1. They serve the upper and upper middle class only, the employees at the BBC are solidly upper and upper middle class.

  2. Well, when 'museums' look like crap modern art, then it's no wonder the ordanary working man isn't interested.

  3. I subscribe to Reithian values; the point of the University, the Museum and public service broadcasting is to educate the general public, to stimulate their interest in the arts, sciences and culture.

    I don’t care what social class you come from, there is a rich world out there from the beauty of Mozart to the wonders of physics, from ancient Mesopotamian history to our species exploration of the solar system.

    The problem lies in crass consumer exhibitions such as the V&A (Kensington) “dark side of the moon” exhibition that tries to persuade aging hippies that their age was somehow relevant by letting them relive their drug addled youth. Bring back the Crystal Palace and give the Sky at Night a full hour twice a month, send the curators of ancient Mesopotamian exhibits out into state schools to evangelize our young children and stimulate their imaginations and watch them flock to our great institutions.

  4. Make visiting free Museum's compulsory part of school curriculum from 4 – 18. Give schools a ring fenced budget to cover travel costs.

    There, you're welcome.

  5. This is rubbish, I lived in London and went to a lot of galleries, and you always saw a variety of people, not just white people. How ridiculous an elitist group want to give themselves something else to do, no doubt funded by the taxpayer. Of course, what they wouldn’t like to say, is that art isn’t to everyone’s taste, it may well be that some people think it is crap, and aren’t attracted to going.

  6. The crime is that these museums are massively subsidised by the taxpayer and a lot of those taxpayers are working class and just not interested in art. IMHO it's a crime that middle class entertainment such as art galleries are free, while most activities the working class enjoy has to be paid for out of pocket. It just illustrates further the rank hypocrisy of the liberal elite in the UK. At least in America you have to pay for entry into a top museum. Arty toffs should be paying their way in the UK too.

  7. As someone else in the comments pointed out, museums need to be open at times when working people can actually visit them. Perhaps later opening hours might be a solution? Stands to reason, the wealthier you are, the more free leisure time you have to spend. With what little free time there is available to the working classes, it hardly matters if museums are free, when most of Britain would rather spend that time at a football match.

  8. most are open from 10-5 when everyones at work, have them open at more sociable times youll see more of the society using it

  9. Of course museums are for all classes ….
    1.) For the lower classes; "Here is a huge mostly empty building with stuff in it that is worth more than your whole family."
    2.) For the middle class; "This is what your taxes are spent on. Plebean."
    3.) For the upper classes; "Try not to laugh at the cliché stuff your grandfather already knew was passé and the new stuff your mentally disabled niece cobbled together in the conservatory."

  10. Please keep it free. During my time in London I always visited the British Museum. Thanks to the British Government.

  11. My mum was left a single mother with 5 children and we entertained ourselves every weekend with trips to the Tate, the national gallery and the portrait gallery. Just because middle class people visit the most doesn't mean we shouldn't keep it accessible to the poor. Visiting museums and galleries as a child opened my life up to things outside of my present condition.

  12. BBC news is WORST of CHANNELS FALSE AND MISLEADING and rogues and should be shut down and dismantled by force. The wicked left-wing and the dirty feminist the lying media ie BBC CNN and Evil judges are abomination and disgrace in Democracy.

  13. Do nepotistic institutions full of contrived garbage funded by tax payers serve anybody? Why don't we start voting in Museum curators to fix this problem, give the people what they want.

  14. Ugly and narcissistic building, totally out of place, and demonstrates the continued stupidity of this kind of architect that neglects function, taste, and beauty to satisfy their ambition as some kind of genius artist – which they are not. As for the question, people are middle class precisely because they are the kind of people who visit museums.

  15. Dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. This is a free museum outside of the metropolis in a relatively small city in international terms and yet people still complain. Where are the barriers? You cannot put a gun to people's heads and force them to walk into a Rembrandt exhibition or into an exhibition showcasing Mesopotamian archaeology. This has to do with cultural reasons and the solution is not having Kylie Minogue dresses everywhere.

  16. Are museums for everyone :- house prices have gone up! DIVERSIFICATON OF ARTISTIC OFFERING ASIDE FROM POVERTY.

  17. Going to museums has always been an upper class habit, so even if you have free ones, lower classes tend not to go. It's a cultural problem, not a museum problem.

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