Documentary - The lost world of communism part 1/3 (East Germany)

  1. You can catch voters by telling them that nobody is different and all will have a good life. This tactics is as old as governments are. Every government that keeps it’s nose out of my personal opinions and my business and it’s hand out of my wallet, is a good government.

  2. you should understand this is all pavlaws law, its pavlaws law that rules the world, its that simple and can not be changed by heaven or earth

  3. God is a deviant and a sciopath, the only difference between Lucifer and God is the way they spell their names, if you dont want the truth dont act like you are looking for it

  4. To all those lamenting how this film shows only the bad sides of the GDR/DDR:
    The problem isn't that there wasn't any good in that society, though btw, if you watch the piece, they clearly let people with a different opinion tell about their view, like the mother telling how work protection for women/mothers was superior, or the wife of that one guy complaining about how people reduce the DDR/GDR to just the negatives.
    The problem with especially this last view is, that people should ask themselves:
    Does any good side outweigh any bad? How many "normal" lifes lived are measurable against the comparatively few how were incarcerated for the simple act of wanting to leave their country, or were blackmailed by the Stasi to spy on friends and partners?
    That's just it, you can't!
    I mean there are people today who complain about the negatives in the BRD/FRG, even though they are clearly not as numerous nor as severe as they were in the east.
    What do I want to say with that? That just a few incidents of injustice, especially with how severe, inhuman and illegal they were, are all it takes to create a tyrannical state.
    And I doubt that it were just a few incidents. The wall wasn't removed by a minority, but by major protests. Should the integration of the GDR have gone differently? Maybe. But in comparison, it could've gone much worse!

  5. Gas cannot flow through water pipes.


    Someone who is IN NO WAY denying the Holocaust.

  6. I think communism is the next step after capitalism has succeeded. With capitalism earn a lot of money and after that through communism distribute it equitably. Communism failed because there was no money to start with and hence poverty was distributed to all instead of wealth.

  7. After fifteen years of the 'War on Terror, after Snowden, one might say from the perspective of this programme the accuser has become the accused.

  8. In the Soviet Union if you did not find work, the state makes sure you work and everybody gets to work. US capitalism is based on "I take everything for myself" or "I have to fight to take away from others before they take mine". Despite that US says that it has a surplus of employment, surplus of wealth, why then the US faces wide-scale poverty, widespread of inadequate education and training for its children and future workforce, why then it lacks a real and stable and humane health care, social security, retirement? In East Germany, you work and your work pays off health, education, home, and nobody can take it away from you by raising your rent and lowering your wages or taking away your high taxes to pay for Israel and Saudi health care, education, military, terrorism.

  9. I’m such a typical prudish American, I had to fast forward through the nudity parts. (lol) I’m on quest to learn about Germany, West and East. This video series was informative! (Though, really, you can leave the nude part out. Totally am not comfortable with nudity!)

  10. Song at 2:46 anyone? Its chilling and haunting along with the images of a bombed out and devastated Germany in the days following the Great Patriotic War! Uraaaaa!

  11. In the 1970s, when the UK was in dire economic straits, wasn't East Germany's per capita GDP as large as Britain's or close? It was the most prosperous of the Soviet Bloc countries. The respected U.S. (CBS) news journalist, Eric Sevareid, attributed that to them being German, not communists.

  12. I visited the DDR/GDR in 1973 and again in 1975. It was fascinating to go from west to east and see not just a very different culture but a very different world! At a hotel I was staying at (on the 1975 trip) in East Berlin an older man showed me a porn magazine and then propositioned me, in the hotels restaurant toilets. I think he was working for the Stasi and was trying to lure me to one of those rooms full of recording equipment and cameras where they film you having sex and then blackmail you. I wasn’t gay anyway. It was an odd incident.

  13. free helicopter rides for all the commies in this comment section
    other than that most of them are like "IZ AL BAD ITZ ALL PROPAGANDA" like no, if you actually listen to it they show it from both the east german citizen's point of view and the genuine facts about what actually went on. It's a documentary not a propaganda piece.
    Repeatedly it'll have sections where the former east german citizens will talk about how they miss certain aspects of east germany and they'll also cut to parts where experiments were conducted by the state on its own citizens and the aftermath of it – along with what happened to those who wanted to "betray" their nation state and leave east germany.
    It talks about how the closer to the wall you were the better the life was but also there were more restrictions on life, the further you went from the border the more rural (obviously) and the far harsher living conditions due to the bad economic system – yet it also goes into the pov of those living in those worse conditions and even though they had, by modern standards, a bad life how they made-due and supported their state and how they liked the certain cultural aspects such as their focus on the arts and singing and celebrated motherhood – at the end of the day they were nationalists for their east germany even if these modern champagne socialists think thats a dirty word, It's not.

    To say this documentary portrays east germany as nothing but a bad thing and doesnt let anyone talk about any of the good things about east germany is dishonest and incorrect.
    The even more pathetic thing these champagne socialists think is that this was objectively a good system or place, it wasnt – by anyone with moral standards.
    The fact the state would conduct experiments on their citizens, the fact they were imprison them for "betraying socialism!" and then SELL THEM to the west is another sign of the literal barbarism of east germany.
    This is a rather objective documentary and is here to ensure we never forget the failures of socialism.
    Another thing is how most of these champagne socialists will be all pro-lgbt and pro-abortion and shit like this, like no. No. Gays were shamed into not talking about it across the socialist and communist world, abortions were ILLEGAL and punished. Motherhood was celebrated and rewarded, just like the Nazis did. Nazism will always be bad – but communism will always be objectionably worse.

    Last thing, I find it rather amusing to think someone believes the GDR was a good place because "They had very prosperous people, with great universities, and had a very highly developed economy.
    ". Go to North Korea and you'll see the exact same thing. Their subway system is almost spotless, their places of education will be presented as the best in the world, their people will all have good short hair and their women will be good mothers, from your ever-so-thought-out and guided point of view.

  14. People complain about East Germany but East Germany was not over ran with immigrants and people lived
    Better than in modern day Spain or Italy

  15. We are free to talk shit about Trump, Obama, Bush or whoever has been in office without fear of being imprisoned or worse.

  16. This "documentary" is just blatant anti-communist propaganda, produced by the capitalist British government.

    The section at 9:54 is a perfect example of how this dishonest propaganda works. For several minutes, it has us thinking, "Omg, look at this evilz communist regime, imprisoning a dancer who was falsely accused of being a foreign spy…" but then, right at the end of the segment, at 13:17, it admits she actually WAS a spy for the British. So we're supposed to believe that Britain wouldn't imprison an East German spy? Only evilz communist regimes do this?

    This is infantile propaganda.

  17. Goes to show Communism did no good. And for anyone who says “they were doing good” then why did it collapse and why did people try to escape it. You can’t defend it no matter how hard you try. And what’s worse is these dildo college kids want this in America. I say over my dead body.

  18. In Communist East Germany(DDR) under the Stasi, there was no freedom. Kind of like living in a Scientology cult compound. Both organizations used a form of psychological terrorism called "Gaslighting"

  19. It looked pretty good compared to the USA at the time. There was a lot of poverty in the USA during those years.

  20. "These documentaries seem to focus on the bad stuff" Well yeah, when you're a tyranical regime that's responsible for countless atrocities against the people living under your rule, you're generally going to be remembered as a tyranical regime that's responsible for countless atrocities against the people living under your rule. Honestly, would you say the same thing if the documentary were talking about Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Francoist Spain, or Ustaše Croatia? No, because you know damn well you would sound like a fucking asshole. And you know what else the communist regimes have in common with those other regimes I just listed? Most of the people living under those regimes lived as ordinary of lives as they could under a totalitarian dictatorship, often blissfully ignorant of what an awful tyrant their leader really is. Not to mention, the fact that a lot of these people were born, or at least, grew up under Hitler's regime; so most of the people living in early East Germany weren't unused to life under propaganda fueled dictatorships.

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