“Democratic Socialism” Same Evil Oxymoron As “Democratic Nazism”-Ex-USSR Citizen Tells US Socialists

yeah but I'm looking at this this button American it's socialism what is socially so I mean I always get confused when people say socialism you record em aquatic socialism is it on we're like a jazz Cornel West says a jazz orchestra different opinions we don't agree on everything that San noble goal but how to achieve it so that's that's the main sticking point basically I mean we talk about the equitable system right so by equitable we talk about money basically right or am I getting something wrong access to clean air access so that's the thing to a full shelter costs money well exactly right so then then the big question is where to get this money well we already do corporations haha man we're grouping together with a lot of people uh-huh and you're all paying for something and then you use it as you need it so let's see I did your own giant insurance plan you pay towards this but then when we talk about money obviously somebody has to make the money to pay the people who earn money so in other words how would the system democratic socialism as you call it the government do what it already does subsidizing them with millions trillions of dollars we're just asking that they do that for the population richest country on earth why Cannot the living for the you citizens is way way higher than the average African average Asian every South American average Russian their day is slower than America's much lower but a very low poverty violent crime oh sorry okay what is socialism you know that that kind of for me coming from you sir sighs like socialism it's like so familiar we don't believe in I don't believe in state ownership but then it's not socialism that's what baffles me why wouldn't you if I see a democratic Nazism wouldn't sound like an oxymoron democratic Nazis well they think about it but democratic socialism it's like perfectly fine one second u-s-s are like like you said not see social National Socialism a difference united union of the soviet socialist [Applause] [Applause] well that's that's way different than production but we do believe in programs like Social Security for instance programs of social duty the word that they use social yes so so but it's a good socialism no that's where a huge huge disagree with there is a fundamental difference between the truncated work so sure nothing wrong with social social security social programs what's wrong with that versus e socially zum socialism defines the system that apparently you object to which is government ownership of the means of production that's socialist that's the definition of socialism the minute he used the an truncated version the mmunity usually socially zoom with an is M that's what it is what's the positive definition the conditions right and that's what socialism is when you social you said Denmark yeah they have social democracy social democracy it's not socialist socha understanding of the descendents of government funding program fine socialist it's important maybe for you I'm a Social Democrat yes whoa Bernie Sanders I think is a social democrat with a social democrat would have been 70 years ago so why use the word socialism that scares a lot of people and it models the definitions you make a good point it does Caroline especially someone who came from USSR you know we're mystified but II can't I mean it's wrong it's completely it's completely wrong the minute the minute you remove the evils of socialism isn't socialism and that's the evil system I mean I lived in it for 29 years let me tell you it's a if you look at North Korea today that's the system I've lived in for 29 years uses I was just like no different users have created the North Korea they say well no evil song exactly he is supported share of Stalin's he was installed by Starlin in North Korea because because then if you're a social democrat and you're told socialism and you say that you're not you're for-profit and that's another kind of ten a powerful capitalism that's capitalist damage it's a capital con trying to demystify the word please don't please I beg you I beg you do not use the word socially some social democrat Bogle off no absolutely not how about if the minute I use the word not sir all of a sudden you know II freaked out you cannot under any circumstances and the any splitting appears use the word Nazi or Nazis right it is one and only definition but this but it's worse because nozzles thankfully it was defeated in nine years I mean thank God but socialism actually existed I mean they you're right they were calling themselves socialists obviously all these countries go under the same label totalitarian countries totalitarian States and they existed for 75 years 79 was created 1979 only collapsed in 1989 I left in 1988 so it murdered 100 million people Nazis only I mean only murdered like nine million people if we talk about just just the native Germans and of course 20 million worth it not just used to start that's another problem Nazism I mean again thankfully existed only in Nazi Germany the countries that is occupied which is kind of relative limited if we remove let's say Imperial Japan we talked about Nazis right now while the Soviet tentacles were in Eastern Europe I mean occupied simply occupied and the people repelled people will belt in in Hungary 1956 crushed in Czechoslovakia in 1968 crush they were in Poland today the the Soviets were in Indochina Vietnam Laos Cambodia China of course I mean huge country the biggest population so-called feminists I mean totalitarian socialist I mean again these are all exchangeable words then Africa Angola Mozambique take Latin America take Chile's well totally under take El Salvador I mean the list goes on and on and on and every single regime collapse and every single single different countries there and they collapse further one main reason unites them one and that's the Soviet tentacles that's the point I'm trying to also US tentacles if you brought up Chile the reason that well thank you fell now now Chile is one of the most prosperous countries in the South America after but they won well he was killing the Communists and you are not for the Communists you just say the a social democrat me too I agree with you but but I wish but I wish your ideas were shared by the communists and socialists themselves I mean it's a brutal world so it's at least truncate it then that I'll be perfectly fine as someone who came from USSR I have no problem with it's a matter of changing the name it's a fundamental difference for me for you well but by the way but what you describe is not socialism because socialism completely different system and absolutely I'm absolutely adamant about using proper terminology it's extremely important because I do not want to take away from the evils I repeat myself from the evils of socialism because when you sort of merge social democracy with socialism then it takes away from evils of socialism it's like if I call all of a sudden I add Democratic to Nazis it's like we do you think that nozzles will become more palatable to you because they're supposed to have full meanings otherwise if we give words don't have specific meanings definitions all our conversations that completes the mini news if I think that white is black and I think black is white how can we communicate right I just [Applause] there's called away well again I don't think so because we do have full problems we first spent treeless I mean literally trillions and trillions of dollars starting with Lyndon Johnson's program of resistance Great Society we're still where we're at I mean he started empty our grades whatever programs New Deal you know Social Security I mean it's all broke so war started because of for the Russians again the Soviet the tentacle so we're talking about it's another discussion yeah Lyndon Johnson started so you're making the point that America is the most proper prosperous country in the world despite the one-percenters where we call them we have the high standard of living we joy the the widest access equitability access to education health care and everything else growing disparity in the world China the most populous country in the world and indeed the second most populous country in the world I was in China in 1991 in the Guangzhou area just for one day but I was scared to go there and the longer tree by just fresh from USSR so it took the tour usually travel on my own it was a horror story used at the Guangzhou today it's it's absolutely trust first beautiful place the standard of living has increased dramatically what changed so there from socialism now we talk about socialism to chemically feelings with deep feelings of people are abject poverty so we'll call that exploitation and obviously there were no billionaires in China under Mao Zedong or even dunk champion now they're billionaires with the be in China well yeah they're really wealthy people now but the rest of population their standard of living it has increased dramatically I mean dramatic pose I just little bit yeah just some food for thought what are we talking about many subjects have more in common was more agreement I disagree it's just the definitions that are you know but again we agree on what a man so we're bored I hate it but it was given to me by my parents were terrorists I was born in that part of the world I changed my last name but I hid it and I would have if I changed my first name and still keep my accent it's like wouldn't sound funny exactly with the kind of funny accents just doesn't make sense when I say flattery is like I okay now I understand about the guy you speak some good action [Applause] not from that much we just sleep them down I just went to school house I wasn't impressed with that mark I traveled all I mean literally all over you were always good I was everywhere ever north the south Copenhagen and not just the West she's just the north I forgot the names by now I would rattle them off just like that leaving people like bicycles there for reasons not because they want to exercise but because when the weather and the West is that it was pleasant to put it mildly in ten mark no of course sure I mean look look look at the taxes for the cars yes it is not free the only country as you know unsure in the world that there does not have very Erica is United States the sales tax that will pay and the only place sales tax when you buy something is onion varies by state the highest in New York City New Jersey like six say then change United States SM unless the Danes have to pay 25% of this in fee value-added tax and the reason I use the one in serious is because it's not only based on sales at the retail level its although based on the I'm a businessman so whatever I do wholesale I pay no taxes as you know in our system you only pay taxes when the product is sold to the ultimate consumer that's not the case with the system with barrel area tax whatever whenever a product changes hands essentially goes from one or two [Laughter] countries people think that the paradigm for social ability so it's like the law so now think about it but what if you do your math in a sense that you think so alright that expensive fathers because some and somebody else probably have big hair I mean a healthy person who never saw a doctor has to pay all this money and I mean if I were the person go what the hell I'm a perfectly fine I don't get medical insurance right now for instance another ten years why should I pay like all this money and when the emergency come I would have saved all this money anyway if and if need be the money stashed away toward that emergency I mean Thomas Lewin kind of dust accounting poverty you know so why should the government take my money and Trump is fighting that thank you at your own budget or would you rather give money to governments to berra to mention you manage your finances deal like son like Chucky but part of having a safety net like knowing that I'll have social security when I turn 65 or knowing that I can see a doctor regardless of my wealth or status in life part of the reason if I pay into that system is that maybe there will be a day when I when I don't have a lot of money I may be myself maybe I'm out of a job well I'm not against it don't get me wrong I'm like me I'm not against it yeah of course I'm not against it I'm absolutely for the safety net for people who really need it the problem is when there's the same thing here there are a bunch of people and a personal loss of those who abuse the system and that's where the the problem arises there is an interesting world speaking of games the physical from Denmark they used to have to power six years of unemployment at some point in Denmark so when you look at the graph the unemployment erase is really really really high for the first six years and then it drops down so then they cut it – I forgot the novel at four or three three years and guess what people were out of job for exactly three years then miraculously they found the job so we don't have a base always over here you know all right [Applause]

  1. It boils down to a lot of angry, resentful, half-educated people wanting their piece of the pie without having to work for it because they don't believe in any virtues like hard work, honesty, living for God, taking responsibility, pulling one's own weight, and being able to look in the mirror at the end of the day without shame because you did your best. They are not teaching that in today's schools. Take it from an ex-teacher who just bailed out last year because he couldn't look in the mirror and be proud in 2018's version of the teaching career.

  2. If these over educated underachieving adult children want hardship let them move to Africa and create the utopian society they want

  3. Socialism is just wrong .It will only happen in America in the RATS wildest f.king dreams .And these liers who are standing up for it should go fuck themselves.

  4. This guy was cool and came across as a decent person. Capable of civil and open discourse. Keep the videos coming!

  5. Dumb commi tools: "we are for freedom of the press".
    Also dumb commi tools: "Are you filming, i don't feel comfortable being filmed".

  6. We have had "Social democrats" as the biggest party for many many years on and of, it worked as long as the sticked to nationalism and understod that companies are needed. Now they have gone full retard, for a period open borders, infiltrated by the muslim brothergood and so on. Just say no.

  7. Bullshit, ofcourse if you compare Europé with war countries well, ofcourse (for now). But for an example, Im from Sweden, and here it has gone crazy, shootings, bombings, aloooot of rapes. Most of it is the influx of muslim immigrants supported by the socialist left.

  8. Another stern Intellectual Beat Down. I enjoyed watching his Eyes Glaze Over as he saw the $$$ he paid for school start to drip away. Well Done!

  9. Please explain to the young man that Social Security is not socialistic. We have to pay into the system when we work. If the Government had done as promised with the money there would be no problem but instead they put the money in the general fund and spent it!

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