Dlaczego social media ssą?

I hate facebook I’m thinking about deleting my account because people there are very posturing and they’re looking for attention among the others. They are telling what is good and what is bad or how other people are bad and you’re good and they’re doing this to moment when it all becomes a fiction only to appease this need. I don’t mind people are doing that and I understand why people are doing that. but the most irritating thing is that, they’re getting rewarded. Through socialmedia you can get likes, you can get engagement by posting about certain things and that’s very popular a good example can be JK. Rowling changing sexual identity as a way to pose for medias. It’s a good example for me, because most understand that’s complete bullshit, but it’s not always easy to say who’s really genuine online. Contrasting this using sport as an example. Previously by thousands of years we were rewarding winners. Winners are people who acted, these who ran the fastest, swam the fastest, get the most goals, etc. However, we didn’t reward these, who said they ran the fastest, but thanks to social media, these guys are getting rewarded for saying such things, more than these people who work really hard for their success by oneself. Plenty young people feels need to be popular, If you’ll ask children who they want to be in the future, most of them will answer, that they want to be a youtubers, because they think that’s easy job and they can be recognisable thanks to it. Because when they watch their idol’s videos, they don’t see whole work which was invested to make that video. But why do people want to be popular? It’s one of the ways to come true and sense of being someone important what can cause an illusion of happiness. Then how to achieve true happiness? We can find an answer to that question in ancient Greek philosophy Stoicism was invented in about 300 B.C by Greek philosophy Zeno of Citium He believed, that human can develop wisdom by controlling his emotions and desires Stoics considered that most of things that causes unhappy are beyond our control. We can’t make other people to behave like we want or stop ageing process or avoid diseases, whereas we have control above this how we react to these things rather than expect universe will give us whatever we want we should train our brains to accept occurrences which happened with rationality and balance. According to stoics, it’s a key to happy life. Despite that stoicism was invented in antiquity, people often apply that nowadays In a book “How to be a stoic” Liberian philosopher Massimo Pigliucci writes that stoicism exists to accept our emotions, wonder what causes them, and change them into good ones. So to sum up this philosophic part of video. Our society is going through crisis of depression and anxiety, It looks for attention in social medias and tries to bolster thyself , but stoicism offers us a way to handle with fear of losing material things, love and career. Coming back to social medias, over month ago I deleted an facebook app from my smartphone, and after some time I realised how much time i wasted scrolling through ridiculous posts, but about wasting time and related to this youtube, I’ll record a video some other time, because it’s a good idea for a film Most of social medias aid personal development, it only kills our time and it causes that we care about meaningless opinion of other people. People care about what other people are thinking or talking about them because they’re trying to grave them, they’re looking for confirmation of their own value. If a other man looks at someone with amazement, it makes that person happy for a while. All of those superficial photos on instagram, people who has milions of followers, doesn’t contribute anything to nobody’s life but they’re liked by milions of people in the world. You could ask a question, why do people want to follow someone’s life so much? Without repeated getting into philosophy, at bottom, most of people browse somebody’s else photos because they unconsciously developed that habbit and now always when they don’t have anything to do, they open instagram and scroll it. Next issue is that everyone ever dreamed about exceptional life. Most of celebrities are rich, and they’re showing their amazing lifes It’s proved, that hours-long facebook using causes lowers mood and self-assessment, Especially, sensitive people who want to be popular When it’s post won’t get huge amount of likes, their the mood drops also, continued option to compare with your friends is also bad for our self-assessment . Fight for being esteeming is completly ridiculous but still many people are doing that. I think it’s a good moment to end this video, I hope that you enjoyed 🙂 I hope this video will contribute something to somebody’s life.


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