for their father. It a beautiful thing to watch.

  3. Why the nonsense about the polls? Regarding 49% of Americans are for impeachment? That BS Fox news. Are you fake now too?

  4. Dismantling the deep state is not easy, hope Donald J.Trump will make it his top priority after 2020 election. Start off by firing all the Obama hold overs and start with a new slot of employees at the WH that have loyality to the Presdent

  5. Donald trump and Donald trump he is full of crap they lyers cheaters and criminals. The Republicans are nothing but bully's and it is about time Democrats are standing up to them. Trump has messed up the country unless you're the top 1%

  6. Don Jr seems like a cool guy but it's pretty hard to match or exceed his father, the bar is just so high. His dad practically invented the game and was hardened through decades of battles with media, relationships, public scrutiny, NYC politics, etc. His dad has an almost magical touch and insight into social behavior and thinking

  7. " A people that elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices." – George Orwell

  8. I will be breaking a story on how Joe Biden has made himself an adopted child on elderly estates and stole them…

  9. Don Jr. has a very likable personality and approachable demeanor… but I can tell he's no pushover. I'd like to see him follow in his father's footsteps… Trump 2020 & 2024.

  10. The Democratic Party has lost its way and is no longer the party that my grandparents and great aunts and uncles grew up with and admired because of leaders like JFK, Mel Carnahan and others. They used to care about the working class and live in reality. Sadly they no longer do. My grandparents great aunts and uncles once had a true American Hero and American Icon in John Glenn representing their home state of Ohio in the US Senate for 24 years. Yes John Glenn was a Democrat, but he was a moderate and unifier and was an American before he was a Democrat. John Glenn is someone that these Democrats could look up to for inspiration. Unfortunately Years later, the party has taken a nosedive and embraced ideas that harm the nation as a whole and lack common sense. They care too much about satisfying their base and progressives in Hollywood instead of putting American families, values and interests first.

  11. like father like son you guys might wanna give it some air & let the progressives spin their wheels into the ground every once in awhile.

  12. Yes Don Jr. gets it and it's real. He waited and now it's a voice worth listening to.
    So Don, keep going bc the country needs you more than we realize.


  14. I’ve never really seen Don Jr. talk but holy crap does he talk and have hand gestures like President Trump I love it!!! MAGA 2020

  15. The hypocrisy of the Trump's profiting off the presidency could blow up in their faces
    if Don junior keeps bringing up the Bidens. As stupid as Trump is, his kid is even more
    of an idiot. The little jerk isn't out of the woods yet.

  16. Don jr.just make shore you run after your dad is out in 2024.we need more time to burn the democrats rats out of the swamp.

  17. I wish Twitter would just die.
    Even though I'm not a subscriber, I still get it shoved down my throat no matter where I go.

  18. OMG this is the next president in 2024!!!!!! Like legit he acts exactly like President trump! Trump needs to start grooming him for the presidency!

  19. And trump sr needs to too on twitter. Eat your own words trump.. Like father like son.. Funny to see most of these so called for trump and support trump comment are from none other than men.. Go figure. Retired USMC wife who is a PROUD AMERICAN BLUE COLLARED DEMOCRAT.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. He talks about the on-sidedness of things. He doesn't see that that also applies to his father's point of views? And to the non-stop propaganda put out by Fox? LOL

  21. If the Democrats would ONLY let President Trump do his job, imagine how much better life would be in these United States.

  22. Why is it that Trump use executive order to force PELOSI to bring bills like the new trade deal with Mexico & "Canada to the floor for a vote ???

  23. Trump's 10 billion dollar wall was a waist of money. Hurricane victims could have benefited from that 10 billion.
    Cutting through the vertical bollards in Trump's "virtually impenetrable" wall takes mere minutes, using a $100 reciprocating saw and "extreme metal cutting" blades that sell for $10-15; once cut, the length of the bollards provides leverage to wall-cutters so they can be easily bent to allow a person to pass through them, and afterwards, the bollards can be replaced and cemented with easy-to-cut putty that border patrol officers often mistake for official repair welds (these welds are only slightly harder to cut through than the putty).

    The gaps between the bollards also lend themselves to being defeated by cheap ladders made from rebar; once people have gone over the wall, the ladder can be passed between the bollards for use on inner, secondary walls.

  24. The dems are doing everything in their power to keep Trump from doing what the United States needs. Trump is 100% for American people, and the dems know we would skyrocket as a country if they let him do what he wants/needs to do as far as policy, and trade.

  25. I said it before but I will say it again if Trump would start locking Hillary Clinton an the rest of her cronies up he would cince the 2020 election

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