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but very little time in our show we brought John Harwood and CNBC editor large except he made a point to John Delaney that it's quite possible that the next president the United States who might be one of the 20 who were on stage last night and tonight are going to preside over an economic slowdown or a recession very possibly possible we're so far into an expansion we're already in a slowdown we have growth that is expected to be 2% or less for the rest of the year decent odds of recession is there's nothing certain but the idea that president Trump's going to be running in a strong economy is not certain at all and that's why Democrats are talking so much about economic discontent even apart from that of course if you watched last night it didn't see I mean yes Elizabeth Warren led with it but when you walked away at the end of the night did you really feel like the economy and jobs were front and center and answer that in 30 seconds please well look a lot of the questions took them in other directions guns immigration that sort of thing but no I do think that the larger issues of income and wealth inequality are and wage stagnation among middle and working class people are the backdrop of this election it was the backdrop for Donald Trump in 2016 and all these candidates are figuring out how to address it and the question is do you aggress it very aggressively structural change or more slowly and moderately like Joe Biden is talking about that was a structural change you're talking about Bernie you're talking about Elizabeth Warren who exactly the people Manning the far left end of this pair every person on that stage looking at America the question is are you better off hey MSNBC fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down there and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interviews and highlights you can get more MSNBC for free every day with our newsletters just visit slash newsletters to sign up now

  1. "Jobs and economy front and center"? You're kidding, right! These creatures are socialist/Communist Useful Idiots. (Government owned jobs for all…with very long breadlines and starvation.)

  2. Democrats really need to knuckle down, please work together we need to get that maniac out of the oval office

  3. Why is the media so fixated on the economy and jobs as if America was a slum before Trump came along and gave us jobs and build everything we have today? My life has more issues than just jobs and economy. I have a nice job and make decent money most Americans can say at least one of these so why does the media keep pushing this narrative for Trump. What about my healthcare that I pay for but can’t use unless I come out of pocket first? What about child care and education for my kids? What about these crumbling roads I drive each day? What about teachers who struggle to just focus on one job? What about these automated jobs taking out jobs not Mexicans? We have far more serious issues we face each day but the media is fixated on helping Trump push his narrative as if we’re all so stupid to fall for this dumb animal trick.

  4. The Clintons flew in to Ireland on Wednesday morning. As it's not an official visit it only leaked out when they were seen. And the question is WHY. That Google executive questioned over the recent revelations also flew in to Ireland on Wednesday evening.
    Coincidence?? I don't think so

  5. The dire situation in the Trump economy was caused by failed economic policies which have left 78% of workers living paycheck to paycheck, the highest childhood poverty in the developed world, 45,000 people dying each year due to lack of health insurance, 51 million unemployed working age people under 65 that the headline "unemployment rate" doesn't even count in a country where both husband and wife have to work just to get by, a stock market priced at over 3x its book value, a student loan crisis, and an impending retirement crisis. That which hasn't worked in the past can't be expected to work in the future.

  6. I bet MSNBCannibals are glad to know that Twitter just announced they are going to start censoring Donald Trump's tweets

  7. Trump wins with economy if enough Hillary voters think Trump is doing a good job for what ever reason and think he deserves 4 more years so they switch their vote. Because I can't see all of the people who voted for Trump doing it again after we have had 4 years of the guy, not every voter for a person are members of a mindless tribe who have been brainwashed to pushback on the idea Trump has done a chaotic, bad job.

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