Department of Religion Student Profile: Duygu Yeni

How has the department supported my intellectual grounding? My studies are real diverse. I work on Gender Politics in the Middle East and in Islam, in particular. I was able to build intellectual and theoretical background in these fields with the departmental classes that I took such as Islam Epistemology and Gender Politics in Islam. I also took classes from other departments such as Women and Gender Studies, Philosophy, History. These enabled me to expand my feminist research methods and critical theory. For me, TA assignments themselves were also a great approach and opportunities to learn more about differentialist traditions and their cultured products. I TA’d for various classes such as Christianity, Greek and Roman Religions, Midrash. They enabled me to learn in depth about these cultures and their intellectual work. I think I’m really grateful that I was always supported and encouraged to pursue my diverse interests. Always supported and encouraged to work at the boundaries of different disciplines where they come together or where they converge and diverge. So I feel very lucky that I had this chance.

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