Documentary - The lost world of communism part 3/3 (Romania)

this is the story of a happily married couple nikolai and elena Ceausescu who together ruled romania for nearly a quarter of a century Romanian sarcastically called this socialism in one family the concentration of power in their hands and the cult of personality which surrounded them was quite different from the other communist countries in Europe even the private lives of Romanians were targeted by the church s keys but contraception and abortion were banned any signs of rebellion or defiance were ruthlessly silenced when communism collapsed the church s coos were the only leaders to meet the fate of tyrants down one of the walkways in Bucharest's main cemetery is the modest resting place of the man who relentlessly molded the lives of a whole generation in view of the hatred he inspired it is perhaps surprising that his grave is well maintained and that chesco even inspires some respect 20 years later for a few at least you know he got his son back along remember I come to Cheska's grave every Saturday because thanks to him I have a house I had a job I didn't like anything about set of meats it was inconceivable that I shouldn't have food on the table although I raised two children on my own they had all they needed outside we've got another one Shasha skews popularity began here on the balcony of what was then the Communist Party had courted and diplomatic a few years after he came to power Ceausescu had the courage to criticise the Soviet Union and the other satellite states for invading Czechoslovakia never before had a satellite leader criticized the Soviets so publicly Jane I dare you win it but Indira who fellow yellow sheet versatility and joyful bhatia voice ETA oh my gosh Allah whoop amazing Robert Payne fluke Archer you know Rafa into the future diddly alumi by proclaiming Romania's independence from Soviet domination Ceausescu arouse Romanian nationalism Nikolai Mellon s coup was in the crowd it was a very emotional speech and at that time if Chavez who came down into the street he would have been regarded as a national hero and I think people would have kissed him Ceausescu's popularity was to decline but his power did not indeed it grew and was sustained by a cult of personality which had both narcissistic and monarchic overtones as head of state head of the Armed Forces and head of the Communist Party Ceausescu exercised incredible power but it was a power he shared with his wife it was a power which was used to interfere in any aspect of a citizen's life and that even included intruding into the home life of a senior party man like Joe pop he and his wife Nadia were privileged enough to have their own movie camera and projector the pops already had the camera when their first child was born her name is Indira Indian we just come from the maternity ward these are her first days after we brought her home I saw the fools she was so pretty her eyes were so blue and a little red mouth here she was less than 2 weeks old you have done it as a party member Joe should not have married Nadia at all he was a communist and the son of a peasant she was from the former ruling elite and therefore a class enemy who had lost all privileges from Nadia's point of view marriage to Joe was a lifeline yeah those but they put Sydney tied up with those over because in those days members of the Communist Party were the only people with a good future let's go peevish they were among the few who could have a career live a better life and avoid doing manual work such yeah Joe and Nadia married secretly there are no wedding pictures you know Chester causal do Pachamama Surat Shyam Anza that's why after I got married and told them who I'd married I had problems vampa vested coffers came at La cometa – Chandra don't say Katara I was called to the Central Committee by a senior party figure who insulted me ma useful tot she asked me how I dare to marry without asking for their approval so moccasin Thoris for astrologer local communists were atheists so Joe should not have had his daughter baptized if they'd found out at work that we baptized our girl they'd have fired my husband their daughter was baptized secretly and the celebration which followed was held away from prying eyes the esteemed celebratory yeah what is early we celebrated at home because I had a high-ranking position in the party one day fetch every me we couldn't celebrate publicly for example in a restaurant or a church usually just our arms meter sound get it any good news nuclear Ceausescu celebrates the birth of the 20 millionth Romanian he was obsessed with increasing the population to provide manpower for his new industries so in 1966 he banned abortion for all women except for those who already had four children any mother caught having an abortion was jailed as was the abortionist these were serious penalties as crucially contraception was banned as well one way to stop abortion was regularly to check all females of childbearing age to see if they were pregnant this was done in some high schools a very unworldly Daniela drag each remembers the first time a gynecologist examined her we didn't really know what he wanted from us but there were rumors going on and we knew he was looking at a certain part of our body that no one had ever looked at before we were scared we were afraid of what they might say they might write down after that kind of examination of what they might tell our parents uh we didn't even know how you got pregnant at that time maybe we had kissed and maybe you could get pregnant like that there were rumors that if he kissed you could get pregnant but once she learned the facts of life Daniela quickly learned what a nightmare the ban on abortion and contraception was you couldn't have fun having sex while you were afraid everybody was afraid particularly the girls the boys maybe didn't care that much there were not the ones who would have to get an abortion so they didn't really feel what we felt the girls really were scared and they were not confident at all even when having sex and withdrawal was was the method because we couldn't control it for most families and particularly for poor couples like the new Yahoo's who already had three children Ceausescu's law was terrible I think I've also someone said I was a fuckin up up in walls he wanted people to have as many children as possible to torment them because people had no means to raise them there wasn't enough food housing was scarce and people lived three or four in one room Shasha school later ruled that women working in factories should be inspected every month to see if they were pregnant thus making abortions virtually impossible palace Kiva remembers the inspections noticeable that cost 800 big outdoor do Conde kill you I was ashamed but what could I do I was ordered to get undressed she'd open up the nurses were rude and the doctor would shout too if he didn't like how I lay on the table if it was difficult for him to examine me no support all cherish our cheerleader noses old ah the doctors were patronizing and put me down they called me stupid Typho they told me i behaved as if I'd been born in a barn Tolar Turtles times women who wanted abortions often used peasant women and peasant women who wanted abortions often did their own a neutered image carried out three such abortions a 400 in us today I used a medical instrument like an area made of stainless steel well I put a serum for injections and a little bit of medical alcohol into the instrument and I put it in my uterus that was all it took about a week and during that week all the fluid bled out there was some pain of course but it came out no yeah sure and what do you do with it I buried it what else could I do I buried the fetuses by the electricity pole in my backyard nobody could look that nobody knew about it who was to know look en you may get dragged off Anita says all the women in her village did their own abortions back in Bucharest Nadia pop didn't want any more children when she got pregnant again she thought of doing an abortion on herself when doctors refused to do one for her I'm Keeley I considered doing it on myself but then I thought am i insane I could be sent to prison I could die when I have my earlier abortions it never occurred to me that I might die but once I had my girl I couldn't take that risk because I had to live for her it's estimated that over ten thousand women died from botched abortions during the Cheska period a new – Tim issue is eventually jail for helping a neighbor with her abortion whilst in prison a neuter gave birth to a child which she desperately wanted to keep watch on let's go Fatah party September 3 weeks after I have my baby girl they told me that they'd send me to a woman's labor camp as if nothing was like Sonia would've went over to my doctor I said let me see my baby for the last time and very reluctantly some policeman made that possible she my little web so I went to see her I'm sorry papa I kissed her and then I left then talk to my daughter I never saw her again you know my bottle bottle as an illegal abortionist hanuta would have been deemed unsuitable to be a mother the Josh escu family had come a long way from their beginnings in illiterate dirt-poor often drunken peasant homes twenty-seven family members came to hold top positions in party and government but the head of the family for all his drive and ruthlessness had his fair share of hangups one of his closest collaborators was Stefan Andre I've accomplished Lucas cunt he was painfully aware that he was short that he stuttered that he was ugly no I've every eight then he didn't have any friends and generally he was always on his guard guard this was a lock box there those hooks Border Patrol his wife played a completely destructive role la was thought cxeh got it all female she was a mean backward shrewd woman who dominated him the Kiana Shakira da minha quite apart from her unique access Elena acquired real power when she took control of all political appointments within the party oh really when someone was due to be named as Minister she'd say I don't agree and her opinion was final don't you motor there were many instances when I talked to him and he would tell me that make sure nobody knows meaning she wasn't to know carefully Lucas in Ostia Elena also used to interfere in cultural matters one target was Stefan andreas wife film star Violetta Andre pushy simple none select the Jamal I just don't understand why she hated me so much she never even spoke to me bro dr. Koo Mina King previous Elena was apparently jealous of beautiful women there's also the suggestion that both Ceausescu's were prudish when I shot does she do a lot better than father would they feel man before 1972 I appeared in many many films both on the small and on the big screen just though not just their feelings whatever in these movies I would show my legs I would wear low-cut tops they've got their what the water I was shown in the path covered in bubbles in a movie called Felix and Otilia throw fearfully shot Elia this was disturbing for the Ceausescu's directors have got wind of Elena's dislike of Violetta style my I said be sail with a stone enough film one musical for example I was starring in a musical and I was wearing a very revealing bikini mr. Chanin cost on the buyer that in bikini for the director has the costume designer to throw a chiffon top over my swimsuit so it didn't look so revealing a graph a sump una pista costume bukata that you phone kazami-san what would he asked why I wasn't wearing a one-piece swimsuit through pushy yes I replied that I hadn't ever worn while buying through shows first company to another soon after Violetta was banned from TV and film Elena Nicolae Ceausescu were to get some useful lessons on manipulating their own image very popular in finding a personal estate Shasha school was inspired by the cult of personality which was a key feature of Kim il-sung's regime in North Korea yeah colorado yeah when I visited North Korea myself I realized how much charge a school had been impressed by Kim il-sung and the way he ran things could that believing it repair chipton they were very good friends to doubtfully Rocha 40 boom mom each the Romanian cult of personality portrayed the peasant son alongside the great kings and heroes of the nation's history his wife was queen of Romanian science not a bad title for someone who had left school at 14 after failing nearly every subject the popular displays of adoration you known in it attending these displays was compulsory a quarter of a million would take part in the annual Independence Day Parade well I think you had to wake up very early to work long distances to get to the gathering point and then march on in front of the leadership of the country so that was quite unpleasant on the other hand it was a sort of a get-together that was a good part because you met your friends and then get into a park or anywhere else where they had cheap beer sausages sandwiches for a half a price that they were usually set for in any other day it was a sort of a popular festival is a huge picnic but when Nikolai marinesko seen here in the studio joined Romanian TV news he discovered the dealing with footage of their leader was no picnic certain images were simply banned and that meant let's say all natural things gestures that common people do like dinking or like stuttering or wiping your forehead when it was too hot he had to speak hours and hours on end he hated air-conditioning and was sweating sometimes cameramen could not avoid getting unsuitable shots so these pictures of Josh s KU relaxing with party cronies were really not quite right this was never shown chewing food or drinking from a glass or a cup of water never just half the gesture now taking the cut of the cup or the glass did his lips on one occasion melon sq slipped up we don't have the pictures but he certainly has the memories and the incriminated picture showed everything which shouldn't be shown under no circumstances tosia screen two seconds only did everything wrong he stuttered he blinked here wiped his nose he forced his eyes he was nervous something happened during the viewing that was two seconds and that came onto the screen and that was disaster I took the plane and for about six months there was a cut in the salary and I was put to do the menial jobs of the department the tiny minority saw to criticize the leader one Romanian cartoonist had the courage to lampoon cheston's practice of having streets cleared of traffic so his motorcade would have a clear run you know listen the murder present that the tram is in the middle of the road and the policeman saying pull over to the right and don't answer back the comrades convoy is coming with orders Mihai stannis coup was even able to show this cartoon publicly he was the only critical cartoonist allowed to exhibit his work from time to time one occasion particularly sticks in his mind Oh gene that is Santa mr. Tolar ndon Salazar the many were queuing to see my work and didn't dare to laugh they'd wait until they got outside because they were afraid someone would snitch on them that they had laughed at Stern ESCOs cartoons right the goal is leather syllabus Dennis Stannis gue had fought long and hard to be allowed to show his work but there have been suggestions that it suited the secret police the security RT to tolerate him it was a way of controlling people I'm not saying that me hi Stannis was controlling us thank God for him and his cartoons but I think the system also had a way of controlling us through jokes and allowing certain things so we wouldn't just blow up security tolerance did not go as far as allowing two books of his cartoons to reach the shops yet interestingly some of the security officers kept copies for themselves the office was closed by from their windows they could watch him in his studio Caravan thatíll Amina Aladdin once they came to my studio and asked me to autograph one of my censored books in the 1960s a band in the town of tomash whare had made a name for itself by playing British pop music especially the latest Beatles numbers baby at your breath wonder how you managed to be the leader of the Phoenix band niku kvetch was a natural member of the awkward squad typically he filmed his band traveling upstream literally here was his response to church s cruise announcement that all Romanian art may only draw on authentic national folklore yet do but from now on we were only allowed to sing in Romanian our response was you want folklore you'll have folklore is then the folklore however the folklore was combined with rock and the songs had a strong Robin Hood theme you know kudos marentina referral for you we were angry young men and what music was our way of expressing our feelings but as we sang in our cake Rumanian they couldn't compare us with western bands and accuses of importing foreign influence investors polakov ajam import the influencer normally the police would confiscate the ID of any teenager with long hair and only return it when he got his hair cut but Nikhil found a way around us to this day I can't understand how I acquired such a privileged status when my band members had their IDs confiscated I used to intervene I go to the police station and have a row with the cops the result was always the same they'd hand over the IDS and our guys hair stayed long but someone's gotten along with him garage seemed to enjoy some sort of protection from higher-up but it didn't last Konoe kielbasa sip dim blizzards the chapel to make sure there was no fighting and that people wouldn't shout forbidden slogans the Securitate a soldiers and police mingled with the audience the chiba there were policemen with dogs outside the stadium as well all this intimidated the audience and ensure that they showed their appreciation only by applauding soon the security were threatening Kovach you're pushy and I was warned you're in great danger because it was so easy to end up in a madhouse tied to a bed with them saying he was taking drugs Kovach took the hint at great risk he hid his band in loud speaker boxes and smuggled them out of romania Vasily paraskiv a working-class man from the town of pledged was one of the very few who challenged Ceausescu openly nothing could stop him in 1971 he sent a list of proposals to the party leadership and to the unions of which he was a member are chilling with frizzy chipper those eleven proposals stipulated precisely the democratic rights and freedoms that are enjoyed today by the Romanian trade unions the response of the Securitate II was a series of beatings in secluded places like this forest near his home Malba tooth mouth or to rot they beat me they tortured me Bastin of the couch they hit my soles with a rubber stick they hit my face and my stomach with their fists laugh at and they hit me on the head with bags filled with sand for seven days and seven nights without water and food further opera singing gosh this didn't stop Paris key fighting for union rights after being attacked again this time on the staircase outside his flat he got himself photographed immediately afterwards but the worst thing that happened to him was being put in psychiatric hospitals three times even though he was perfectly sane Ceausescu Latin Shiraz busca knew my uni uni boom what Ceausescu had declared that only a married man could disagree with the grand achievements of socialism she docker thought too she exists a woman Karan and if there were people who disagreed then they were man artists a Cinnabon she Ventura stabbed him and the straightjacket was awaiting them pragati top entry a Paris cave is one of the few victims of the regime who ever got to confront some of his tormentors after the Revolution he went back to one of the hospitals where he'd been detained there he met the hospital's former chief psychiatrist dr. Eric arrastia but it's a mocha license tomorrow dr. Karras Tegan insisted the paraskiv was mentally ill but admitted that the hospital had been used by the regime to isolate troublemakers sooner or born I will meet a Treasury Benevento born after sentinel born after quanto Baldini style sardina so the result of El Sistema reduce chakana career for now no one is kind of know I'm a senator I miss a national palace gives original admission files stated that he suffered from paranoia the symptoms included publicizing a series of irresponsible complaints against the authorities at home and abroad palace Kiev says his dignity was destroyed in the hospitals she ICP fed up self usually cut you want I would rather have been tried in court and sentenced to years in prison than have my dignity destroyed pentakus cope with equity of course that was the intention of the security they wanted to convince my workmates that I was not sane and that they should ignore ideas about free trade unions and democratic rights if anyone was suffering from paranoia he was charged a school not just about opposition at home but also about travelling abroad as his foreign minister Stephane Andre recalls ill ingenuity see what they rule in column a see there was this as a rule he didn't eat it official dinners on foreign trips she leave the table Kotaro oh love love letter shit he had his meals at the Embassy prepared by his own cook engineered comiste he was accompanied by a chemist who was in charge among other things of destroying his excrement so that nobody could examine it to check the state of his health Sophia I miss Ducati when are Schieffelin chrysalis of alopecia Boeree Colonel Dimitri Berlin of the security was Jessica's chief bodyguard Vistal ever speak TV the damn monopod she never if during a visit he'd shake hands with a foreigner particularly if he was from the third world there was always in his entourage either an officer or somebody from the food safety agency who had a medical kit containing tissues dipped in alcohol was a medic Allah is his thought of shit Vassili everybody and he'd be given one of them to wipe his hands she said stage our pilot Ceausescu's suspicions of foreigners meant that the security had to take a close look at anyone who traveled abroad our senior party member Joe pop discovered after he returned from an official trip to New York and Markie is enough really ashamed she changed to have anything fun when we returned to Romania the security at a suspected that we've been recruited as American spies even though I was a director working for the Department of International Relations I was suspended and forbidden to go abroad I've also spent that she me saying there's ISA my little staying with that but Joe was cleared his career prospered and he and Nadia were able to enjoy the slight increase in living standards of the late 60s and early 70s we bought a Yugoslavia Asus tava look here is our little girl again and Arcturus estava it was good now the pops could easily get to Nadia's parents in the town Ortega Vista and escape from the ever-present surveillance in Bucharest by media operation family was where we felt safe with a place a place one could take refuge in without fear of being listened to or sneaked on tell us what you know neighbors were nosy sometimes the Jo was even watched it is in-laws it turned out that the local security boss knew his mother-in-law she he told her if you're under the impression that we don't know what your son-in-law does what is in tagore vista think again lucky for him he's okay we can't hold anything against him but we know everything so they kicked under surveillance all the time well actually the pops did find some escape from being watched at the seaside yeah it wasn't crowded it's one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been to we had so much freedom for the children it wasn't luxury as in other places but it was very pleasant perhaps the most unexpected targets of the security were the church sq children all the more so when we consider who authorized the surveillance how fostered Mary Masuda push the mama master nasuh prophet is it beneath thoughtful feed my mother asked the security to keep an eye on us but this venerable make subject this might have been from a misguided sense of love but whatever it was it was excessive balcony leak the security at he couldn't touch us but the information they gave our mother created a lot of problems for us this bully named cell aging a woman that dream is telephone please touchy someone terrible decision one day I received a call asking where's Zoya Shaku cambrie me telephone or della dispatch a lot I reported and then got another call saying that I was to go and fetch comrade Elena dony having he told that the machine shop I went to the residence she got into the car and we went to the her Astro park in order for her to see what Zoya was doing in the park with her boyfriend Betty romantical bedrick I was what she saw from the car that they were walking holding hands well the boyfriend would have his arm around her waist or around her shoulders did a book we stayed for about 15 minutes I'm statute that was it you cheesebridge amino day Elena was to force soya to n2 of her relationships the security kept close tabs on Sun niku as well Elena and Nikolai did not approve of the hedonistic lifestyle Nico enjoyed with his sweetheart donker mesial in their determination to stop the marrying Nikolai even broke his own law our discipline gusset Oh Griffin Yara he ended Nico's long relationship with danke Mozilla or father for darkness Brazil he went so far as to force her to have an abortion yep he took the child out of her without her parent's approval and without her approval forever it was illegal of course for her for a boss similar to a near a dealer Nikolai and Elena wanted niku to go into politics and lined up a budding youth leader for him Pollyanna Chris Tesco Nick umareta very reluctantly the potassium not the nickel certificate or did this body after he signed the marriage certificate Nico said to Pollyanna now go and live with my mother shit okoma stifle mama she should shag you because she chose you yeah down Alice few ordinary people could escape the endless surveillance and interference but Daniela drag each did manage to create something like an alternative life after she and her husband was sacked for refusing to translate some government propaganda she set up a kindergarten I have this private English teaching kindergarten in my own apartment I could make a living I could do what I wanted I spoke English with the kids I lived in a different world I created a world that was different Danijela even organized a birthday party for one of the kindergarten children in the spacious house of a foreign diplomat she was breaking all the rules for Romanians contact with foreign embassy staff or going to their homes was strictly forbidden most people let's say survived communists by listening to Radio Free Europe by having an underground abortion provision network we would sit together and the kitchen most must often drinking beer eating sunflower seeds and talking against the government and that helped us you know exercise maybe in a way ourselves and survived communist men even laugh about it hey Vicky stop hello Oh me also there was a Shabbat the dreadfulness of everyday life provided rich material for one student comedy group they filmed this spoof New Year's broadcast by Romanian TV for their private amusement but before any public performances all their sketches had to be approved by the censors that thousands la our children avail this it reached the height of stupidity when the Ministry of Culture and communist Education I hope my memory is not betraying me and this was the actual name had issued a list of forbidden words or Lisa garlic ones enop coffee these words weren't allowed on stage in shows on TV and newspapers anywhere else luckily disorder she needs one day well as yes yes yes newspapers too so these words were forbidden one forbidden word was dollar the censors assumed that anyone who used the word must be an enemy of the working class taken off the rocker like Annabel voices one of the jokes was that as we couldn't say the word dollar we claimed Bree had bought a piece of machinery with rubles the censors were outraged by this as well and wrote on our script any other currency and we said exactly that we bought this piece of machinery for 300 any other currency the audience burst into hysterical laughter it was funnier than any other word we could have used because the student audience gotten down to the fact that we can censored Mike James or the censor a really nice guy didn't want to impose on us the alternative to the word dollar VAR e on da uh so he allowed us to choose any other currency as long as it wasn't the dollar Oh George owes them whenever no my daughter some of you did but we took it literally and said it cost three hundred any other currency people roared with laughter after 20 years in power Ceausescu started planning his legacy so in 1985 he and Elena signed a document proclaiming their decision to adorn Bucharest with a new government Center the document was buried in the foundations the project meant knocking down a quarter of the old city 40,000 homes were demolished there was no consultation and no appeal these pictures were secretly taken by someone living on the edge of the destruction zone centerpiece of Ceausescu's new bucharest was to be a palace of the people second only in size to the Pentagon he could sing mother Josh's guava Ceausescu inspected his building sites every Saturday morning and eager interest our absolute dr. rush on here she church ginger possesses he was preparing for these visits was quite exhausting he had enormous vitality no detail was too insignificant he required a precise explanation about everything we did he was very abrupt for the construction workers this was exhausting and dangerous one worker had to disguise his identity when he spoke to an undercover Western reporter while Ceausescu was still in power lenka he too has Nicolette door was me havoc on our naughty monk oligos Nando goes to claw Otto taught me Katy stove on Khalid Olga's me Atacama Vernon faced as a hazard on wall hot hula Pilates and I remember heart may get with Orchestra Tama Huata to be using abolish as giveth cast evil halt Meg Ceausescu also started to knock down Romanian villages and move the inhabitants to new towns this will both clear more land for agriculture and tighten his stranglehold on the peasants the story of Howlin neuter and marine Tsarist whose house was demolished is depressingly typical the method used was to dig a large hole and to bulldoze the house with all its belongings into it we took anything we could grab quickly did you resist if we had they'd have taken us to the militia station and beaten us some resisted and they got beaten up so people just shut up they were allocated too flat in a new block it had no doors windows running water or heating when I reached the stairs my knees were shaking coming from a beautiful house to these ruins no door no window nothing debris everywhere everything a disaster what money so in desperation lenita and Marian bribed an official to let them move into a nearby flat this too had no running water or heating but it did have a small garden Benton weeds irani you got a Stouffer for us peasants it was a catastrophe they took away my house and land and gave me a flat for which I have to pay rent I've got no money to pay the rent no way to make a living many people who lost their homes were traumatized at the same time as thousands were losing their homes the regime of shortages that Chesky was inflicting on his subjects was making him more and more unpopular food became very scarce Ceausescu was exporting romanian food to pay off the country's huge foreign debts pigs trotters were known as Patriots as they were the only parts of the pig which didn't leave the country for Nikolai Mellon ESCO with a working wife and a newborn child finding the time to shop was very difficult so there was saying that if you don't have a grandfather or grandmother you should buy one because they came in very handy they would do all the queuing for you and my father would volunteer he loved my son very much so no sacrifice was too much for him and he would cue 14 hours to get half a packet of butter for my son Paraskeva and Marianne Niaga were typical of the thousands of peasants who moved to towns to get work for them the shortages were an even bigger problem because they didn't have a residence permit this meant they weren't eligible for food coupons she had a job if somebody offered me meat some lard of chickens legs and throats I never refused even colleagues at work gave me food because they knew I had three children and I had nothing to feed them now just a little peep on us because they had no residence permit they weren't eligible for a government flat either they had to rent privately this leaking Shack which had no bathroom or lavatory the heating and cooking they used an improvised electric stove but during the 1980s there were more and more power cuts as you iron and I'll knock down my room I feel we had electricity in the daytime but at night they cut it off which meant we couldn't cook if we had wood for the fire we could at least stay warm but if not we froze the increasing number of daytime cuts made the house even : those with central heating did not fare much better as the periods when it was on grew ever shorter and even then the temperature was never above 12 Celsius all this was a major source of dissatisfaction our student comedy group did a sketch on how the average Romanian started his day but as so many of the words they wanted to use like for instance food were banned by the censors the sketch was silent the she Margene Opel Mokka as a tradition if you mean Adso a man wakes up in the morning goes to have a shower and tries to turn on the taps yes of course there was one no matter how hard you tried to turn it on nothing would ever come out because it was the hot water tap and there was no hot water at that time on the other hand the cold water tap got larger and larger I wanted to make a comparison between how big the tap was and how little water was coming out because even cold water was rationed at the time not only please seal Julius take part Sylvia was fortunate that the party didn't issue a list of forbidden gestures as well as forbidden words finally Romanians could laugh no longer revolution broke out there was a series of sporadic disorganized but deadly encounters in Bucharest and other cities in the middle of this mayhem Paris Kiva's husband went missing she and the children set out to look for him require mcpoyle mari you know when I had a younger daughter in my arms and the older one was walking in front of me if she'd been one step further away she would have been hit by a bullet and also they're done in Makati only bobwhite I've got an idea but you couldn't see anybody you looked around for snipers but bullets came from the most unexpected directions no service one day she doing it to notify Daniel over now but the revolution got a decisive boost when the army changed sides the church s Jews were captured on Christmas Day they were brought to trial nah bleep he took his hat off and smooth his hair down I couldn't recognize him what their body sherita's Vidya he was looking around frightened paratrooper Yunel boy who first took the Cheska's to this room from medical examination the thirst for those of you today unlike Nicolae Ceausescu who smelled normally like somebody who takes care of himself she smelled embarrassingly bad but she behaved normally suck important normal and continued during the trial there was considerable concern that forces sympathetic to the old regime might try and rescue the church s coos that your bondage but I was in the courtroom and under orders to execute them if that happened even at the risk of shooting other people Jake artists are fragra the church s Jews were accused of killing thousands of people during the revolution and in the years before this was a show trial after 90 minutes it ended with the church s Jews being sentenced to death Oh II thought the Salish up intellimouse body everybody went out of the courtroom and I was left alone with dr. Niccole oh no most of Nora seems to know spoken word gamma left hand and Colonel entered the room and ordered me to take them out separately and shoot them but they said no they wanted to die together what is the modern 201 champ Gerald then I asked the officer to grant them their last wish to be shot together Sophia Bush cuts and bruises yeah la Muerta not Calogero MSAD de Plaza Monsieur de chasse posh I ordered my men to set the machine guns on automatic fire to make sure he wouldn't miss home at carnac embosser sir autumn tragedy I find 29 cartridges in three rounds the first one hit Nikolaj in the knees and the second in his chest and the third round hit Elena Ceausescu super alienage oh shit that's a gentleman because the two paratroopers with him panicked and was slow to open fire Bora believes it was his shots which killed Nikolai and Elena critical radium radicals already Radhika maestro's Kapoor you're Zico Yasha he got exactly what he deserved true buster pretty mask oh I still think that well I just aborted a shuttle the Cheska's death like their life was a spectacle the men who had taken over needed to show that they were now in charge I saw the bad dead bodies on television and I saw the the same scene over and over again and it was like we couldn't get enough of it you know to see that to make sure that it was happening that they were really dead Palace Eva's husband Mary Ann died in the revolution this is what he said the last time he left home I just can't bother looking back on morning even if you were to die he still would have no regrets if his children went to have a better life a happier life a more comfortable life than ours not to be tormented like we were weeds come on for my all together some 1140 people were killed and over 3000 injured during the revolution one legacy of the church sq years is the monster palace which now completed dominates Bucharest less quantifiable is the effect of the dictators on the minds and self-respect of Romanians who lived under the church sq shadow for nearly 25 years the end of communism across Eastern Europe was sudden unexpected and greeted with great enthusiasm but what has replaced it has not always been universally welcomed as Karl Marx the founder of communism once said men make their own history but they do not make it as they choose you can see all three parts of the lost world of communism on BBC iplayer coming up now on BBC two for veteran broadcaster and traveller Alan Whicker an opportunity to reflect on his life and career starting in Venice and his transition from soldier to journalist you

  1. Romania is an interesting creature, however people seeing the grave of that moron ceausescu are the same as here, where people cry after Kádár.Wery few here but…but somebody even have stole his skull.Now the dangereous commie style are seems to seep back in the back door by treason in the western countries with a new name.Liberalism…yuck.

  2. Scary to think that just 30 years later, the youth in the US sings the praises of Communism. One would've thought that this morally bankrupt ideology was debunked and dead for good – but it seems that one generation does not learn from the previous ones.

  3. How many of the leading clique except Nikolai and Elena was really replaced during the Romanian "revolution" one wonders. I get the impression that it was more of a palace revolution were most of the nomenklatura remained in place under another flag.

  4. And don't try to pull the "I'm a moderate leftist crap either." All leftists need to be destroyed, and the literature that has so poisoned the minds of so many people should be destroyed once and for also, so that this plague can be kept from ever happening again. Every copy of the communist manifesto should be thrown into a funeral fire.

  5. Ceasescu was violently stripped from the power and killed because he dared to pay-off all national debt of Romania in Western banks. And when we speak about the people prisoned as allegedly being insane, we have in Poland one oppositionist politician in Polan, Mr. Mirosław Moskwa, who was throwed into psychiatric clinic under the current, truly democratic regime.

  6. Pure propaganda of Anglo-Saxon ruling elite! Abortion was forbidden and severely punished also in all Western states till the first decades after First World War. And the consequences of changing this legislation are obvious nowadays: the slow death of all Western societies (I mean the state-bearing nation of every of theses countries), the colonisation of Europe, United States and Canada by another parts of the world.

  7. Getting pregnant is what sex is for. Survival of the species is all it's for in purely scientific terms. Ceaucescu was a right prick though.

  8. they dont say that we had the worlds 4th naval comercial fleet, our economy was rising we were the only country that paid its debt, the culture was just so beautiful, they build all today's romania, and democracy just destroyed romania. we have nothing now.

  9. What isn’t said here is that there was very little violence and conflict during the revolution (as basically everyone hated Ceausescu) but the Russian government/KGB sent mercenaries to create violence and chaos. The trial and the execution (although well deserved) were bullshit propaganda by the Soviet-backed communists (Iliescu & his govt) who replaced Ceausescu.

  10. Romania under Ceausescu was a huge concentration camp.I spent 26 years in it.Communism in Romania was the rule of the worst,over the rest.

  11. Never trust your Mother-in-Law, remember She produced her Daughter long time ago and never really liked you anyways.

  12. So Ceausescu was an evil bastard because he didn't allow abortions or birth control? Fucking spare me.

  13. look out for over 3 decades we have seen the rise the mental health doctors here in the states!! they got the drugs out to the public!! the 90's was the time they tried to make it cool to get a doctor to say you are mental it was in every show on tv!! they will use it against us!! they have been doing it!! the education system is the biggest part of it they make people go to these so called doctors and force the parents into going along with it!!

  14. and yet old and young fucktards here in the states think communism would be great!! fuck them!!

  15. Thanks God and brave Romanians that this bastard and his sick wife are dead, because good communist is a dead communist!

  16. At 55:15 there is no translation, but the guards are showing to the camera the cast gold bracelet that Elena wore on the day of her trial, in a nation where gold was forbidden and its possession punished harshly.
    That image sums up everything in a perfect fashion.

  17. The first 15 minutes is abortion advocacy. Did they not know they could just not have sex, and then not have to worry about pregnancy?

  18. Here is how the narrator looks like:

  19. I was not a communist I am not and I will never be one but this is western propaganda . Just yesterday the latest figures involving children in Romania shows that 28 years later after ceausescu ws shot dead 49 % of the romanian children live under poverty line and 30 % was the youth can not read and write !

  20. Lies! Ceauşescu wasn't a tyrant, he was a hero to our nation! Long live communism, long live Ceauşescu!

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