Documentary- The Wahhabi religion- A religion that only knows crime and murder

The Wahhabi religion A takfeeri religion A religion that only knows crime and murder They disguise themselves with its robes And religion is innocent from them In effort to continue their sly trade And their satanic goals They have decreed to killing on all who opposes them or disputes them And all means of the worst types of killing The world never witnessed such brutality And in spite of this, they hold the slogans of Islam And argue from the Quran To protect their actions and cover themselves in the name of religion [Islam as a whole] as they go by their satanic agenda. And this is what the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) mentioned As that is what was narrated in the [Islamic] reference books it was said from Qutadah to Abi Saed Al Khudri to Anis bin Mallik That the Prophet (PBUH and progeny) said, There will be in my nation differences and disunity, a people whose words are proficient yet their actions are wrong They will recite the Quran and it will not go beyond their collar bones [and into their hearts], they are discharged from religion as an arrow released from its bow They will not come back until the arrow returns to them. They are evil of all creations, fortune upon those who destroy them. They call to the book of Allah and they are not with it in anything Whoever fights them, he will be the first with Allah than them Do you want us to be silent to the likes of this? I am going to end it with a verdict, I am going to be responsible in the witness of Allah SWT Whoever among the people of Egypt or others convert to Shia, he is a disbeliever, apostate, His blood and his money are Permissible, His blood, is equal to the blood of snakes, mice, and bugs All whoever converts into Shiism as apart from Iran and Iraq, Lebanon, and the Huthis For he is a disbeliever apostate. His blood and assets are permissible to take Whoever kills this individual will be brought fortune by Allah’s will And whoever dies among us we consider him a martyr with Allah They have not entered any country without its distruction As they have done to Syria wherever they gather they spread corruption They brought upon destruction They have killed its young And its elders And slaughtered the men and women Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (as) posted a link on Facebook on the month of February 17, 2013 He says: The Wahhabi religion is a satanic religion. Unable to face the true Islam from Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny). And what his progeny has represents (as) And so they take the route of Pharaoh killing and slaughter The following post, he has written on the 22nd of March, 2013: As I said before And I repeat today, And those who have savaged for the destruction of Syria And the killing of its citizens They are a grouping of Wahabi murderers Slaughterers They are not counted as part of the human race However, they are satanic outcasts that praise dogs and pigs As Prophet Muhammad PBUP says, “A group from those who count themselves among my nation are resurrected on the day of judgement in a form, at whose sighting, pigs are praised.” Do you agree with ISIS? I am not only agreeing but if I see them I will kiss their heads. The speech prolongs and there are many reflections But we do not say we rather do I sweaaaaaar! I swear I swear to Allah the great I swear to Allah the great! If He puts us in control I swear to Allah this is worshiping Allah and our obedience to our leader By Allah We will dispatch our soldiers and we will dispatch our tribes against you and we will have you for an eating! I have no comments Except, “Oh my pain” So then, I shall end my show with “Oh my pain” but we will not say it, by Allah’s permission We are not that type With Allah’s permission we will get you! By Allah! I swear to Allah! By Allah! I said it I will repeat once more I swear to Allah If He will give us the power By Allah By Allah By Allah! We will prohibit you from entering Mecca and Madina! By Allah we will snatch your heads! Before you enter Mecca and Medina By Allah! I will tell you all! I am held accountable by Allah SWT Your killing brings nearness[to Allah] Your killing brings nearness[to Allah] The oppression reached AhlulBayte (as) and history is witness to that They have fought them They have killed them They have mutilated them The Nasibis hypocrites and Takfeeris The likes of Bani Omaya And those who followed their methods like the Wahhabis the matter which obliges their[Ahlulbayt’s] Shias as their beloved[of AhlulBayte (as)] to face their enemies from the hypocrite ones The treacherous and falsifiers The ones who feign who lie. They make takfeer against the doctrine of Shiites precisely as what they have done to the the Sunni doctrine and its followers Through their deviated books And their godless fatwas Intended to offend and discredit Islam And sow discord and hatred among Muslims the difference of Wahabis is not only with Shia, it is also with the Sunnis. The witnesses and proofs are many The scholars of Al Azhar confronted those
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And addressed them [the Wahhabis] And this is one of them Sunni scholars: The forbidden month for the forbidden month and forbidden things in retaliation. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him He commanded us to be attentive to the book of Allah and the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad and he warned us of the people who will sow discord
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Infamously and secretively. He says there will come a nation of young people with foolish dreams They speak with the words of the best of creation, yet their faith doesn’t pass their collar bones
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Fortune upon those who destroy them or die in the process of doing so, who kills them they are the foremost with Allah than them He warned us from the dogs of Hell fire, And said: “The outcasts(Kharijis)are the dogs of Hell fire.” And he warned us from the ones with foolish dreams and the ones spread corruption on the earth. who speak with the words of the Prophet (PBUH)
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when the Prophet pbuh is innocent of them He is the one who has prepared us for the liars, to Allah SWT and His prophet He warned us from the ones who lie against Allah and His Prophet He warned us from those who speak without knowledge and clarity And they accuse the believers of their religion He has warned us of this! there will come out a cluster, discharged from religion as an arrow releasing from its bow Fortune upon those who destroy them and dies in the process Indeed! They disrupt this religion and its believers and the group of Muslims Indeed He said pbuh: You will look down upon your prayers with their prayers and your fasting with their fasting. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: I renounce those who deviate among my nation who cannot differentiate between the wicked and the steadfast. I am innocent of them at the day of judgement . Indeed! Those who speak about which they do not know And speak without knowledge with which they haven’t mastered
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The plague of this time! This is a clear proof on which these murderers; are on a path of falsehood Satanic outcasts Their objective Is to divide the nation Tampering with the original Islamic values all of which are bright [obvious] And herein, in our present day we see the outcome of this cursed thought A birth of a generation that knows nothing except the language of violence Known as ISIS (daash) And it is not hidden to the mindful That the Wahhabis and their leaders and scholars Expose their followers to danger to bend the truths Forge [Islamic] terms Whom Allah SWT did not descend an authority for This atrocity that history never has witnessed before But how can it not be? When they are the progeny of Yazid The one who killed the the son of the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH and progeny) The master of the martyrs in paradise Which is confirmed in their books And their beliefs Not only that they made Yazid the man of truth for the killing of Imam Hussain (a.s.) And captivating his children What is your stance on the Ummayad caliph, Yazid, and what he did in Karbala? Yazeed son of Muawya is the Prince of the believers, the Muslims pledged allegiance to him after his father’s death, which was a legitimate allegiance. He received permission from his father and the Muslims agreed upon that, and he is a Caliph and an Imam over the Muslims Translated by Jenna Yousif
Edited by Suehila Smit & Mohammed Khalid
The Yamani Foundation for Media Production

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  2. They are truly the workers of Shaytan. May Allah (swt) have mercy and protect us. Truthfully, He sees everything they do. Repent!

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