Dog Fashion Disco - Anarchists of Good Taste (2001) FULL ALBUM

  1. I went and saw these guys in 2002 opening for Twiztid. The Twiztid crowd booed and threw shit at them the whole time and were trying to get everyone to sit down. Todd took a shit on stage on a piece of cardboard, held it up and said "this is what I think of each and every one of you" and then said that if they didn't let them play one more song, he would throw the shit into the crowd. Some guys somehow got on stage and tried to assault the band and the venue broke out into a full blown riot. People were looting the merch booths, someone got stabbed, and police came in in full riot gear. The weirdest part was that after police got the whole audience tamed and outside, we were all allowed back in after a pat down and Twiztid went on as if nothing happened.

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