1. Come on guys. The subject is health insurance for all which does NOT change America into a communist country. Many countries in the EU have it and it's working out to everyones advantage. Don't make yourselves sound stupid

  2. Thumbs up for equality, Thumbs up for Socialism like Norway. More than half of Americans can.t come up with 500 dollar that Capitalism with the middle class getting wiped out

  3. Countries with full healthcare
    Czech Republic
    Korea, South 
    New Zealand 
    Norway Portugal 
    South Africa 
    United Kingdom

    Get your act together USA. While it is funny watching corporate dumbass shills like these guys act on behalf of your oligarchy dictators. It's also disturbing because those same dictators try tirelessly to infect our countries with their money gouging system. At least a publically funded public health services keeps the money in the country. Because the publically funded health professionals spend their money at the privately owned small businesses who keeps the money in the countries banks and credit unions. A lot also gets spent at international corporate franchises who send the money to tax havens and shell companies which then drives up inflation.

  4. young Americans needs to know the history of socialism because that's basically who the Demos are targeting

  5. Medicare for all would save the country money in the long run…. Fox news is so one sided with there view it's not even funny….

  6. I find it quite disingenuous to hear from conservatives that spending on social welfare programs is a fiscal disaster. We no longer fund federal programs by taxation. The Republicans have seen to this by the dramatic reductions in marginal tax rates on individuals and businesses (not that the taxation of income or profits is the best way to raise needed revenue; that would be the taxation of economic rents, which are unearned to individuals and entities). As a result, government is being paid for by debt, by the issuance of bonds purchased by the Federal Reserve with monetary units created out of thin air. If conservatives would come out in support of eliminating the money creating power of the Federal Reserve, replaced by direct issuance of money by the U.S. Treasury (subject to very specific constraints), then I would give conservatives some credit for embracing principle over political rhetoric.

  7. AOC is a hypocrite. She eats hamburgers, flys on planes and ruins the environment intentionally.

  8. This is the main reason our government needs to focus in education; Socialism attacks ignorance and the best way to keep it away is by providing high levels of culture and education to our People. So please no more cuts in Education!

  9. if you believe this sanders guy then believe this i will sell you for just one cash payment of 1500$ 10000 acres 100 miles east of boston ma CASH ONLY PLEASE

  10. The university and college system has indoctrinate these young fools to think it will be good. They have coopted their minds and turned them into prey for tyrannical sociopaths like AOC et al.

  11. The Minneapolis Central Library In Minnesota was awesome. Until a woman walks in as if she just came directly from a strip club. While a class of students no bigger than 5'5 are in the library… I asked the first floor information desk how this was acceptable and they were like "uh-uh-uh" because they had been talking the whole time. And then I asked what could be done about it and guess what they said? Starts with a U and ends in a "uh-uh-uh." Maybe I should talk about the transgender mutilation pictures on the Second Floor. Where I can men who cut off their…. Get the picture? If not take a picture they are on the second floor wall.
    I was in Alabama for twenty-two(22) years. And I have to say about most Leftist here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have morals, yes, they only use them when they want to.

  12. We need to watch out because the normal leftist do gooder policies will start to look palatable against the backdrop of socialism. And if we are not careful, we will be accepting policies we NEVER would have in the past simply because it doesn't look as extreme or bad in comparison. Stand firm!

  13. At 0:30 – Having a British guy reduce the conservative right to "pickup truck" and "hamburger" as is not the best way to win the middle on conservatism.

  14. if you have free medical, free housing, free public transportation and $15 minimum wage what the hell do you need college for?

  15. Why do I have to buy into Medicare? I have been paying in for 40 years. Also for my social security.

  16. The inevitable path of big government policies leads to socialism. American politics has been trending that direction for a long time, especially among Democrats. Not really sure why this is a shock to anyone. We've just now reached a point where it's not in the shadows anymore. Scary.

  17. Lmao all you see are trump supports in these comments, doesn’t mater 🤷🏽‍♂️ this is Fox News

  18. Not calling the poodle killer, but calling Socialism crap .
    Everything the dems do is designed to grow the government.

  19. These people aren't the left I have been a left my whole life and I would never vote for anybody but Trump.

  20. i hate AOC and i like burgers but i'd be happy to sacrifice burgers if it made a huge difference to the amount of crap we put in the atmosphere.

  21. Its not like we have a choice new innovation will replace oil just like trucks took over the wagons fund me for blueprints

  22. Soon, the dems will start fighting each other. Cuz no true American patriot will stand for this. We are not slaves to ANYONE!!! We are children of God. We must pray for our DULY elected president! Trump 2020!!!! God will judge the inbred luciferian baby killers in His time. He is a patient God. We do not consent!! Stand up now America!!!! God bless you all!

  23. The time has not yet come to implement socialism. It must be implemented in an environment where resources are abundant and morality is very high, if this conditions were satisfied, then say it has a little of possiblity to achieve. Otherwise, reckless behavior will encounter dangerous consequences just like the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders could donate all of their property, otherwise it is to be no meaning to discuss this issues.

  24. Me and my husband will get ourselves fired to quit earning if the DemocraPs win 2020. Why should we work if we will be taken care of by socialism. I worked from age 17-59 and have received ONE unemployment check my whole life. Shame on the takers…the democraP socialism freeloaders!

  25. Let's have Medicare for All that want to pay the taxes into it. The ones that don't, give us totally de-regulated healthcare. Same with Social Security. Let the people decide.

  26. Socialism makes everyone poor except for the people collecting a paycheck from the federal government.

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