Democrats vs Republicans – Which Brain is Better?

The world feels pretty divided currently 81% of both liberals and conservatives have unfavorable views towards those on the other side But is there actually a fundamental biological difference between liberals and conservatives on the surface? we can see some funny differences like Conservatives like meat and potatoes more while liberals tend to like trying food from other cultures more in general Conservatives prefer purebred dogs while liberals prefer mixed breeds and liberals are ok with free verse poetry while conservatives prefer it to rhyme But as we study more we realize that the differences are much deeper when put through MRI brain scans It turns out that liberals are more likely to have a larger anterior cingulate cortex which is associated with Understanding and monitoring conflict while conservatives have a larger, right? amygdala Which helps process fear and anxiety and that makes sense given the years of research that have shown people tend to become a more conservative When they feel threatened or afraid? After 9/11, for example, the u.s. Became politically more conservative with studies showing increased support for issues Like national security and military spending but studies have also found that conservatives and liberals employ different cognitive styles Conservatives excel when it comes to more structured and organized problems or questions Whereas liberals tend to be more flexible and less likely to commit errors with questions involving conflicting information and requiring fast reaction times One study looking at dorm rooms even found that on average Conservative students rooms were less messy than liberals But they also experienced pain in different ways so much. So that one study was able to predict who is liberal or conservative Just by viewing brain scans of them looking at graphic photos Containing mutilations in this instance liberal brains were more active in the s2 or somatosensory to region Which is normally activated when you’re in pain, but also when you see someone else suffering It’s essentially scientific evidence for the bleeding-heart liberal stereotype Which doesn’t mean conservatives are uncaring but that their minds just respond to graphic images differently in America This can explain how Democrats and Republicans perceive the world in fundamentally different ways it’s difficult to grasp how someone on the other side of politics thinks because we tend to overestimate the extent to which our opinions believe some Values are normal so colleges refer to this as false consensus bias. For example, if you heard Yanni in latina vs Laurel debate it may have felt that you were the normal one and it was insane that anyone could be hearing Laurel apply this logic to politics and you can see why people have such polarizing ideas on issues like immigration Abortion gun rights etc But where do these differences come from one study revealed that genetics can account for around thirty to forty percent of a person’s? political leanings which may seem like a lot but there are still many other important factors like your environment and personal experiences which play massive roles in your politics political Neuroscience is a relatively new field of study with fascinating results and in a world that’s being increasingly characterized by its divisions Perhaps an important aspect of unity involves using neuroscience to better understand each other’s differences On a lighter note space is a place for liberals and conservatives and nations all over the world come together And we actually just made a video where we tried out the latest Space food that astronauts are eating right now click here or the description to check it out Also, if you want even more science, we have a weekly science podcast, so subscribe to it The link is like down there I think and it’s called side note

  1. Hey in the thumbnail it is showing left vs right, but in reality it is liberal vs. conservative which are both right wing(which is capitalist while left means communist)

    Also if liberals are experiencing someone else’s pain more than conservatives we are they pro choice.(btw I am not a conservative but a communist )

  2. Incorrect concerning brains.
    Via functional MRI…

    Blacks and Latinos have the least activity of the brain concerning empathy.
    Most blacks and Latinos are democrats.
    So where is asap Science getting its cartoons from?

  3. Liberals are more compassionate to others?
    But self proclaimed liberals have more than 8x the crime rate and violence depending on the race/ethnicity.
    Only place where conservative are worse is rural gun violence.

  4. I feel like the extremists and idiots of both of the sides are what’s keeping them from a compromise. And the extremists are usually the ones that get the most attention because of news networks, giving both a bad view. I don’t hate the left nor the right, it’s the crazy wacko extremists that I absolutely hate. Both of the extremists are bigoted, Left extremists are hateful to straight, white men, and right extremists are bigoted to every other race that’s not Caucasian and people part of LGBTQ. Both of the extremists also have bad ideas for a government, like left extremists with socialism/Marxism and right extremists with theocratic fascism. People today are too busy and try way too hard to get everyone to agree with them instead of trying to see eye to eye. I really feel like things can really take a turn if something is done with the extremists. Just my thought.

  5. I like to make fun of both conservatives and liberals I also tend to make fun of people on the far left and the far tight

  6. Im independent. FOX and CNN have pushed me into the middle. Theyre both so terrible. Both sides of the divide have great ideas, and both sides of the divide have HORRIBLE ideas. The right's unwillingness to change with the times is a hinderance to our society, and hurts people. Lgbt people are still seen by many as abnormal and desgusting, and if you ask me that idea is abnormal and desguting. the left's support of ideas like free healthcare for foreigners (illegal immagrants) payed for by American taxpayers when we dont even have free healthcare and other such terrible ideas is ridiculous, and is again a hinderance to the United States. These are just two examples of ridiculous ideas from both sides, and honestly both make me a bit sick. Yes, Americans SHOULD come first in AMERICAN politics. So dont try to push policies that put foreigners first. But that doesnt mean Americans should be the ONLY thing Americans and our government care about. We cant pretend like there isnt problems outside of our country that we have caused, and we should take responsibility for those that we have.

  7. Great video! I’m more Liberal in terms of social values, but I’m more Conservative for things like the Economy. I can understand and respect other people’s difference of opinion on whatever side you are as long as you are moderate and have an open mind. I hate the far side/extreme of both sides.

  8. In my opinion we should all be a party I mean we're all in the same country. I mean it makes sense we are designed to disaggre and agree but both side are really bad and I'm a democratic cause my parents are it's just like "ok I'll just do what they do" but I don't want to at the same time. We have wars, rape and murder. But our government like "um no let's focus on immigration" and yes I agree there's drug cartel and everything but in all seriousness we should come together and combine our opinions and work it out together to find a reasonable solution. Well that's all I hope somebody See's this.

  9. I often label myself as liberal but always try to listen to the other side's ideas. Politics have gotten way too partisan, divided, and extremist imo

  10. Most people's political lean will be largely dependent on the culture they grew up in, not these arbitrary biological statistics. This video seems like a broad generalization to me.

  11. Quick summary for those who don't want to waste 3 minutes of their time.

    Right: Individual freedoms, filled with Alphas, think people need to stop being babies.

    Left: Wait that's offensive! (Also, we got all the Beta males)

    😛 Yeah, in a perfect world where there was no crime, violence, and infinite of everything the Left would Thrive. But we are in the Real World. YW!

  12. That's why their shouldn't be political sides. Your wife or girlfriend can't always agree with you but you work it out so your both happy.

  13. seems to me that its really simple. republicans care about the actual facts of the matter, democrats care about feelings and perception. one of those definitely sounds like the smarter/more reasonable of the two…

  14. I have always been very liberal, but the SJWs in the media/twitter and Dem party have gotten so extreme and ridiculous that I can't vote for them or give them any power.

  15. I do not like any left or right wing parties. There should be no parties, George Washington stated this clearly in his farewell address, it's funny that they don't teach you that in government schooling, I wonder why. My political beliefs are based off of objective morals and principals instead of subjective feelings which results in the upmost of Liberty and Freedom to the The People as possible.

  16. Democrats and especially liberal have no brain. Their bat shit crazy and communist. MAGA 2020. Liberals are winning the election for us. Thank you freaks

  17. The brain that actually tries to win arguments instead of just slandering and trying to destroy people who disagree with them is better.

  18. Most become conservative because they start working and seeing how life really is beyond staying at mom and dads house and want to keep a job.

  19. Liberals like to invert reality, for example, the color Red is a leftist color and the word liberal used to be associated with the likes of Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers.

  20. Republican brains are better only for the fact that conservatives don't justify physical violence against someone who says something they don't like

  21. Basically these parties are layered out based on certain points of views but we all have our differences for each side setting apart the main agenda . Evidently it proves that these parties are made to divide the community by providing info into our minds so that we can be put into two categories therefore the gov is very manipulative & will continue to control everyone like this

  22. the main issue is the system which forces 2 kind of people to fight over 1 throne to rule ALL.
    There would be way more harmony if people where more homogenous. i mean for example
    That liberals and republican should not be mixed up , but instead be pure in each state.
    so there would be different states like 26 conservatives and 25 liberal. They can choose to join a coalition or
    so like 2 Americas. they can work together in certain field or not.

  23. The study is very false and will continue to be set up by the system/gov , they will manipulate us through tv, news, etc . Anything is possibly untrue with given info from these systems, it takes one to believe and engage in such atrocities caused by these parties

  24. Republicans: a-
    Democratics: are you homophobic? Are you racist?
    Republicans: but-
    Democratics: STOP YOU ARE HURTING ME

  25. traditional liberals were good, modern liberals are garbage. i had to side with conservatives. conservatives are VERY logical right now.


  27. do liberals genetics also cause them to suffer from gender disphoria? If the liberals figure out that politics is genetic they will try to practice eugenics in order to create their socialist utopia, LOL!!!

  28. I’ll go with a party that doesn’t want to kill babies 👶 or celebrate perverts or have government run our lives with outrageous taxes.

  29. I've grown "conservative" over the years. Mostly because I came to the realization that "liberalism" was a complete waste of young adult life.

  30. Why do many people who are liberal when they're young but with age tend to go further to the conservative side of things?

  31. liberal=i'm not happy in my personal life and the government should take action.
    conservatives=happy being free and wants to government to leave them the hell alone.

    me=i guess i'm conservative.

  32. Liberals are more privileged and feminine so when they see somebody hurting or a dire situation they've never experienced they will overreact. Conservatives can overreact as well but usually have been in a dire situation before and made it through which has made them tougher, they also use the logic man up, shit happens, so leave it up to God, keep on truckin type. Leaders!

  33. Escanor Decides.

    Seriously though, this science is bullcrap. They summarized millions into two groups and judged them based on that. This is exactly what liberals like to do.

  34. Seriously… you thought that Conservatives viewed other info as less insensitive as others…..
    yet, this it completely untrue….. liberals are uncaring individuals who care nothing about the reception of said parties……

  35. I am a conservative, and almost all of this was completely wrong for me personally. I am more messy, creative, and empathetic than most people that surround me, which are liberals. This isn’t to say the video is false or isn’t distributing wrong info, that’s just how it was for me 😅

  36. I'm a conservative atheist yet I'm stuck in between pro choice or pro life. I'm a pretty rare breed but my life sucks because of it

  37. I grew up in a libaral household, but all the hate being spewed by the democratic party has made me a republican. No joke they have went of the cliff. Instead of looking in the mirror and asking why a non politician got in the white house, they blamed everyone else for their short comings. Sad!

  38. Neither brain is smarter both parties are brain dead retards the parties don’t give a damn about us why should you blindly follow them?

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