Disclosure and the fear civilization would collapse because of it.

if they were to let the general public
know that they have no control over these objects.
that they chase them we can’t catch them that’s something they didn’t want the
public to really know misconceptions about what they are here for
he said they basically don’t give a damn they don’t care what we do they’re here
for their own purposes occasionally taking control many thermonuclear the witnesses have
described these craft as disc shaped or cylindrical shape or spherical if they
wanted to destroy them with all the powers they seem to have I think they
could have done that job so I personally don’t think that this was a hostile
intent three years my six years in the Royal Athens between 1983 and 1989 I
served on two nuclear bases doing exactly the same job as what those US
Air Force policemen there persons who were at the sites who witnessed the
craft say that there is no technology on earth that could account for what they
witnessed that they have no control or these
objects is these objects that are seemingly controlled by some kind of
intelligence and why would they not want the public to know missus god they’re
afraid that we would panic we as a people we the country as a country as as
the world they’re afraid that Western civilization would collapse
Westen’s religion would collapse the your mind can go crazy unthinking but
the worst thing and and if you say well let’s bring a one-world government into
this for a defense well that could prove to be a one world dictatorship also so I
can see I can understand why the military and intelligence is keeping a
lid on this until they might feel safe to let the cat out of the bag but it’s
it’s going to happen anyway

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