1. I won with diagnosed anxiety, depression and OCD.

    I also have inflammatory arthritis with nerve roof compression

    I think each one separately, I would have been denied but together it qualified me

    I think one thing that’s key is a therapist on your side that documents EVERYTHING. And definitely a doc that recognizes how serious it is and works with you on medications

    You have to have a pattern of multiple days in a row doing what I called, taking a break. Basically giving up on life. You want to be able to clearly describe how it has impacted your daily life without being over dramatic

  2. I'm only 17 but I can't work my prior boss tells all of my new position about how severe it is I've been in treatment since I was 6 my dad died but before that he would beat me and my mom until she would bleed and I would screen I can not handle it my best friend of 7 years vomited suicide and I can't go to school because I. 8th grade 4 kids beat me with lead pipes I have scars covering my head where hair won't grow I have no friends and my mom thinks I can just turn it off I'm afraid to drive because my dad was on his motorcycle and hit by a semi I'm in a dark place I take 6 different meds I have lost all my friends they call me a pushy because of my panic attacks I'm afraid that when I turn 18 I won't be able to handle it and use my last survivors check to buy a shotgun and end it all I'm afraid of the effect it will take on my family but I need peace some how I don't care about the money I just wish I had somebody anybody who understood I haven't had a girlfriend for more the. 2 weeks I'm afraid of when I turn to 18 I will be homeless and have nobody if anybody would like to help or talk please I need you anyone

  3. I’ve been in the shadows for years just fighting by myself never been to th hospital or doctor for that because I feel like they’re not going to help and The system is going to put a mark on me for life.

    I’ve been in and out of jobs since i was a teen I stopped going to school on 10 grade cus i wasn’t able to concentrate or to deal with anything at all now I’m considering on applying for disability but I fear that they’re not going to give it to me.

    I need help before is too late

  4. I’ve been taking Cymbalta Xanax lamictal seroquel for 16 years and was denied after 5 months of waiting . I appealed it and still lost !
    Very depressing I just turned 50 and that didn’t help .
    They never asked me about trauma which I have a lot of !
    Also many failed work attempts ! I’m not sure what to do next 😥
    Why did the lawyer I spoke with said it has to do with how much $ you have ? I have no income 🤕

  5. I applied and got approved the first time. I'm 38 and was told by all the lawyers I don't stand a chance. However, I have had 5 shoulder surgeries, diagnosed with IBD/IBS, IC, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Neuralgia, Prostatitis, MDD, GAD, PTSD, Reynolds, been hospitalized 4 times. Without the mental symptoms I could tough out working just as I did for years, but didn't keep a job. Without the physical symptoms, I could probably push myself to work as well. But with both mental and physical, I can barely function in my home with my folks taking care of me let alone working. Point is, everybody's case is custom and you simply need to be honest. I do know that if you have anxiety issues, pain issues are right around the corner if you haven't developed them yet. Half my symptoms are intensified by anxiety and my anxiety is intensified by my pain. If you're young and just have mental symptoms, try to beat them. It's when the physical symptoms kick in that makes life impossible. Mental to an extent can be defeated. I am NOT happy that I'm in this position. I used to be an Engineer and now I would do ANYTHING to go back to work. 38 is too young to quit living :(.

  6. Is it true that judges are biased toward individuals claiming things like 1) Borderline Personality Disorder or 2) Bi-polar disorder? Or is that a myth?

  7. what if you have depression and hashimoto's disorder AND myoclonic involuntary movements and a story of workplace bullying for being different?

  8. I have severe agoraphobia.I have anxiety induced mutism since age 5. Though I am on medicare- I still can not get proper help. It usually takes around 3 attempts to make it to an appointment and even then I am unable to even verbalize what is really going on with me… I just want to leave asap. I am living off the Tanf program and churches. I am 33 & have never had a job for more than 4weeks and drank heavily to do so. I won't drive so I don't have a vehicle. I have fkn tried everything. I can't speak up. I can't help myself. I can't leave. I can't live. It runs in my family… I do how to end this. H.e.l.p.

  9. If you have lousy doctors who REFUSE to assist with your case because it's their stupid policy and you can't go anywhere else because you're too poor, forget it. This is especially true if you're young and educated and worked part-time jobs because you were busy trying to get an education. After watching these videos I realized I might as well put a gun to my head than bother attending my hearing next week.

  10. Curious how applying for SS correlates with a disability rating through the VA. If you receive benefits can you still work?

  11. I can really relate and have experienced the anxiety and depression as well as presented with many of the scenarios you mentioned in your video. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression, as well as more recently Acute ADHD. I am on several medications both for my emotional and psychological shortcomings as well as other things related to genetic family history, high blood pressure, etc. I think I was able to convey to the judge (as well as present documented medical and job history records) that this has been a lifelong struggle and at almost 59 am just not up to continuing this struggle. I have an advanced education, but my confidence is shot as well as much of my short term memory. In short, I have always had poor coping skills. I just had my hearing a few days ago and spoke to a girlfriend close to my age with many health issues including kidney failure and she was turned down again recently. I am terrified I won’t get approved. I have been divorced many years and each year just gets more difficult. I am a Southern California native and now am living in a close to 30 year old RV. This would not be my choice if I felt I could change things, I’ve tried for way too long. I do try to make some income with my art, but it just seems real success always escapes my grasp. The so called “expert witness” felt I could do light duty, unskilled labor such as laundry room duties, or piecework. That actually couldn’t be further from the truth due to my lack of focus during mundane and repetitive work. My forgetfulness and lack of sequencing skills would cause far too many upsets. Those with ADHD are really only able to focus on things that interest them and stimulate the mind. I’m just wondering if there is anything more I can do while I wait for the suggested 2 month delay in the decision writers letter for the judge’s decision. Thanks ahead for any insight or suggestions.

  12. I have my hearing coming up in a few weeks and im not gonna drive myself crazy over this. If i get approved well cool if i dont cool. Thats the thing with these mental disability claims you just dont know whats gonna happen to it happens. Anxiety & depression cases what ive heard so far are not easy to win. And mind you i have the doctor backing me up i get the medications im at that age already and ive been waiting 2 years. Dont get me wrong ive done some research on whats it takes to win but when you start thinking about it trust its gonna drive u nuts. So we'll see what happens my hearing is on the 18th of April 2019. All i can say is Good luck to me. Lol..

  13. i can't afford a therapist. i tried going a few times when my ex would pay for it, my parents refused to help me ever. even when i tried killing myself when i was 10. they are, however, more than happy to help my older sister and financially support her. they kicked me out as soon as i had a job, and i've had to struggle with shitty relationships (the people themselves were horrible and i have really bad anxiety with boyfriends), to keep a roof over my head. i'm currently working fulltime, but i have multiple breakdowns a week, i cry at work for no reason, i think about killing myself everyday. i'm currently on zoloft, and it's making me feel worse, but i'm scared to talk to my doctor about it, cuz i don't want to get locked away for 72 and lose my job, and have to pay a huge hospital bill (that no one will help me with)………….. i also have hashimoto's, which makes me feel insanely tired, and i'm getting to the point of where i'm scared i'm going to get fired or i'm going to snap and run away and live in my car until i can get disability.

  14. I’ve tried maybe between 5-8 jobs from the past 2 years and each one my anxiety and depression got in the way. I didn’t realize needing many unscheduled 10-15min breaks and missing work at least once per week were that serious. I even had a job coach and additional accomadations but still couldn’t perform my basic job duties. My meds from the past two years kept getting increased either in dosage or a stronger type. I don’t know why my health has suddenly gone downhill. I’m forced to resort to disability because of my numerous unsuccessful work attempts. I even tried using vocational help and still cannot do basic functions! It is awful. I really don’t want disability though I’ve applied—I want my previous job back and I don’t want my symptoms anymore. I wish there was a cure.

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