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Did Another Universe Exist Before Us? For decades, now, popular scientific consensus
has held that the universe is around 14 billion years old, and that it can be dated back to
one specific origin point: what many call “the Big Bang”. But, after years of research, we’re still
debating what the Big Bang really was, how it occurred, and whether something like it
could ever happen again? And, also, is it really true that before this
flashpoint, there was nothing at all? This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question; did another universe exist before us? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more
clips like this one? And ring the bell for more fascinating content! The universe today is filled with cosmic microwave
background radiation, or CMB; radiation which is uniform in every direction and is just
less than 14 billion years old, proving that the universe came into being just less than
14 billion years ago – with CMB held as the residue of that initial explosion (or event)
– the Big Bang. Generally speaking, the Big Bang was a monumental
explosion (or event) triggering the universe to rapidly expand within the first second
of its life… and today we can prove that it’s still expanding, thanks to redshift. But our current levels of understanding only
prompt more questions about the birth of the universe and its eventual death. Nothing lasts forever, and as we’ve grown
to realise the likelihood that not even the universe is eternal – that it won’t just
go on and on and on – we’ve also called into question many previous cornerstones of
science, including Albert Einstein’s Cosmological Constant. Now, the theory of universal expansion is
the widely accepted one. But expansion still leaves us with questions
on exactly how and when and why the universe will end. The Big Rip theory says that eventually, it
will get so full of dark energy that it will literally burst at the seams and be torn to
pieces. The Big Crunch says it will someday collapse
in on itself to form another immense singularity like the one thought to have caused the Big
Bang. And there are other ideas, too, including
the Big Chill or “Heat Death”, but none truly account for the beginning of everything
there is. The universe can’t have just appeared out
of nowhere because of the First Law of Thermodynamics which says that energy cannot be created or
destroyed. In other words, all the energy that makes
up the universe today has to have also existed at the point of the Big Bang and supposedly
before the Big Bang in some form. It’s arguably the biggest, most fundamental
problem in all of science. Enter; Bouncing Cosmology. While a “Big Bounce” sounds a whole lot
friendlier than a “Big Bang”, it’s not necessarily all that different. The Big Bounce theory doesn’t really disagree
with the Big Bang; it more builds onto it, to try to answer certain problems – including
those issues around the apparent “creation” of energy. For supporters of the Big Bounce, the Big
Bang’s initial singularity does potentially still exist and still explodes to create the
universe… but another universe existed before it, which collapsed into that same singularity. In this way, it’s as though the universe
is breathing… expanding and contracting over billions of years but rearranging all
of its matter every time it completes a cycle. If the theory’s correct, it means that the
same thing could happen again when our universe ends; that all the matter we’ve ever known
is pulled together into another infinite point, ready to expand outwards again. It turns what we thought we knew on its head,
pitching our reality right now as not only what exists after the Big Bang, but also what
exists before another, future Big Bang… A future event which could, in time, lead
to other intelligent species quadrillions of years in the future wondering what came
before their reality was born – none the wiser to us or anything else that we know about! Equally, if the Big Bounce holds up, it’s
then probable that there were infinite universes before ours, as well as infinite universes
that come after. It may seem as though our reality has existed
for an almost incomprehensible time in itself, but it’d actually be just one of endless
realities in a Big Bounce world. In this model, the universe is eternal. The good news is that if the Big Bounce really
were to happen – if it really did dictate how and when our particular version of the
universe ends – then it’s definitely not going to happen any time soon. In this version of cosmological events, the
universe would have to contract (rather than expand) for a new singularity to form. It’d be as though universal expansion had
hit reverse, meaning we’d suddenly see blueshift rather than redshift in distant stars – to
show how the furthest-away objects were now getting closer. If the universe’s rate of expansion is anything
to go by, then this process of contraction could take billions of years to complete! The Big Bounce isn’t the only theory which
implies another universe before our own, however. While a lot of ideas about the birth of the
universe centre on a singularity like one found in a black hole, there’s also the
idea that everything we’ve ever known came from a white hole, instead. A white hole is the inverse of a black hole;
a point in space so repulsive that nothing can enter it and it ejects matter at a spectacular
rate. Crucially, white holes haven’t been observed
or proven as of yet, but their existence is mathematically sound, meaning they at least
could exist… after all, the now accepted black holes were only mathematically theorised
before they were actually discovered in the 1970s! Regardless, some think that the Big Bang could
have actually been (or perhaps was influenced by) a white hole ejecting matter. If that’s true, then there may well have
been universes birthed in the same way before our own – or even being born in the same way
right now! Similarly, we also have various multiverse
theories, with some suggesting that our universe exists in a “bubble” alongside endless
others all brought to life by Big Bangs of their own – all operating on an even larger
plane of existence we don’t yet have a name for. For some multiverse supporters, it even means
that black holes throughout our universe – which endlessly consume matter – could be burgeoning
universes of their own, or gateways into parallel worlds. Unfortunately, from our point of view, anything
that goes into a black hole is almost certainly destroyed, so even if this particular strand
of the multiverse theory were true, we’d likely never be able to prove it. Finally, there’s arguably an even stranger
theory out there about what could have existed before the Big Bang: the “anti-universe.” This is the idea that the Big Bang was a beginning
point for us but the end point for another; a mirror-image inversion of our universe,
running backwards… or even that both our universe and the anti-universe started at
the same time, but split off in different directions! The anti-universe in the theory would be somewhere
where anti-matter is the norm rather than regular matter… with an abundance of antiprotons
rather than standard protons… and, strangest of all, where time would travel backwards. The same universal contraction that created
our hypothetical Big Bounce singularity would be the explosion at the beginning of the anti-universe,
and vice versa. It suggests either another universe before
us, or another one beside us. Bizarre as this idea maybe sounds, it’s
one of various attempts to propose a unified “theory of everything”, to reconcile the
many differences and problems in physics. While nothing has been even close to conclusively
proven, it’s scientifically possible (and arguably even plausible) that another reality
at least something like this one existed before us… and might well come after us, too. The beginning and end points of the cosmos
are among the trickiest concepts in all of science to nail down, but that’s why another
universe could have existed before us. What do you think? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, check out these
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  1. Can a Blackhole combine with a Whitehole? Or would the repel eachother like certain types of Magnets.

  2. Maybe the Star that is older than our current Universe, Methuselah is a remnant of the Previous Universe.

  3. i m a physicist at Harvard and i would say that u have misunderstood the big bang it wasn't a big explosion it was a pack of energy that slowly expanded…

  4. If the current expansion of the universe is preceded by it then contracting into another singularity, could we ever harness enough dark energy to move away from the singularity and survive the next iteration?

  5. Saying that things have to conform to laws of thermodynamics or anything before the big bang is silly. Where to start on why? That we have no idea what the laws of physics were before or even during the big bang? That if we're part of a multiverse that the laws governing the larger universe may be different or at least expanded from our own laws? Maybe our universe is part of a higher dimensional universe. Would the laws of physics be held to our lower dimensional limits? Still a great video, love the channel… Old guy rant is finished. Sorry 🙂

  6. What if a black hole and a white hole hit each other light particles in the particle Cannon my theory of how the universe started

  7. There is a possibility that all of what we consider to be Scientific laws are bullshit…. I'm not saying they are. But it's not like past Science hasn't turned out to be quite wrong as time passed before… Just think a thousand years down the road of what will be…. I wouldn't be all that surprised if half of what we think to be laws or absolutes in the scientific community today turn out to be easily broken ideas tomorrow…. I don't think we're nearly as smart as we think we are…. And what if it all comes from a BROWN HOLE?🤔

  8. starting notice other people reading my comments about how universe jumps one place to another place by huge explosion …in super speed motion…its like figure 8 circuit travel infinite time…of repeating cycle of universe goes through all around like hot spark move by frame by frame through cold fabric

  9. What if we live in a back hole and it seems like the universe is expanding but really it’s being pulled to center of the back hole which is the great attractor.

  10. "we don't even have a name for the number of multiverses there are, all operating on a different plane of existence."


  11. It is suspected antimatter may have antigravity, so I propose it could also have an opposite time's arrow. At the beginning an equal amount of antimatter was created, and immediately disappeared into the past (which for it would seem like a forward direction, it's complicated).

    So if our universe is 14 billion years old, the antimatter created at the beginning is 28 billion years in the past (NOT 14 billion years before the big bang, but 14 billion years in the past from the beginning along its own reversed time's arrow).

  12. I don't know if another universe existed BEFORE our own. But the way things have gone lately I don't think there will be another AFTER us…

  13. What if black holes are portals to new universes due to a white hole being connected to the black hole? It’s kinda like the multiverse theory and just shoots us into another universe either exactly like ours are completely different. With the universe being so big and possibly infinite, with it being infinite, there would be another universe exactly like ours. But say once you come out the white hole, obviously you can’t go back in due to white holes shooting out matter and not allowing anything in. You’d be in another universe looking for black holes to go through in attempt to find our universe again. It would just be an infinite loop of attempting to find your way back home over the course of billions of years

  14. Why must all things come to an end? Why must must there be a beginning? Sometimes I wonder are we just missing the big picture because we have put limits on our mind with those ideas.

  15. According HINDU cosmology current Universe is the 84th creation. 83 Universes has already been crated and destroyed and this will continue until it reach 108 times and end the cycle. After end of the cycle another cycle of 108 will begin. Each time one universe get destroyed and created they are different from the previous one, they still have few common things or concept but ultimately they are too different.

  16. Great video. I am saving to watch again later. No answers, but a great integration of the problematic concepts. You made many connections which are usually obscured or ignored by other presentations. For instance the relationship by the big bounce and the multiverse, and lending. If there are multiple universe, why has no one named the one we're in. In my role playing games eevelpment I have another dimensional universe. IT HAS A NAME. (SPELLJAMMER space). So why is there no working title for the present universe. (A working title for a work in progress). Could we just call it Leroy Space? My novel series is about a dimensional wormhole between Leroy and SPELLJAMMER, and other fictional universes. How we going to identify our terminology in any multiverse theory if we can't name the one we're in.

  17. Brahma opens his eyes a world comes into being.. 

    Brahma closes his eyes, and a world ends…

    Brahma opens his eyes agian and another world comes into being.

  18. Sick, evil, disgusting existence, dirty, cruel, capricious and purposefully taunting. The universe and whatever created it is evil.

  19. Yes, and the universe contained the Amulet of Yendor, which we still seek to this very day! Isn't science wonderful? (◔/‿◔)

  20. Well, if you really want to know the truth: there is a parallel universe and humans have always known about it. Occasionally entities from this universe can be perceived, usually as UFOs or ghosts because the human brain gives familiar shapes to things outside reality as we know it (products of this universe).

  21. This is ABSURD!! I have a THEORY and it resembles nothing like this….this guy is Conspiring to Present False Theoretical viewpoints. I suppose keeping you stupid makes him feel "Normal". BEWARE of False Messengers! Conspiring to Theorize unsubstantiated ideas. Science is a Front keeping you behind them for the glorification of being "Right" by keeping you "Wrong". Trust me this is B.S. – "Blind Science".

  22. No nothing could exist before the universe existed and even if there was another Universe you would have to explain where that Universe came from you can't get something from absolutely nothing the first Universe in existence had to be created from something which which means you either believe that there is a God creator or that the Universe came from nothing

  23. Another universe before ours…??? We barely know and may never really know our own.. theres absolutely zero way to know or find this out honestly. And we'll probably never conclusively know for sure. Before we can even begin to test this would imagine would take lifetimes of science tech advances that none of us will probably ever live to see..
    Will admit like most everyone else it's fun sometimes to imagine and wonder

  24. Confusing astrology and religion with cosmology is not helpful. Just because you imagine something does not make it real.

  25. Ok, the universe big badaboum exploded from nothingness and then immediately inflates.
    OK, ok, ok . . ., but . . . in what ?
    What is it inflating into, what is OUTSIDE of the universe external "membrane", because like de baloon that's inflate in front of your eyes, into the world around you and the baloon, it is the same for the universe.
    So, in what does it inflate?

  26. Bootstrap paradox. Doesn't explain where the energy originally came from. "It's always been there" Is a lousy explaination.

  27. Id like to propose a new law:
    Anything scientifically plausible is cosmically guaranteed in a mathematically driven universe.
    Because if the universe CAN… the universe will . I mean… we're here, aren't we?

  28. My opinion and only mine…. I theorize that our galaxy was what we know as the “BIG BANG” when it formed… meaning that everything we think we know is very much off probably by trillions of years. People tend to forget that we’re (humans) are so new to the universe, galaxy, solar system, Earth, that we’re only capable of knowing the minuscule amount of information that we know and haven’t yet reached another plane of existence to even really delve into what our planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe really holds and or what can be possible and achieved. I think that the trajectory that we as inhabitants of this planet are on would only lead to the Earth healing itself…We just so happened to evolve from a single celled organism….Or whatever you believe…But when the planet went through change best believe that whatever has, had, or will live on this world has been driven to extinction when catastrophic events are happening!

  29. what if black holes and white holes are like… two-faced? like two-face, one side is white (ejecting) and the other black (sucking up)

  30. Here is another imaginative possibility, the Big Pulse, wherefrom an infinite center, an outward pulsation of continuous universal formations begins and ends in complete dissolution and/or absorption into an incomprehensible vacuum that gives timeless birth into endless forms.

  31. I honestly think that the continuation of universes relies on intelligent life evolving and progressing to a certain point where they can figure out how to escape the universe and start their own before all activity and matter ceases in their parent universe.

  32. I think we have had multiple universes. The Big Bang happens the universe expands then contracts back on itself and another Big Bang occurs into infinity.

  33. I like this theory…just like how our lungs function…in and out…but I think the “spiral” is missing here…the logarithmic spiral is on every level of growth…so where is it in the bounce??

  34. Time is the speed of light. So nothing is faster than time. Expansion faster than light is just an idiot excuse to explain why no new star light from new creation/expansion has ever been observed. Fundamentally, the reality is the expansion model does not fit basic observation. Galaxies are not seen expanding. New stars are not found. The angular relationships of stars never change.

  35. Any Domain before this Universe could be just as well the Domain after this Universe, making the present Universe a fluctuation that just fell away from the Principle Domain and in recovering by falling toward the Future by Attraction of the Domain pulling things together. So the Past and the Future is the same Domain, and we are limited only to sensing time moving from the apparency of the Past, as if something before us is pushing the world forward, from chaos into order. But in reality the Future Matter is a force pulling us towards it, not just pushing from behind, and so there is no "Evolution" because the behavior is more Revolutionary, something not moving out of chaos into order, but moving from Order into Chaos into Order, circumnavigating in a fluctuation that is circular as a behavior. So the Principle Domain would be the same condition , Past or Future, it is the Eternal Domain and our times are but an ILLUSION. The Domain of Eternal Steady State Matter is not this particular world or the illusive motion of chaos into order, but the Domain , be it called the Past, Present or Future is GOD. The GOD stands immutable, the World has fallen away from the Wholeness into a fractal resonance , creating the illusion of time as something moving from the past, with forces pushing forward into the future. The FUTURE is as much attracting us to it, and we are not just being pushed forward , we are being drawn together, something like falling into a Black Hole, the idea of Past or Future is futility.

  36. Do most physicists agree that all matter collapsed down into itself into a relatively small singularity point of mass before exploding in all directions in the Big Bang and that all of that material is still expanding in all directions spherically into otherwise empty space and doing so at a rate faster than the speed of light?

  37. Do most physicists agree that black holes are super dense spheres of mass (not unlike neutron stars or white holes, just more dense) that have become dense and massive enough that their event horizon diameter exceeds the sphere’s diameter, going black (and that the sphere core remains of course)?

    I think Einstein's wrong, that time is constant and that dark matter is the limiting factor to the speed of light. I think it’s not space-time bending but rather a greater density of dark matter.

  38. I still believe that there was a univers before us and it experienced expansion until it reversed crushing everything together until something triggers another explosion and setting the whole thing off again.

  39. The answer is; It's God's creation. Someday in the far away future when our world about to end, God will save us and we'll be enlightened.

    We already know the answer when you believe.

  40. Science said that energy neither create nor destroy then how big bang theory gives all our ans
    We should think something different from big bang theory

  41. The concept of a beginning and then forever expansion of the universe seems so not true. Perhaps I am biased , but , doesn't such a theory invoke "special" intervention ?
    On the other hand, cyclical universe seems self sustainable .

  42. Whenever I think about it, the fact that anything exists at all is absolutely mind blowing to me. It just seems so much more likely that nothing should exist.

  43. Multi universe inside multi universe inside multi universe that all expand and contract into big bangs and big crunches that all happens inside a peice of dust on your floor!

  44. Just brings up a question that could be interesting to think about and ponder on if there wasn’t a universe before ours wouldn’t some life in that universe have put something out into deep space that could not be trapped into the singularity point and that we could find later somewhere in the universe that would be a message

  45. I think all matter in our universe if traveling to a single point in space known as the great attractor, once all of this matter converges into this single point in the universe it can't hold it all together anymore and another big bang is going to be the result, starting this whole process over again, I also think another possibility is when a black hole finally dies off, it can't hold all this matter into that one singularity point anymore and turns into a white hole, spewing all its gathered matter back out into the universe where it will reform and start the process all over again, In the end, I believe space just recycles itself and will never really have a true end, just a repeating loop of expantion, black hole gathering, everything going to the great attractor, and then another big bang

  46. Of course we're in a cluster of over a trillion universe's that builds a bigger body or living being just like the cells in our bodies were smaller than microbes

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