Digital Health is a Cultural Transformation – The Medical Futurist

There is a cultural but not a technological
transformation in healthcare. This is Bertalan Meskó, and you’re watching
the channel of The Medical Futurist. For a long time only medical professionals
had access to information and technologies. Healthcare worked in its own
ivory tower but disruptive technology Such as Big Data, Social Media, Robotics
and Genomics made the tower vanish. Now, patients want to be involved.
They can have their genome sequenced. They can measure vital signs at home with sensors. They are empowered by these new technologies. This cultural transformation is called Digital Health. It’s not technological. It’s not about gadgets. The whole structure of healthcare is changing and Every stakeholder is looking for its new role in it. We shift from hierarchy to equal-level
partnership from the point of care being The hospital to being the patient
wherever they are. From physicians making all decisions
to an engaged patient-doctor collaboration. This transformation requires policymakers, medical
professionals, patients, researchers… All stakeholders to prepare for the changes. The Medical Futurist is team talks
every day about the ethical concerns, Practical uses, the ups and downs
of disruptive innovations. Our aim is to prepare every
one of you for the future. So join us on to change
healthcare for a better, more efficient, Digitized and objective system. A structure where patients are valued members And physicians enjoy their profession, finally. Thank you.


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