Democratic Socialist Could Fill Rep. Gutierrez's Seat

kyt I'm Nomi Const we have some breaking news you may have heard on Monday night November 27th representative luis Gutierrez from Chicago the 4th district in Chicago announced that he will not be seeking re-election essentially that was based on reports from credible sources who said that he was not going to be submitting his petitions now petitions are what you need to get on a ballot people have to sign the petitions usually a candidate will get you know two to three times as many petitions because you know people can be from outside of a district the names can be signed allegedly or they could have signed other petitions so that was big big news nobody knows why but the conversation immediately went to who is gonna run to replace representative you terrace and how can they get those signatures in such a short period of time well we have one of those candidates right here speaking with us today it's carlos ramirez rosa who is an alderman in chicago's 35th ward he's also a Democratic Socialist and I'm loving his Bernie Sanders sign behind him right now thank you so much aldermen for joining us and catch us up what's happening yeah well thank you for having me on so congressman luis Gutierrez shocked the world yesterday when the rumors started circulating that he would not be seeking re-election I heard the rumor late last night and then my phone my facebook my email was flooded by hundreds of people in the fourth District saying if the rumor is true we want you to seek the Democratic nomination I met with family I met with friends late last night and they said look it looks like there's some truth to this rumor and you got to start moving so I printed petitions late last night we now have thousands of petitions ready to go we've reached out to hundreds of volunteers as a matter of fact over 260 people have signed up since this morning to help me collect signatures through my website Carlos rose org and we're building that grassroots army to move forward the political revolution and like you said bring Democratic Socialist values and bring bold progressive leadership to the United States Congress congressman luis Gutierrez has been a champion on so many issues important to the left important to the base of the Democratic Party I'm going to continue that I'm gonna vigorously oppose Donald Trump and I'm gonna fight for Medicare for all free college tuition a $15.00 living wage today I'm gonna fight to move the Democratic Party to the left to be a true champion for the working people of our nation congressman Gutierrez is Porto Rican descent and he has been vociferously calling for aid to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands I was just in Puerto Rico and I can I will reinforce that but he's one of the few members of Congress or national national leadership that is of Puerto Rican descent tell us about this district um you know it's a little it's a Latino district but you know not all Latinos are the same and I was told that over and over in Porto Rico don't put the Puerto Ricans in the same lump as the Mexicans and same limp as the South American is just yeah Central Americans it's it's interesting well thank you for your coverage of the crisis in Puerto Rico and for being the media that's out there on the ground obviously the crisis is very deep and people in Chicago are feeling it because it's their family members being impacted you know I've had the privilege to be able to travel to the East Coast and the west coast and people often think about New York as Dominican Puerto Rican Cuban they think about the Southwest in California as Mexican in Chicago we have both Puerto Ricans and Mexicans in hundreds of thousands we actually have a million Chicago a million Mexicans in the cook in the Chicagoland area and hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans I'm half Mexican half Puerto Rican as is the district the district is earmuff shape it was created by court order back in the early 90s to create a super majority Latino district from which congressman luis Gutierrez was elected and has been the only congressman elected since its creation and it connects the northwest side which is heavily Puerto Rican with the southwest side of Chicago which is heavily Mexican by looping around the western suburbs of Chicago how active is this space I mean it's unfortunate but in many communities of color it's about turnout how much of your game is going to be based on turning out your key community I mean especially if you've represented both sides of being the Mexican and the Puerto Rican side I will say that people are ready for bold progressive leadership right after the election of Donald Trump we have a Ward organization so as alderman of the 35th Ward I have a people power base in my district where we go out and knock every single weekend to talk about affordable housing to talk about the fights for social and economic justice that we need to engage in is working people right after the election Donald Trump we had meetings with 400 500 people coming out we had canvasses with a hundred people going out and knocking doors people want to vigorously oppose Trump and they want to see a Democratic Party that's fighting harder that's fighting smarter and that's fighting from the left so that's gonna be what this campaign is about is giving a choice to the people to say look this super progressive district that is overwhelmingly working-class that is immigrant that is diverse we get to have the opportunity to say what is the strongest most bold progressive leadership that we consent to Washington I've provided that bold progressive leadership as aldermen in the Chicago City Council standing up to Rahm Emanuel and his corporate Democrat policies I provided that leadership as a community organizer fighting to stop deportations I worked for congressman luis Gutierrez for three years and I'm very proud to have been able to be part of his tenure and his work championing immigrant rights and workers rights I'm ready to bring that bold progressive leadership to DC to move forward the political revolution Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won this congressional district in 2016 and I was one of his delegates to the DNC I actually got the highest number of votes to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders from the fourth congressional district so I think that this is a district that's ready to move the Democratic Party to the left and I'm the candidate that's ready to do it some of the other names being flouted are mentioned Rahm Emanuel his former opponent who is also progressive so how is this fight gonna take place in the next couple of weeks as you're submitting petitions no that's the great dynamic about this district is that we have so many great progressive candidates they get to have a dialogue about how do we bring bold and strong progressive leadership to Washington DC I have the utmost respect for Commissioner hisui Garcia I was proud of the work that I did working on his campaign in 2015 when he was running for mayor ultimately it's gonna be the voters I decide on March 20th what's the type of bold progressive leadership that we want to see in Washington to take on Donald Trump and fight for progressive tell us a little bit about what's happening with the mayor right now on the ground having you know is he still popular as he is back is it deep deep trouble and he knows it people have not forgotten about the 16 shots that murder laQuan McDonald they have not forgotten about the cover-up they continues to see the broken priorities where our mayor says that he's poised to give billions of dollars in tax cuts to Amazon while at the same time closing 50 schools closing mental health clinics our city is on the wrong track right now and Chicagoans feel it they want to see the same both progressive leadership that I'm ready to take to DC they're ready to see that in the Chicago City Council and I think that we're going to see a excited round of candidates in 2019 running for Alderman and hopefully also running for mayor Rob knows he's in trouble he's gonna have to spend a lot of money if he's gonna keep his seat but ultimately I think Chicagoans are gonna say fool me once you're not gonna fool me again you are notably one of the new leaders of the DSA movement I'll say because it's not a party do people on the ground understand what DSA is there are thousands of DSA members in Illinois and I believe there's about 1500 DSA members in the Chicagoland area and they are doing real work they're on the front lines of fighting to stop Donald Trump's deportation regime they're on the front lines of fighting for Medicare for all of fighting for police accountability reform in the city of Chicago so people are beginning to see the work that this group of people is out there on the ground engaging in and they're excited so DSA in Chicago is growing by leaps and bounds just like it is across the nation and I will say that I've heard from hundreds of TSA members in Chicago that are ready to knock doors tonight and they're going to be in my campaign office very soon get gathering those petitions what's next for the petitions so we have six days so congressman Gutierrez announced very abruptly we have six days to collect a minimum of 860 up in Chicago and Illinois actually has very arcane election law and it's very easy to be knocked off the ballot if you make simple mistakes so we're gonna train our volunteers people are gonna start arriving very shortly to get trained up go out to train stations go door to door to collect thousands of signatures to make sure that we have the prerequisite 860 and then we'll see who submits on Monday December 4th and from there we'll move forward with that dialogue about what's the best way to bring bold progressive leadership to Washington and then it moves into a primary or is it a special election it is then a primary so the congressmen will actually not make HEDIS even so his current term is over at the end of 2018 so the primary will take place March 20th and because it is a safe Democratic seat the winner of the primary on March 20th is a shoo-in in November well Alderman this is very exciting it's exciting for progressives it's exciting for the Democratic Socialist it's exciting for a new generation of politico's who hopefully make it into Washington and we've we've been watching you since I I think the first time we saw you is at the people's summit and then at DSA the convention that I covered it's been really encouraging greatly appreciated that you you take you took the time today to speak with us thank you so much I'm really excited we are building a movement across this nation and we're gonna feel it in the fourth congressional district in 2018 I guarantee you a Democratic Socialist a bold progressive is going to be moving the Democratic Party to the left as the next congressman from this district we hope so thank you so much thank you you

  1. Carlos type of policies just don't work. They work just to clash with people and get no where. I do agree with Carlos that Rahm Emanuel is a filthy schmuck and should have NEVER been mayor of Chicago.

  2. Carlos type of policies just don't work. They work just to clash with people and get no where. I do agree with Carlos that Rahm Emanuel is a filthy schmuck and should have NEVER been mayor of Chicago.

  3. Bernie endorsed Garcia.

    No surprise, really. Garcia is also a progressive and endorsed Bernie back in the primary.

  4. Wow! Just 860 valid signatures. That's unusual, of coarse you campaign door to door and collect as many valid signatures as you possibly can. Take note of the obsurd gerrymandered district to lump all these votes together.

  5. What an impressive and likable guy. Bring him on to DC. Just imagine what it will be like for Bernie to have people working with him instead of calling him names and getting in his way.

  6. Gutierrez held a press conference stating with great emotion he loved PR, his parents and wife's family live there, and he is not running for re-election to help rebuild PR. He then fully endorsed theG Democrat candidate. Gutierrez is a kind sensitive man whom wept at the thought of those suffering in PR and all the forgotten US islands.

  7. all these progressive democrats should get together once they r in office and gang up against all the democrats that dont seem to understand where the country is heading .. they should have meetings without them and shun them out of anything organized .. and maybe they will c that they r the minority !!!

  8. Thank You Nomiki Konst, Mexicans don't give 3 Shits about what's going on in Puerto Rico or Puerto Ricans

  9. He was actually in the running for lieutenant governor of Illinois, but then he was dropped for supporting BDS against Israel.

  10. unfortunately this takes him out of contention as the strongest mayoral candidate against RAHM EMANUEL…..

  11. Honestly, good luck. NY re-elected (due to lowest voter turn out in modern history) a majority of establishment dems in 2017 elections. There's an instense fervor, but severe lack of action.

  12. This man knows what we need; strong and progressive leadership. Without strong and progressive leadership we are lost. Especially around Chicago strong and progressive leadership is essential, and when I say strong and progressive I really mean strong and progressive.
    It's no good being strong if you're not progressive. No, strong and progressive leadership is what is needed and this man Carlos seems to be, from what he says, strong and progressive…

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