Denmark Elects a Social Democratic Government That's Anti-Immigrant

so everyone needs to pay attention to Denmark something really interesting happened there last night they had their election and the Social Democrats won Social Democrats that would be like the aoc s and the Bernie Sanders types but here's the thing they ran on two main platform ideas now the first one is for a strong social welfare state so that is what Social Democrats run on is wanting really the tax dollars to go for the people now remember welfare I know when people think welfare sometimes people freak out and say all free things free things but remember welfare is well-being and this really focuses on having the tax dollars go to the well-being of the people rather than the tax dollars going overseas you know towards war and whatnot so the people in Denmark decided that they want to continue to have their tax dollars spent on things like health care college child care sick leave maternity leave elder care unemployment that is what they've gone in Denmark and they want to continue to have those things and even make them better actually so they want to keep their population healthy happy robust and they want to keep the economy from collapsing which is something that these social programs help they help protect an economy which is something that I talked about in a previous video that you can go watch so the Danish Social Democrats specifically campaigned on increasing public spending increasing taxes for businesses and the wealthy and partially rolling back pension reforms so that people who have worked for 40 years can retire earlier but the second platform idea that the Social Democrat left-wing party ran on was strict immigration and strict controls on refugees and asylum-seekers yeah and this one this is what one so these two ideas which people typically relate to two totally different sides of the aisle the social democrat welfare programs and strict immigration controls people usually think of those as a left issue you know Social Democrats on the Left hardened hardline immigration on the right those two ideas came together and that is what one in Denmark so what is interesting about this and I think what this kind of shows us is that many people are freaked out by immigration and but they do want social programs and this is why when Bernie Sanders went on Fox News he killed it he killed it on Fox News all of these fox viewers were sitting there saying yeah you know we would like Medicare for all we would like these social programs but the fact is is that there are so many ideas that right-wing America has been able to kind of to own like immigration and left-wing America in in in to counter that have taken an opposite stance on immigration and the reality is is that so many people are wanting both of those things they want hardline immigration but they also want these social democracy type programs people want that people are sick of their hard-earned tax dollars going off to these wars they want people are fed up people on both sides are fed up with handing money over to the government and getting nothing back in return people want to finally get their money's worth what are you giving the government your money for and you're getting absolutely nothing you should get something back you should get something back that's that's the way things work you go to the store you pay money you get something you don't just hand over your money and walk away but that's what we pretty much been doing with our with our government with our tax dollars so and worse yet you know we hand over our tax dollars to the government and they don't not only do they not spend it on us but they go and they take our money and they kill people with it that's what they do so what's interesting about this is that all around Europe and also what we saw with Trump winning the election is that people are freaked out whether it be logical and rooted in reality or not but people are afraid of immigration and it's really not a left and a right issue it's just an issue and I think that the lesson to be learned here is that if the Left were to adopt a different stance on immigration for example policies you know if the left were to say okay look immigration is not a left-right issue it's not like immigration is just owned by the right the right wing America they're the ones who are just these racist bigots who don't want immigrants on our country and it's total right-wingers and we're on the left and so we're gonna embrace these robust immigration policies you know if that were to be dropped from the platform and instead there was a little bit more common sense – or at least paying attention to what people want then I think this shows what we saw in Denmark last night was that policies for the people social democratic policies win now according to the BBC this is exactly what the key issues were for the party that won last night which by the way puts a fairly young female into power in Denmark she's 41 years old Fredrickson is her last name met I think Metis met eight Fredrickson 41 years old and she's going to be taking taking the reigns over in Denmark now the key issues they so welfare was a big issue obviously for these Social Democrats many voters were concerned over the fate of the country's cherished welfare model which has faced years of cuts amid struggles by successive governments to deal with aging populations Danes pay some of the highest taxes in the world to support a generous cradle to grave welfare state but they say cuts mean they are increasingly paying for services that used to be free and worried that further austerity measures could erode key services such as health care and education so the Danes are fine with their high taxation they know that they pay their taxes but they end up getting these services in return that's what they paid for that's what taxation is it's giving the government your money so that they give you something back remember that and they say hey we're giving you all this money what are we getting in return and all of a sudden we're turning around and you're saying we're gonna have to pay for some stuff and you're trying to cut our taxes no that's not what we want so they ran on continuing that and actually increasing the welfare programs in Denmark they also ran on the environment they said that they want to prioritize climate change and an immigration was the other big one they want to adopt anti-immigration policies so they believe now the Liberal Party the people on the Left and Denmark say that doing this would help protect the welfare system and you know after reading this and hearing about this look I don't think it's a bad idea we're seeing this all around Europe you're seeing these waves of people being very afraid of immigration now I personally have pretty out-there far-out ideas on immigration that I don't want to get into because that's for a totally different video but you know in light of this conversation and with what the reality is for what most people want I think that it is fair to maybe have the Democratic Party and progressives to say look you know maybe we do need to focus more on the people that are here and and and get a little bit tougher on immigration and say look no we we want these programs and we need to take care of the people who are here and if that means we have to build a wall I mean I'm not saying that's what we should be doing but if that if playing to that sentiment a little bit is like look okay look if we give you the wall will you give us health care will you give us you know all of these robust programs getting rid of the college debt making college free child care government guarantee jobs if we could get these things and if I have to give you a wall now I'd realize the wall cost money we got plenty of money we got we've got enough money we're sending it all out to the military so if we were to take that money and instead I guess build a wall to make people happy but get these other programs in exchange I would be willing to make that trade so because ultimately what is more important is making sure that people aren't dying because of a lack of medical care making sure that people aren't going bankrupt over not being able to afford their mortgages because they're riddled in student loan in and medical debt and paying for child care which is $600 or $800 per kid you know you have two or three kids and I mean how do you even do that so especially when minimum wage around the country still 725 so you know I think it's interesting I think that this story out of Denmark is quite interesting and I think we're gonna be seeing this trend throughout Europe I think we're gonna be seeing a lot of these these left-leaning parties in adopt hardline immigration ideas and in doing so they're going to make their populations happy the majority of their populations the Italians the French the Spanish whoever the I think they're gonna say hey this is the right way to do it robust social programs but keeping keeping our population controlled I think we might be seeing that so interesting keep your eye on it would love to hear what you think about this would you be open would you vote for especially those of you who are more on the right if if we said hey listen we'll toughen up on immigration and we're not gonna have these you know these policies you guys think are crazy with open borders you think are open borders or whatever but it but we're gonna have these social democratic programs I mean would you be would you want that'd be interesting to hear from you so yeah and I you know I'm not covering this story out of bias because I am by the way a dame I'm an Iverson after all thanks for watching guys

  1. What does Denmark have to do with US? Ant-immigration was a Democratic stance; Clinton 'build a barrier' or Obama 'deporter in chief'. It is an issue fueled by hate and fits better with Trump. Like Obama care, you spend 20yrs opposing mandatory insurance and 8yrs defending it.

  2. There are Democrats that are talking about border security — it's the Republicans that are falsely accusing them of wanting open borders. They oppose the wall because they don't think it will work, and they want to see more human treatment of refugees at the border, but they do want security too.

  3. Its not going to work in US with your wall! First of all we are not China, or ancient England! Also the whole wall thing is do to regime changes & now you want to erect a wall to protect yourself from your own bullshit we created in the first place!

  4. So should we put "build a wall along our southern border" into the GND? I think it'd be worth it just to explode some minds 😛

    Before I get swarmed I am against the wall, it is a giant vanity project for Trump that will accomplish little if any net positive.

  5. That is because ISLAM Is a far-right ideology incompatable with a left leaning society. Liberals have to learn this

  6. “This is Denmark progressives must worship Scandinavian politics like a religion” Bernie Sanders.

  7. Nope. Disagree. Barricading the doors is a reaction to people trying to get away from problems we made in their countries. Wars, coups, unfair trade deals, soon climate change. Stop all this bad behaviour, stamp on the exploiters and you'll find reduced numbers trying to get in. You won't need to use them as political scapegoats.

  8. I would not agree when she says that immigration is not a left or right issue.The liberal Democrats are exploiting the influx of immigrants so as to increase their voter support.Isnt this part of the strategy Obama was employing all along to win the Presidency,besides pandering to the pro abortionist,feminist,LGBT n of course Afro Americans.

  9. I'm from the UK. I'm pro-Brexit, support controlled immigration but also want UBI, fully funded NHS and to expand the services it gives, a nationally owned energy company, strict regulations on big business for the environment and anti-trust purposes, government investment into the economy, higher taxes on the rich on the rich and so on. Views on immigration are pretty much split between the working classes who live in the places with the highest immigrant populations and the middle class who don't have to deal with any of the problems. That Danish party sounds about ideal to me. I don't blame Denmark for wanting a strong border considering the lax immigration laws into some parts of the EU and the free movement around it. The US does fine with legal immigration because you have a proper screening system, most European countries do not vet in nearly as rigorous of a way.

  10. Trump – Merit based immigration. America first! Haha…I like Kim. Sounds like what Trump has been iterating!!

  11. You can't have these social programs with open boarders – because these social programs need a closed system to sustain themselves.

    If you want both, then the money for the programs has to come entirely from something like sales tax (so it scales with population) – which strangles commerce if it gets too high, and other places would need to be loosened to free up money or commerce is strangled even more. The system is much more robust when the burden is spread out so no one place bares the weight, especially places that can't afford it, can just move, or can't form at all under the weight (completely eliminating it as a tax source all together).

  12. People of Denmark are dumb. Who the hell wants to go to that upnorth dumb ideas living between wolves dumbpeople? So your immirgration issues are nonsense

  13. No question immigration has to be monitored. However, with Scandinavian countries having very low birthrates, and negative birthrates, how will you pay for generous social welfare programs, if you don't have enough taxpayers paying into the system? Uncontrolled immigration is not the answer, however the politicians have to sell it to the people and set up policies to ensure the social welfare state is protected. These are not easy things, but Scandinavians have a better handle on this than anyone on the planet. Great episode Kim…thanks!

  14. You brought up a very interesting point unfortunately many on the democratic side believe if you are tough on immigration that you will lose the Hispanic vote which is not true!

  15. I am an American expat Jazz pianist living in Copenhagen Denmark. Denmark is without a doubt one of the most humane societies. But but but Northern Europe like Canada and America is where those with no options are gonna go. Period, Like it or not. At the end of the day as climate change yeilds uninhabitable countries. Anyway Denmark is rightfully held up by Sanders as a good example.

  16. People love to point to northern european welfare state but you can't have that kid of system with unchecked immigration. It's just simple economics.

  17. Until R & D are out of DC, this country will continue the downward trend of the people and the separation between the ‘classes’. The RDNC has become a single criminal organization with loyalty to the party, not the people who elected to them. The only way to stop this is to put the power back in the hands of the communities and states, with yearly vote of confidence for officials who are elected. I’d rather pay state taxes that pay for the infrastructure and support of my community than the federal tax, which started less then 100 years ago to help pay for the WAR and was never meant to be permanent. Same thing with the Central Bank. Since those emergency measures were set up, the powers that be have continued to fund war and war machines with our money while the people have suffered a steady downward spiral with evermore taxation, federal military spending and corruption. The obvious lack of tax resources going to infrastructure rebuilding, drainage systems and clean water, added to the complete disregard for the well-being of the people has proven that even those with the best intentions will succumb to the corruption of power and greed. No elected officials should be allowed to be affiliated with their party during their term and should never be allowed to decide what they are paid. That should be determined by the State and personally, they should not make more than the average person in their state. An example: Look into the emergency funds set up for the recovery after Hurricane Sandy. How much has actually been spent? Where is the rest of the money that DC ‘set aside’ but hasn’t actually released? This is just one example of how DC pledges millions of assistance vocally but quietly, behind the scenes, is redirecting funds to the next disaster or back into their pockets. This is racketeering at the highest level and will only be stopped by the RDNC out of DC

  18. Jesus Christ in a side car! How in the hell did this shit get on my phone! 2min in im like WTF is this a joke! Why is there leftist dem crap on my comms? What the hell you tube? To confirm it i read a few comments and wow just wow, its actually true real people saying the most absurd dangerous irresponsible drivel ive had the displeasure to read in years. Im not around nor have i met people with such unbelievable stances. You all here just move to Venezuela! Good riddance.

  19. Im a core trump supporter and what won me over early was radical border security. From the both left and right were heavy into border security but did not get much done so Trump goes radical and makes it his main issue and that is what made him stand out and shine in my eye from the beginning. We need to Strong border security so strong that we dont have to make it an issue every four years. For me its not about left or right as much as if the candidate is owned by the globalists who have been running the show for a long time and have us party to unintelligible politics foreign and domestic.

  20. Mette Fredericksen (pronounced 'meta') is also against prostitution. The left in Europe is becoming bifurcated into a strange cocktail of economically socialistic and culturally conservative policies.

  21. Wasn't it the guy with the little moustache who wanted welfare for his people and a halt to immigration and foreign influences?

  22. How about quit repressing the developing countries and creating wars and end the war on drugs and there would be no more immigration, thrust me those people would rather not come here but their countries are a mes because of developed nations…Denmark wasn’t built on immigration either

  23. People expect something in return for their hard earned money, of course but we the people also expect the most intelligent ideas in return for our extremely limited ammount of time available in this rare thing we call life.

  24. This Point is Exactly why Bernie or any Social Democrat Cannot Win, They want Big Social Programs and High Immigration. Can't have both.

  25. Tax dollars go for both bad and good things. Some of the good things (where we do get them back, sort of) are roads, fire departments, schools, social security, police, etc.
    Denmark was not created thru immigration, but the U.S. was. Trump’s policies toward Central America are intended to exacerbate immigration for him to use to gin up support from his base. A more rational prez would be reducing immigration thru more compassionate policies. The U.S. is the grand experiment to see if diverse populations can peacefully coexist. Certainly we should manage the flow, but immigration is our strength!
    Admittedly humans have always feared strange people (anyone from outside the tribe), but we’re now at the point where it’s time to outgrow that knee jerk reaction!

  26. No Kim, this is about europe having to clean up all the human mess YOUR FUCKING FOREIGN POLICY CREATES!!! we chose to be humane and far right politics arent going to help anyone. And the danish talk like peasants and think like peasants.

  27. What's more of a problem, immigration or integration? Denmark has very lax nudity laws and teach sex ed at 6 years old. How does that square with the culture of these immigrants?. I read somewhere about a country that requires these immigrants to live among the native population as opposed to all of them living in one area to help them integrate into the population.

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