Democratic Socialism Realities

so we have a new political idea in town one that is making a lot of headlines these days what is it democratic socialism with Bernie Sanders nearly missing out Hillary Clinton and the Democratic primaries – now we have fresh-faced yet Millennials coming onto the scene that seems democratic socialism may be the way of the future and you guys better get this right they tell us this new brand of socialism is nothing like the old kind of socialism or communism could it be that this democratic socialism could really work it sounds so good doesn't it they promised so much free stuff they speak so convincingly to us young folk that maybe just maybe political heaven can finally come down on earth if we would just vote for them well I'll never want you to go to the ballot box uninformed so let's break down some of the top democratic socialist promises and see what we have to look forward to number one we have to fight income inequality so give us your vote you think that means they love the poor and we actually help the poor get out of poverty actually they just mean they're really jealous of rich people and want to take their money away and I can't do that legally so that would do that politically you can also feel self-righteous about hating on rich people so vote for them number two the wealthy will finally pay their fair share what they really mean is taxing the highest producers in society even more like the small business owners and companies they actually provide us our jobs so they'll be forced allow workers and create massive unemployment despite the fact that the rich already do the top one percent pay about 35% of federal income taxes while the top 10% pay about 70% of federal income taxes but that's a minor detail number three we will spread the wealth around what they really mean is we will spread the poverty around because once the rich get taxed much they want to be rich anymore then they'll come after the middle class and then the poor and there won't be any incentive to create businesses so there won't be any jobs but by then who wants to work anyway the government's just gonna tax it all so we'll all be poor together like in the socialist paradise of Venezuela where the economy is in crisis the starving population is leading straight animals and there isn't any toilet paper and the stores at number four we will give you free health care what they really mean is give me control of wealth six of your economy give me the right to make you medical decisions who gets that medicine or MRI or heart surgery and who doesn't ultimately who gets to live or die you think you're getting free health care but really you're paying a whole lot of taxes for the government to hire bureaucrats to collect those taxes and administer this free health care as they choose and if you're healthy you'll still have to pay for this free health care for everyone else number five free college for everyone hmm how much is college again for four years like at least a hundred grand per student but don't worry the Democratic socialists will somehow get all this money to pay for all their free stuff from the taxes of the rich or they have a Democratic Socialist tree of money we don't know about that just keeps giving out money despite economic realities again minor detail and if you don't want to go to college well sorry you'll still have to pay for this free education for someone else number six we will raise the minimum wage so everyone gets a living wage or they'll just end up unemployed instead of living people work at the wage they're worth businesses will just lay them off if they can't afford the government decreed wage this happened historically any time minimum wage laws are enacted that hersa very people as opposed to help number seven Federal jobs guarantee everyone will get a job from the government uh have you gone to a DMV do those people look like they love their jobs how about 13 million more people working at government agencies like the DMV what about being forced to work for the government against your will like socialist societies have done in the past yeah there's a word for that slavery look I know it's so hard to figure out what these democratic socialists are saying so to make it easier on us voters we just need to remember whatever they're saying they usually mean something like the complete opposite

  1. These “hip new young Socialists” are an extremely dangerous mix of naive + stupid + lazy. Typically they’ve also been “educated” at our Institutes of Indoctrination (aka universities). It baffles me. How does this insane ideology keep showing up? How many millions of more people will have to die before society learns? Even as we witness the failure of Venezuela these Socialists keep spouting their insipid rhetoric.

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