1. Also the fact that almost NO ONE owns their property via allodial title is proof enough. Just stop paying your property taxes to fund free education and you'll see who really owns your home. Also the fact your car can be confiscated for not paying car taxes or related fines. We own nothing.

  2. The supreme court has ruled that the 50 states are countries with respect to each other but under the 14th amendment system you are participating in rebellion against your de jure country when you vote, through contract as well and that is why you have to pay IRS and so forth.. and are responsible for the national debt. watch all 6 vids for more info please watch?v=G1B33IvnJ4M&feature=channel_page

  3. If I am imposed a debt that I cannot question, who owns my house? The constitution was established to limit government intervention, government in the US is to have nothing to do with education, agriculture, communications etc… They are to regulate our money which they turned over to a private bank which is screwing the whole world. Secure our borders which they do not, get the idea? All of those agencies are suppose to be under the control of the individual states not a blanket government.

  4. yeah , sure.
    find a land. kill entire original populaiton in there. enslave black people. vote a total idiot for a president. make an invsaion to iraq.
    and than say to the rest of the world "we are the most capitalist and democratic nation in the world".. does it make sense?.. O_o

    america=communism.. 🙂

  5. It is because of the inability of the people to discern the difference between a free society and a government controlled society that we have allowed this to take place. You comment is a perfect example of our controlled education system which seems to prevent you from critically analyzing the question. This country was founded upon the principal of less government control not more. If we were a truly capitalist country then the bailout would not have taken place. Who owns them now?

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