is a general reading ladies okay now this may not resonate with all of our Divine Feminine this just depends on which Divine Feminine group is going to come out we do have some that are are still attached to the Twin Flame journey we also have some that are semi-attached they have walked away from the masculine but they could still be holding on and we also have the ones that the journey has the duality of the hearts has split the journey has in and that's been a full separation and they are now moving on their timeline as it relates to a new flame which could be a soulmate so divine skin is don't get so well you said this oh you said that well my god you can have a twin flame a soulmate you know those are two different masculine energies okay so you all need to understand and not get so tunnel vision as it relates to the reading now if it resonates with you then this is the reading for you and if it doesn't you comes out on another read I do not manipulate any energy see the decks in front of you you see my work and it is what it is okay I tell all of you guys I may be new to this but I'm true to this okay so we're going to get started so ladies I want to say we're going to get down to some lady chat tonight don't know what's going to come out but we're all going to watch it unfold right before the stream okay so what I'm going to do you know I like to start my readings off with my two major decks okay we're going to jump into the dreams of Gaia and we're gonna jump into the cell to scroll and this is going to be your overlaying deck and this is going to be the base of what the divine is want to bring in now tonight late I am going to do something a lot of different I am going to bring you in tonight I'm a starter reading off with the Divine Feminine energy because this is going to let's understand a witch group of divine feminists you'll know which group you you are in depending on this energy that's going to come out okay now your energy still may come out in the reading but i'ma leave all that up to you all to determine if it resonates with you or not okay so I'm not going to get off into the the little things my goal is to share this loving light with you all to help you all on your journeys these are learning tutorials to help you navigate your timeline of your envy energy now define thank you tonight wheat this is Saturday night the streets are talking divine feminine energy we're calling in the divine feminine energy and we're calling in the divine feminine energy at this point thank you we look like we have a green Tara green Tyra is on the timeline now this is energy that deals with the Buddha of a delighted actions now this is all about a belief what some of the Divine Feminine could be practicing now this is an energy that some of you all are in now that green energy could represent prosperity here now my soul informs my every step I do what my heart compels me to do this is about following your heart now this is a good one for us tonight okay ladies and the reason why it is good let me see if you guys can see there's a world there we go now you can see the table let me tell you why that is good the divine said this is about following your heart okay so this should tell a lot of us that no matter what situation that we're in what comes out on the table it is about following your heart okay if it's something you don't agree with that I say follow your heart your heart is your true guy is your true intuition for I tell you I'm only a vessel of information that I channel from divine energy okay so when it comes out it comes out from higher rams which flows through me to you but it says do not be confused ladies divine feminine x' for you must follow your hide for if your heart is your compass and your heart is your you're enough know to move forward in your life on your journey in which ever timeline your enemy your life purpose you move with your heart space and you moves with intuitive energy and green Terra is here to say tonight it is about your heart space it is about what you believe and it is about what you are willing to push forward in your life in the twin fame journey and on your timeline now I am going to bring in Isis now ladies you all are I'm bringing in some powerful cards tonight imma give I'm giving you a Divine Feminine card and now I'm going to bring in the goddess of Isis now tonight I guess you said Rhonda why because a lot of us are evolving rapidly fast we're moving we're understanding what is going on with the karmic energy we're understand what's going on with the masculine energy in the universe and we're also understanding what is going on with the divine feminine energy okay that has now taken her power in the form in which she is okay now this is Isis know Isis we're needing collective card for the collective energy of defiance divine feminine energies please Isis the mother and the God of the feminine images please provide the mess that is in alignment with the Divine Feminine it is he collectively and the green turret energy of Buddha of intuition of following their heart space we are sitting divine Guardian look athere my god it can't get any better than that I don't even know if you guys hold on I got okay yeah there we go you all might can't see it but I'm a read it for you okay it says this is a time of significant spiritual growth and healing for you you are protected during these times by the love and strength of divine mother Isis says relax and allow your transformation to happen your divine guardian protects you now let go trust unconditionally in what is happening for you as there is only divine love beneath the surface of the present situation so what this tells me here is it tells us here that and every divine feminine energy okay all you all of us ladies here we are all on our divine transformation it says it here because it says aloud the transformation to happen so if you're on your timeline in one stage of the twin journey you're on your own one particular part of that transformation if you are on the other side of it to where you're now wishing for hoping for a soulmate energy that means that you're on a another part time of the transformation if you are still dealing with your masculine energy and the karmic energy you're on another level of divine and transformation which says that we're not all at the same place at the same time of divine guardian of transformation the see I knew it was something that the divine wanted to talk to you all about now the majority of you all the messages are pleasant and understand but some of the messages that I get from the divine feminine energy is wanting to bring some type of controversy as it relates to my work my work is true and I tell all of you I may be new to the game but I'm true to the game of this thing called life I deal with energy and I deal with any any energy that hits my altar now let's jump in ladies now that I've got that out the decks have been consecrated tonight so I'm going to allow the energy of the divine to come down into my hands as you all see me shuffle the cards tonight we are going to allow the energies of the divine to flow here as it relates to what message is needing to be put in the universe up under this divine feminine energy here thank you divine we receive this energy okay I'm going to today put it in three piles and I am going to cut the deck the deck is good guys okay and the deck is ready for the pool now I'm going to come in grab this deck the overlaying deck and I am going to shuffle the cards before you now all decks that I use are consecrated it before each reading this is just to open the energy up now and allow it to flow to my hands from the divine Rams so that I can interpret your message okay so this is what we're doing here ladies now if you all want to skip this part and move to the meat of it that's fine but this is this is how I operate okay so what I'm going to do with this deck this is only gonna be a two piles it's going to be a different cut okay and the deck is ready for reading now let me get this situated and then I'm gonna get started with your reading Spirit I am calling in the Divine Feminine energy right now here we go this is a divine feminine energy now this is the three this three has to do with understanding and disagreement and it looks like a lot of us are under this understanding disagreement energy right now we've got some Divine Feminine is that our understanding the things that are going on and then we've got some that are in disagreement with all the energy the we've we the readers do it and interpreters do not control the energy that is meaning to get to the universe okay our job is to deliver the cards in the message in which they come out okay there is no contradicting in no messages okay what it is what it is and it looks like the divine feminine energy is sitting up under some understanding and disagreement now now let's clarify this energy here with the nine of swords know what this is telling me here some of our divine eminence are in eight nine of sword energy this energy is not able to move on not able to cut off some another energy because you've got love all here under this – or this is ending this is what this is ending some of the Divine Feminine twin flame journey has come to an ending okay and that's why we're sitting in this three some of us know it because we do have the book of knowledge here some of us know from the divine realms that our twin flame journey has ended here that's why the conflict is here in the understanding and disagreement of the biblical number three and this has to do with the different groups of divine feminine energy okay but the most important is no matter if you agree with it or disagree with parts of the journey it says you must follow your heart because your heart is your true compass and if it's an ending it still says that an Isis says that you're going through what the divine guarding of transformation so whether it's a ending or whether you're still on the timeline of the twin flame journey it does not matter where you are you are going through the transformation periods that is associated with the twin flame journey within your lifetime line if you're attached to it now I want to see how the Divine Feminine mental space is at this time well it look like a lot of you all of is are up under this queen of fire energy now a lot of you all are very assertive that's what that Queen is your expressive your experience – I'm talking to some experience divine feminists yeah that's why we've got this agreement and disagreement out here in the in the environment under this divine feminine energy it's because the majority of you all that are watching this are experienced you're thoughtful and you're expressive and I do say that that's all of you all because you all show me that in the comments as you reply on the comment board to the readings this is who you are a lot yeah the maturity of you all are very in tune with your star player but there's also a group of you all that are not in tune with your star player and I said it because it's here and I've got the ending here and it looks like some of you all are still going through this heartbreak under this nine of swords not willing to let go not willing to cut something off it's no longer serving you I sent it because the divine said it as some of you all are gonna get pissed off and leave me some messages but guess what I don't care because if the truth be told some people are still hanging on to something that is not serving them and they're needing to come out of this energy so that they can go through the divine transformation that Isis has already presented in this Oracle and they're needing to come out of this energy in order to follow what their intuitive energy the heart of the Divine Feminine energy now what is it classified here overlaid with the mother darriel Divine Feminine I'm talking to the mothers yeah the mothers of the earth the caretakers the birthing channel of life sitting on the masculine stick pouring something in the earth refusing to move off the masculine dick and not and may not even be serving them anymore I may be speaking to or people Divine Feminine that have been waiting too long for the return of the divine masculine and it's needing to go through another transformation in the timeline of the journey because this is your mind space let me see where your heart is though because we know the whole well look at that that's where your heart is I told you a choice did you see it the not choice disagreement and agreement is here under the Divine Feminine energy because a lot of us are sitting up under chop we have not made the choice some type of choice on the journey and since we have not been able to make the choice it has put us in a self-imposed not a sort energy not wanting to cut off the energy of the journey yeah there we go and you see it for yourself it's become a choice a choice has not been made so if a choice has not been made that means that you cannot alter from that timeline to go through another stage of transformation it keeps you stuck not knowing what to do on the journey here it's all the blade with this six of Wands you're you want it the choice has to do with victory you're wanting some victory Divine Feminine some of you all are wanting victory with the divine masculine return some of you all are wanting victory as to moving on on the timeline in a transformation and following your heart space under this six of Wands energy this six is about your passion and moving forward towards a new soulmate or new flame here this choice some of us want to move forward and and have a new soulmate and some of us do not want to move forward and have a new soul a new soul mate because we're still here so this is like a group of divine feminists that are stucked here and this is a group of divine feminine that they're wanting to move their energy forward in victory but it has to do with this choice this choice has to do with the divine you and the divine masculine am I going to stay and wait or am I going to go that's your heart space the heart is in confliction here but the heart has been ordered that you must use your intuition under the Divine Feminine energy as it relates to your choice and that tells me something right now ladies all you all and I'm gonna choose the same thing okay and it just sent it if this is the choice upon the intuition to follow your heart it everybody heart ain't gonna be the same some of y'all gonna stay and stop me y'all gonna go okay so let me go ahead on and clear that up now and this is this is the goal energy and this is to stay energy so this is the group of Divine Feminine that's gonna stay and wait out this is the group of Divine Feminine that are there wanting to move forward in action and and get victory under this energy now when you think about the six along this is about harmonious energy here beauty and moderation understanding the journey okay if you choose to to move forward Divine Feminine if this is about understanding the journey the harmonious energy that has been around your choice to move victoriously the moderation of understanding within the choice now this you see this masculine and feminine energy the energy and the choice is about the masculine energy and the feminine energy within the journey there's also an apple here eating from what the tree is this a forbidding tree or is it just the tree in which the divine masculine and feminine bit the Apple from now that's for you to answer I just throw it out there now let's look and see who the design feminine is calling in to the reading divine feminine who are you calling in to this reading you're look at that oh my god it doesn't get that you're calling yourself that's what we're dealing with now South all of this is coming out is about yourself divine feminine what what type of what type of acting you want to take what choice you're going to make under this you're sitting on the masculine stick in the earth you are the queen of fire assertive expressive experience and thoughtful but you've got some here that's in this an honest or entity that's under disagreement in agreement because this is reading is about the Divine Feminine self it's about your self divine feminine it's about your intuitive energy in what you want for your journey this is the energy of self-preservation steps were self-love this is about moving your divine feminine energy into higher realms of transformation you've seated in the energy of Isis this is the same in poles energy of self and that's why Isis came out on the board for you there is needing to be some self reflection of where are you going to go from here what choice will you make and navigate on your timeline that is the real self work here Divine Feminine if you remove the masculine energy it would leave only to define the divine feminine energy and that's why Seth is on the board for you here I want you to see Isis because Isis is standing fail the time Horace but he's on the top of her head in me you see him sitting on the top of my hand that's the mass gun and she's this feminine energy okay Horace is sitting on top of her head which says that even if she chose to take a victorious journey and do something else that the head of Horace Steel's sits upon the the top head of Isis divine masculine and feminine energy here which had to do with what transformation some of you all are I'm going to say this now you get pissed if you want but some of you all are needing to to go through another transformation on the journey and that transformation is in this choice it is in the duality of the separation of heart so that you all can come back to a new energy within the Twin Flame journey this is the new energy of Isis and Horus because he's sitting on the top of her head there was a separation with Isis and her horse there was a separation but they came back you remember she went down and got him and brought him back up to her but she had to go she had to go down and get it but after the transformation happened I just don't think the transformation is going to come in this energy here because it's too confusion there's too much pain that's happened on the timeline too much hurt too much betrayal it's brought too much anxiety and not and not able to trust so that means that the divine understands that you're needing to move yourself out of this entity and move in a victorious way and deal with self is the call to the Divine Feminine to be about herself as she trusts the Divine Feminine of Isis and her intuition of green Terra to lead her in the right direction according to her heart space so it's no right or wrong on this journey ladies it's called follow your heart that's the name of your your video Divine Feminine follow your heart and wherever your heart leads you whether it keeps you here or take you here under a new flame it's your hearts choices and you have to make that decision now this self is being clarified with this king of one where you look up there looks like some of you all have called him this masculine energy on your timeline and he's the king of fire and that king of fire looks like he's looking at the Divine Feminine up here this is a Aries a Leo or Sagittarius masculine so I am speaking to a Pacific group of divine feminine that their divine masculine is perhaps a Pacific Aries but could be a Leo or Sagittarius now this masculine is looking at you divine feminine he has his wand which tells me this divine masculine is wanting to come in and offer this divine feminine energy his one his one which he is sitting on his Falcon here he's wanting to come in with this passion we do see the passion of the dragon here at his feet he is sitting firm on his throne now this is good I'm gonna tell you why this is good and I'm going to tell you what's coming out of here now this is what this choice is about divine feminine some of you all are getting ready to be approached by your divine masculine you're going to need to have to make a choice whether to stay with this divine masculine or move on your timeline without divine masculine into this self energy that's why it came out that you must follow your heart now there is a choice that is at hand right now for some of you all as we speak tonight the streets are talking because some of you all are under this choice as it relates to your twin flame your twin flame is here on the board and he's looking directly at you Divine Feminine he sees your energy of self he sees you wanting to take a passion he sees that you're gonna have to make a choice he sees that you are the mother of the earth and that you still are sitting on his day he sees that you are the queen of fire you are the counterpart the king of fire the queen of fire is the counterpart in the divine masculine energy here he sees the pain that has happened between you and him and the self and the pain that this relationship in this journey has to have put you into buying feminine and he also sees that there is understanding and disagreements around the energy of the queen of fire and the king of fire this is fire and fire a fire feminine and a fire masculine and if this is your energy there's a choice Divine Feminine that you are going to have to make now you will no longer be able to stay here in this energy because now the divine is coming in to say you've been on the journey now now you're going to have to choose your master now this is when the gets real this is when it gets real ladies because when you have to make a choice it changes and it alters your life and it will alter the timeline in which you are currently on this choice that is gonna have to be made ladies is going to change your life as it relates to this divine mess oh yeah because this is what you called in here now let's call in wisdom for you guys because this here this choice needs to be about some wisdom what is the wisdom for the divine feminine energy that is currently on the timeline of this choice they are going to have to choose their divine masculine or they're going to have to choose themselves they're either going to connect with this divine masculine when he comes back in or they're going to continue to stay on their journey in self now what is the wisdom let me tell you before I even pull this car let me tell you before I pull it we've already really got the wisdom we already really got the wisdom right here there's a transformation and the wisdom really is follow your heart we got that it forget and rewrite okay that's one one part of the wisdom so let's go ahead on and give you a way of some Oracle and let's see how what the diviner is going to come back and tell you again because the diviner gonna make the choice for you ladies the divine said you're gonna make the choice that's why they put the choice out there you're gonna make the choice and you're gonna make it from your heart space and that's the only way that you can make it because it's what it's calling for for you to follow your heart deep knowing that you're gonna follow your heart there we go hands down seven is what spirituality it says you know what you need to do this is in correlation with following your heart I do what my heart compels me to do my sole enforce my every step this is heart and soul the sever represents your spirituality there is the ego now this Eagle is the the is the power and message of the higher rounds we have a double moon here your face is here this physical face in this moon represents that you know this bone here represents that this energy is coming down from the divine realms of understanding when this masculine comes back in for some of you all Divine Feminine follow your heart you know if you're going to if you're needing to allow the divine family to come back and accept not just come back so let's get let's go ahead and clear this up this divine masters just not coming back this divine masculine is coming back to offer you what is one some type of commitment some type of sturdy commitment here and are you willing to forgive him that's the question see this is why this came out I know why it came out because some of y'all good to be put to the test on this energy some of us agree to get put to the test right here we have we healed enough and forgiving our divine masculine and our self under this energy when he comes back into off of this have we did are we healed to say I forgive you and I want to continue this journey with you divine masculine that's what the choice is about this is going to be a hard over hand choice your head is not going to be able to make this decision divine feminine it's going to be your heart your heart is gonna have to make this decision with the divine masculine and your deep no one's from your heart is gonna have to make it because it's here trying to bring in all your cards right dead smack in front of you it's here that's what that's what this is about you gonna make a choice yeah some of y'all gonna come up on a choice because about what you divine masculine now we already pour the wisdom so the wisdom is the same thing so God ain't the divine ain't changing that okay divine divine it's time feeling delivered on your intuition and on your heart space don't go ash you you're SS your sisters ladies you're gonna go ask your girlfriends they're gonna ask don't go ask nobody you can find in what you need to do about this situation don't go ask nobody because it's gonna be the wrong answer now when it comes in you better sit down and ask yourself and you better ask your heart and your knowing because that's the only thing that's going to lead you to the right decision on this timeline right here and guess what some of you all may get it right and some of you all may not get it right that's why it's a choice I do believe that this is a Divine Feminine test because the divine is now getting ready to start bringing some of these divine masculine back in on us and in then it's gonna say now what you gonna do divine feminine I brought the divine masculine back now what you gonna do you're gonna take it oh you gonna let him go you gonna forgive him oh you're gonna let him go and keep moving on the journey you've been on for a long time that's the real question here that you need to ask yourself Divine Feminine if my this is the question you need to ask yourself if my divine masculine came back in tomorrow and offered me this one then offered me this offer a wine then I've been on a twin flame journey with him the question for you to find feminists will you accept this offer from the divine masculine or will you keep moving on your journey because you've done so much work on yourself will you keep moving in your own victory on this journey or will you take him that and everybody's going to have a difference everyone's going to have a different answer because we got the disagreement in grinev the agreement in the divine feminine energy some of y'all are going to do it and some of you are not so you might as well start talking about it because that's what it's gonna be if the divine that's playing I already came in and some of y'all and already make the choice some of y'all could have already made this choice on the donor journey now what is the hopes and dreams of our divine feminine energy tonight six harmony whoa look at them there we go again that's six this is the six up this is the six of air down here you got to fix the one on six field has to do with Harmon harmonious energy and it has to do with moderation okay so some of our hopes and dreams and expectation is coming up under this six of air now this sixth of air is dealing with we show you something we've got the mask up see this is about the mask this is about that you see the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy this six has to do with harmonious energy love you've got this he has lit up the knowing well some of you are bring harmony within the twin claim journey of your relationships now that was deep I hope you didn't miss that because that's what this reading is about well some of you all bring the harmonious energy on your timeline of the twin flame journey into a harmonious energy with the return of their divine masculine on a solid offer he's coming in solid will you trust him in this energy and choose him in this energy or will you choose to stay on your journey Divine Feminine what is it clarified with here whoa the three of wands a choice the choice distilling and hand right there that's what is clarified with divine a feminine there's a choice a choice is going to have to be made again I'm telling you some of y'all this is going to be the true test of the divine of the twin flame journey here this is getting ready to be a test for some of us but this energy also tells me it tells me two things here of this harmonious energy let me bring it into I'll tell you what I see here for the ones that are going to take to divine masculine back let me bring this into my interpretation to you this harmine energy you is representing the energy in which the divine masculine had to leave these two wands behind and pick up this one to come towards you in with this one one that he's sitting right with okay so it says that the divine masculine his understanding that he to bring his energy to you upright in a harmonious way he's not going to come to you like this ladies he's actually going to present himself upright and he's going to present his wand and his fathom to you and he's looking directly at you Divine Feminine he is warning some harmonious energy with you here and he's made the choice here while he was out in him this his back is turned so it tells me that this is when he was up under scared masculine energy and these are the karmic sitting behind him and he's got this offer to the Divine Feminine in his hand and he's got a wreath on his head of knowing I want to offer this one the knowing of him offering the one to the Divine Feminine he is afraid to come in of course but he's going to come in ladies for some of you all your divine masculine is going to come in he's here he's sitting up under some fire energy he was a knight here as a scared masculine but this is an energy of a divine masculine sitting in his true form okay so we can see the the the transition if you want to talk about transition Isis is showing you the transition of this divine masculine as he was a scared masculine with his back turned trying to figure out how he was going to resolve his karmic energy in order to present himself as a king to his Divine Feminine now I hope I didn't throw some of y'all off so I hope you follow me because this is deep this is your divine masculine as a knight and now he is and he will come unto you as a king here your hopes and dreams inspect ation Divine Feminine is you want things if he does come you're wanting harmonious energy with this scared masculine that has gone through a transformation back into his kingship okay so that's what you're seeing there now let's look at what the Divine Feminine needs to be aware of the next coming days weeks months and years because we already know what you need to be aware of Divine Feminine we all know you this is what's up this is what's up on the Divine Feminine energy right now the choice but let's just pour this energy and see what you need to be aware of the three of you oh my goodness the three Ilan's here back on the three here you need to be aware of the understanding and the disagreements that has happened in the timeline of your twin flame journey with your mate you're not me because look at this energy you see how this energy taking this journey of under this three this is the fool's journey understanding what has happened on the journey and and also processing the disagreements that happened with you and your mate on the journey now it's the same energy under the three they both are knowing they understand it and they got discipline the understanding is coming from the book the disagreement is coming from the skull of the skull here okay now this understanding of this card is coming because someone is taking some type of action to go to move forward and in this bag as they carry the staff that could be a lot of things in here that they're toting on their journey that has to do with the disagreement that has happened on that within their journey so this is the energy here of the things that has happened on the timeline with you and the divine masculine and this is the energy that has happened with you and divine masculine on the timeline that comes with understanding and disagreements that's why this choice must be made because understanding and disagreements are in contrast with each other it's like a double mind see if you understand something and you disagree with it to it that's what creates this energy here not being able to understand but you do agree with the love that was there this the roses represent the agreement of the relationship but the soars up here represent the disagreement of the relationship which represents the 3/3 okay so I just wanted to break the energy down to you okay that's very deep ladies it's very deep but this is a deep lesson because a lot of the Divine Feminine are we all have this understanding of what our Twin Flame journey is but we also have this disagreement because we've been left out in the cold for so long we in our divine masculine has hurt some of us to the core of our hearts and it has put us in a conflict of energy whether we would ever take him back or would we just keep it standing on our journey because we've done so much healing around the Twin Flame journey now let's clarify this energy here it is clarified look at that I talk so it's my god I told you that's what it look at you choice choice choice choice towards that's why that's why I've something divine PEM is right now sitting up under this to a sword energy then you see y'all CD came out for yourself right here that's the problem two swords there's the grab it in agreement you don't know what to do you don't know some of you all don't know how to handle this situation because your energy is completely scared because a lot of our energies we understand the journey but if a lot of our energies are in conflict because we have to go through so much hurry and heal and we've done so much work here on self and we afraid if we attach back to the divine masculine will we be able to compose this self energy that we have worked so hard to obtain and that's why this choice is completely in alignment the two of swords this choice is cuz it's dealing with sword energy the mine over the heart and the divine gnome it see the divine that's why you brought it up tonight some of you still blindfolded here to this energy in contrast not wanting to accept things take the blindfold off Divine Feminine and look at the situation for what it is make your choice on your knowing and follow your heart it is time for you to remove this energy from you put your swords down drop your swords and look at the situation and look you're at your divine masculine come out of this energy and and and get up out of this bed and look at your divine master and you make the choice on your divine masculine with your heart and not your head come out of this headspace because this is headspace the device if you can't choose with your eyes closed and you can't choose with your head with full of confusion under this energy of disagreement and agreement the divine is charging you to now define feminine to unloose this sword energy and now look at the situation and call the choice do you want to continue your journey with yourself or do you want to come back with this masculine come in and you stand and pick up the twin flame journey in this newness with your divine masculine this is your choice and the choice is yours and ain't nobody gonna make it for you define feminine but so hard so I don't want to hit this is not my reading it's everybody's reading under the Divine Feminine energy because everybody on the turn is gonna have to make a choice in the divine guardian of transformation under Isis and they're going to have to eat me and each and every one of us are gonna have to follow our hearts and our intuition Divine Feminine and our true knowing and know all of it ain't gonna look the same what needs to change here the hero who is this hero who's sitting in the hero in this divine feminine energy reading who the rebirth is sitting is the hero y'all want to know what that says right there I just told you you need the transformation this rebirth is transformation some of you all are getting ready to go to the rebirth of the divine portal with if you do follow your heart and take the masculine back it's going to be a rebirth from this sword energy in which the relationship has been put in and there is going to be a new energy of victory between you and your divine vessel now the part B to this energy is the one that choose to not take their divine masculine back and choose to go into victory with their self energy it still is going to be a rebirth of individual heroic energy within yourself so there's victory to divide sets on each end of the spectrum as long as you follow your heart if you follow your heart to step it to stay by yourself you have a rebirth of transformation under Isis and you have victory now if some of you all decide to choice to to go in Union through the divine portal with the divine masculine you will go through a divine rebirth with your divine masculine and you all will go under this rebirth and other this heroic entity together so you see you either gonna go through the portal under rebirth by yourself Divine Feminine or you gonna go with your divine masculine that's what the divine wanted you to here tonight and the choice is yours and the choice is going to be made from an individual place of the divine feminine energy within their heart space now what is the conclusion of this divine feminine message it's back on the six like it we got three sixes on the board we've got three six okay here we go I'm a pulling out and then I'm a pull back the first six came here six a one six eight the conclusion comes up under this six the message is six six and six now I encourage you all to go out and Google the angel message four six six six this is victory and the divine masculine and feminine energy this is victory here in the divine masculine and feminine energy this energy here is representing harmonious energy coming together up under sub divine institutional energy this is divine portal energy here that's the conclusion for many of us that are on this journey it tells me that many of us when the divine masculine does come back in to the journey and you are going to have to make your choice that the majority of the Divine Feminine the conclusion is that a lot of you all will reunite with your divine masculine not all but the majority will clarified with I told you that damn it I I said that before I pull the card ladies I said it before I put before I poured the car I said the majority of you're going to come back with your divine masculine and then the ace came out on it yes some of you are on the twin frame divine feminists are going to go through the divine portal with your divine masculine because you're going to choose with your knowing in your heart space and you will receive the blessing of the divine cup under this union yeah there you go there you go that's your reading right there that's Sharia and some of you all are still going to go through this transformation of self and you're still going to be victorious so this is your reading under Finity and beyond you

  1. I relate to every word that's spoken I turn down his cup and the karmic been coming at me hard She thought she had finished me but I rose from the ashes; and now being negatively being harassed by her dark energy.

  2. You are just so passionate it makes your readings almost cute again….I love your passion, keep it going girl! 😁❤️

  3. Victory 💍💑💒Union 2019 August i will be with my King the DM thank u ISIS i was just telling my mom this last night

  4. U speak my feelings out loud I am transforming I know I have reached the end of my journey.U speak of the truth .

  5. I left but he tryna keep us both n tryna play on my heart strings cuz I don't want him n he see I'm moving on

  6. One minute u say the karmic doing this n that n then u say we on the masculine dick like y'all confused lol i left him n he don't know what he want n keep tryna draw me in wit spells

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