Dems magic trick

Hello and welcome to another edition of Trotsky or bust it’s June 27th, that means it’s one year and two days since I did my first Video I haven’t been on for a while. But who cares I want to get on today. The obvious news is The victory the primary victory of Alexandria. Okay so Cortez, I hope I said it right It doesn’t matter. I’m not seeing other people online all giddy about this It’s I’m very suspicious and there is no I’m suspicious is that if I’ve worked on Collections before if you’ve worked in an election you realize that elections are not about the issues They’re about getting out to vote and in a primary like this a congressional primary. We have very few votes voters It’s hard to believe that an insurgent could beat someone like Joe crown Um, my guess is he’s probably wanted to leave he was I don’t know me or maybe there’s some scandal and horizon for him But um, it just didn’t seem it doesn’t seem right something smells here the reason I think that They gave the left this they’re gonna throw us some crumbs is I think the Democrats were in terrible shape heading into the midterm I mean you had like people like managed your mansion in West Virginia. Dan fine sent here in California People I told their total Democratic Party won’t change and that’s exactly what happened They’re not changing. Don’t kid yourself about last night They just threw some crumbs in order to energize the base. Otherwise had they just The way things were going they were in for a disaster in November And I think that’s the only reason that they gave us that victory and the banjos. It doesn’t make a difference There is no Salvaging the Democrats. They’re gone. They’re belong to the core They’re corporate donors, and they’re not going to change and don’t believe the hype Okay, one or two victories here and there and we don’t know what happened. Maybe they’ll sabotage her in the fall If not, she’ll go to Congress She’ll be nobody there the media want their meat already comparing her to the idiots on the right They’re saying that you know extreme left is the same as the extreme rightist the fact that they don’t ever talk about the fact that she’s not taking money big corporate money, but Who knows? Nothing’s gonna change Democrats are gonna change they’re still taking the big money They’re rhetorically getting better than saying therefore medicare-for-all doesn’t make a difference. They’re not gonna do it It’ll be just like when Obama was human, you know, we never heard it but you need 60 votes in the Senate until the Democrats and Obama were close to it then all 760 now the Trump’s President you donate 60 he passed Wall Street Reform Democrats voted for it Okay, he passed a defense they increased the defense budget over hundred billion dollars Democrats were for it 60 is no one’s talking about any more why because Democrats You know people want Democrats will come to work together. They do work together when it comes to fucking us they work together all the time and Don’t be fooled by last night’s Victory already today. I saw Bernie Sanders on the TV Bernie’s not gonna save us, okay If he wants to save us he’d leave the party either join the Green Party or join and create his own party he can do it, but he’s not going to Even if he gets elected president the Democrats still You know, they’re still in control They’re not gonna do anything when they’re not gonna have 60 and then I’m gonna pass Medicare for all Then I thought although some 60 will come right back into play the 60 that no one’s talking about now The reason why Bernie won’t leave the party. I don’t know I think if I had to guess is that they have something on you know, that’s the only reason I can guess You know, that’s why he supported Hillary You know and that’s why he’s not leaving the party once and for all starting a third party They have something on him right now. Maybe they have pictures of him with farm animals. Oh Sure You know That’s the only thing I can think of of course. I’m always paranoid. So who knows? Another thing the Green Party the Green Party’s I keep saying Jill Stein all over the place. I Swear Jill Stein is worse than Hillary. I mean, please Hillary tried to win Jill Stein got one point zero six percent of the vote in 2016 You know an election year where you had two candidates the most unpopular candidates in history or since they started polling with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Bernie already paved the way for Jill Stein. But what did she do? Did she go on TV? You know I saw Chris Matthews I’m no fan of his but he said he invited her and she never went on why not Why not Jill Stein if she and the people in the party, you know plan planted there by the Democrats Are they there to sabotage the party? Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party got three times more than three times as many votes as Jill Stein now who are the libertarians I heard a quote But a month ago or so the best description I ever heard of the libertarian party Libertarians are like your average house cat you ever see your house cats Struts around the house. You don’t need you. It don’t need shit. All right Well take away its Bowl and listen to it how all right that’s what libertarians are. They don’t need shit They don’t need government. They don’t need anything. Yeah They how about they stop using their owns what make that a condition for being a libertarian stop using their own Let’s tell me the public roads. That’s how many libertarians we have by the end of the week the libertarian party’s a joke all it is is just They’re just throwing out their their former Republicans. They’re there as a Controlled opposition, you know They know people are tired of the Democrats and Republicans who they throw out the libertarian party. It stands for nothing less The reason they got 3% of the vote is because that’s what Pete helped people feel about the Democrats problem Anybody could do it if they have exposure now imagine the Green Party’s Joel Stein had gone on TV had you know Try to promote the party instead of do nothing. You know, the Green Party stands for something not like the Libertarian Party They could have gotten a lot of it with 5% temp take a 10% their player and wrestler player. The Democratic Party will die a very quick death Okay, because the Democratic Party stands for nothing But Jill Stein, I I just believe I truly believe she’s planted there that she’s either planted there She’s there for her own benefit, and she purposely lost did you know? Did so poorly in the 2016 election now if I’m wrong if I’m just paranoid is, you know, probably is true makes no difference 1% is 1% I mean how the fuck do you get 1% of the vote? All right, and she’s still around you still see her. She used to face the Green Party why? Now the next question is the Green Party salvageable, I don’t know I really don’t know I know it’s fucked up I don’t mean to be a you know downer today, but it is it just fucked up but I wish she would go away I mean they’re having a conference in Salt Lake City next. I don’t know when it is. I got an invitation I’m not gonna go, you know Just their same Party people go and they’re real like the same party and I’ll do the same bullshit That they always do and I’ll give us someone like Jill Stein who? Tanks tanks. No, right she tanked She’s there’s something about it. I don’t trust her. Don’t trust her at all The more I think about that election the fact that she didn’t go on TV the fact she didn’t try to promote the Green Party I Don’t know that’s it and I give you no answers today. I’m just Down about everything like I always am, but that’s about it Tell me what you think Please call me. If you have any ideas how we can take the country back It’s not going to be through the Democrats and unfortunately It’s not going to be through the Green Party as long as we have, you know Jill Stein people like that the the upper echelon of the Green Party I just you know they’re they’re just they’re as bad as any other party and they’re not planning to leave and Jill Stein is not planning to leave when she’s certainly not planning to win Okay, so I hope she goes away go with a fuck away Jill go away alright That’s about it What’s happening? Not much. That’s the fourth of July next week. Well, I can’t believe it’s over a year. I’ve been doing this this shit I Hope you like it Give me a thumbs up thumbs down say whatever you want. Call me a fat commie All right. So happy fourth of July and Trotsky out

  1. Jill Stein went on TV when she could, but it was TOKEN coverage by the corporate media.
    Don't blame her; blame the purveyors of the negative, circular, self-fulfilling prophecy: "Third parties can't win." (If all the people who say that shit- got ACTIVE in the Green Party…!)
    Blame the corporate media. She used the opportunities she could, and conducted herself coolly and decently in the face of frequent abuse, from Fox to PBS.
    Blame the Commission on Presidential Debates, which she and her running mate confronted with civil disobedience and jail time, and a petition that should be signed by anyone who professes to support democracy:
    And very possibly- blame VOTE FLIPPING: With "black box" voting,
    someone with a handheld device could switch votes from Stein to someone else. (No paper trail!)
    So we don't really know how many votes Stein got!
    She made a good effort to address that issue, then was smeared as doing it to help Hillary! (Gimme a break!)
    As a Trotskyist, I think most of the left is shooting themselves in the foot by not supporting the Green Party. With the Dem's losing 14 million registrants, and the Greens now on the ballot in 48 states, this is the place to rub elbows with developing activists, and have a chance to talk socialism.
    I see sectarians say "The Greens aren't a working class party." MAYBE not on some technicality, but they DO have a pro- worker, pro-labor platform comparable to that of Peace and Freedom and other socialist parties.
    And of course, they refuse corporate money.
    I think it's good if they aren't "socialist", so that progressives who are not yet socialist- can jump ship from the Democrats' "Titanic".
    The Nazis came to power because the left didn't unify.
    The American left can blow it by not supporting a party that could be the unifying, TRANSITIONAL PARTY on the road to socialism.

  2. Subscribed. And as I point out in my article "Are Elizabeth Warren, Nina Turner, and Tulsi Gabbard Controlled Opposition?" I'm not exactly of fan Stein anymore, but, in her defense, I very much doubt that she only got one percent of the vote (watch the video "BREAKING: CBS News Finally Admits Election Could Be Rigged Easily"). Also, she did interviews with the mainstream media relatively often and even did a few town halls. Still, can you maybe send me a link to that Chris Matthews thing?

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