1. Watch the indoctrination of kids happening under your eyes.
    (e.g the new Aladdin at the cinema, how they changed Jasmine into a feminist role..? ).Silly example but subtle, it surreal and happening! Parents be more present with your kids’ upbringing: education, activities, friends, the world has changed !

  2. Total Socialism without free enterprise means a dystopian hell like the one that George Orwell warned us about in his novel, 1984. Socialism inevitably leads to communism. Capitalism, and the free market system, has lifted more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic system. People are ambitious and always strive for more, they want power. Friedrich Nietzsche was right in saying that the will to power is the prime motive of human striving. Capitalism provides a means and a way to achieve what is naturally desired. Socialism stifles this natural "Will To Power". Capitalism combined with socialist ideas and taking the best of what both systems have to offer seems like a very good idea. An amalgamation of free enterprise combined with a more equitable system is the way to go.

  3. Capitalism long term is non sustainable without socialist institutions like the military, police force and politicians who give themself a fat salary and vote down a living wage to line the pockets of fat cats on wall street 🤦‍♂️

  4. Dennis Prager is a slow creep. This guy is just a pompous self important phony. He acts so lofty and intellectual, endlessly casting himself as a big moral authority when he’s simply just another right wing partisan talkradio hack. He’s Limbaugh with religion.

  5. When the current college students begin voting, it wont be a slow creep anymore. New Zealand just had their gun rights taken away. There's really no other country to go to, to be free. I'm afraid the world is heading into another dark age . God help us.

  6. I went to
    Rochester College (Michigan), I recieved a 70 page" no word" list on the 2nd day of a professor I must have for 3 years to acheive my degree. In September I left.

  7. This guy doesn't even know what it is. And neither do you. Go do some actual research before you criticize something based on the words of people who also haven't researched it. "They want to replace individual rights with complete government control" is Jibberish. Libertarian-Socialism is correct and good. Learn things people.

  8. Socialism is not the problem. The problem is modern day fascism. If Trump were president in the 1930s and 1940s, he would have sided with the Nazis. Don't think so? Isolationism was strong in this country before Pearl Harbor. Trump would have gladly kept us out of Europe's war while cutting all the side deals he could with the Nazis in order to enrich himself. And that is what is going on today with Trump and the Russians and the Saudis. Don't believe me? Open your eyes. The man is a traitor, a thief and a crook. Lock him up.

  9. When ancient Rome ruled they had great wealth. Small wealthy elite controling culture and policy using powerful military to expand territory. Jesus lived in occupied land of Rome. He preached more then anything else to help the needy. The community of Jesus and after in the early church everyone was equal and everything was shared.
    So perverted over 2000 years. Now the courtesans spread the filth of their masters claiming ownership of faith.
    When Evil is good and Good is evil.

  10. Minute 5:20 is pure gold … that little clip of 2 sentences or so sums it all up …

  11. Great Job Mr. Prager! Outstanding and everyone here should go check out and subscribe to their channel … I regularly post prager videos to my facebook page!

  12. I recently switched my support to republicans, but i wish they would stop calling everything socialism, and stop trying to pit Americans against each other. Stop labeling everything that could help Americans as socialism, school, health care, education cost are all a serious problem for most Americans.

  13. Trump is a Nancy Boy Socialist who used taxpayer money to build his golf courses. Capitalism for the poor, Socialism for the rich!!!! Only in USA!!!

  14. Yeah!! Lets start by learning how Trump used US Government taxpayer money to pay for the construction of his golf courses!!! Capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich.

  15. People that are so scared of their masters aka business owners leaving if we tax them on a higher marginal tax rate make no sense. Don’t you realize that someone who isn’t as greedy and is ok with making millions every year will be able to replace them ?? Let them leave, let’s see how well it goes for them in a third world. People! The consumers! The workers! We are the ones that run the economy! Without us! There is no markets or businesses !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Socialism has indeed crept into America. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, State Universities,
    tax payer subsidies to business and taxpayer bail outs of corporations and banks. Once we have
    done away with all these things, we will no longer be under the curse of socialism.

  17. That's a dirty old man pedophile if we ever saw one. And like Trump he defends predators and pedophilia on his show all the time, has for years.

  18. When is Fox News going to move out of "socialist" New York and Rupert Murdoch move out of "socialist" California? Why don't they want to move to a real "capitalist" state like Oklahoma or Indiana?

  19. He says only capitalism creates wealth. What about the system that the Chinese have? Second largest economy in the world?

  20. Dennis if you don't like socialism then push my book Handbook for American Conservatives, or my other book Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: the bi-partisan betrayal of America in favor of Socialism. [Amazon Kindle] They tell the truth.

  21. It is to be expected, the youth these days don't seem interested in working yet they want everything, socialism is free hand outs, here in Australia 86% of our income tax goes to welfare, and we have the 2nd highest household debt in the world.

  22. WOO HOO Lib Dems + Socialism = LEACH so simple its better than E=mc2 Einstein would be so proud we have come so far LMAO

  23. while mr. president spent just some minor couple of millions of dollars in Vietnam for that big achievement some axis of evil = socialists here are pushing for public health care, food for all, education for those who want it, house to live, etc. such a shame! just look how mr. president raised to power through hard working in buying/selling condos with his PHD in Real Estate and brought his daughters, son, son-in-law, stormy daniels, john bolton, pompeo, pence and some of the most educated, logical, experienced people in economics, international diplomacy, education, social science, etc. to make America great again. never give up mr. president and never button your jacket! great to see how desperate people are in dealing with you, from top US army generals and top administrative to the leaders of the world. trump for ever, hop to see him king himself and gives everyone ease of mind.

  24. This is happening yet the politicians are slowly letting it creep in. The media promotes socialism they need to be investigated

  25. This is a superficial argument. It reminds me of the official right wing side of one of Noam Chumpsky’s “limited range of debate” set-ups. The continued superficiality of debate about a discredited system motivated some of us old Cold Warriors, including a few Information Scientists, to document an argument that is beyond Chumpsky’s limits of critique. Stay tuned….

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