– [Announcer] Stacy was born in 1963. These were the stars. This guy was President. And so was this guy. Social media looked like this. It was a simpler time, where
trucks filled with ice cream came down your street. These were Stacy’s awkward years. In 1982 she was admitted to this place. These were the stars. The President. On campus there was a bit less of this, and a lot more of this. Students cut their hair and got excited about subjects
like business instead. And so did Stacy. After she left Ann Arbor,
she did what everybody does and got a job at this kind of place. And rose to this position. Until 2015, when the millennials showed up and the corporate structure was reordered. The stars, the President. That’s when Stacy’s old
college roommate asked, have you checked this place out? And Stacy said no, I couldn’t
care less about football. So, to set her straight,
Stacy’s roommate dragged her to a Leaders of Industry event where she met this woman and swapped ideas with these people. Which led her to rethink her career. Now she owns a fleet of these and keeps one of these in her wallet.

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