1. Bernie is not advocating union workers and farmers of the world united to overthrow capitalism in a revolution to then take over the means of production nor a government takeover of industry. He's primarily asking for a social safety net to defend against corporatism not getting rid of corporations altogether. I dont know why the right is so confused over this. Managing your life paying rent, bills and taxes is easy but learning the difference between 2 alternatives to capitalism and you're stumped. Boy. This must be rocket science. You probably need a crash course in college to get a degree? And I'm a high school drop out. Got my GED, work as an independent contractor and understand what Bernie is saying. God damn son. When are you gonna learn some?

  2. I am from Finland, the saner & more right-wing bro of SWE, and I agree with the prospects of looming long-term economic problems. The lefty wage-control has artificially elevated and locked a high wage-level, cementing the issues of the long-term unemployed. The rapidly rising health care costs will deal the killing blow.

  3. Would not call Norway a socialist nation. We was once social democrats but that is also changing. Norway now has a right wing goverment that is privatisation the economy. We are still very captialist sure we have "free" health care, however so does many other countries that is still very captialistic.

  4. I love listening to your rants and usually they follow a sound path of thinking. But this one is illogical. You bend ideas to support your view instead of looking clearly at ideas.

  5. All Socialism is, is stealing the money of the haves by the have-nots, using the government as a gun pointed to their heads.

    Democratic Socialism is when the have-nots successfully implement Socialist policies with psychological manipulation rather than brute force.

  6. As an American who's lived in Europe I can say Styx is brainwashed. Anti-commie rat-ism benefits the thieving 100% who use the American government to live like socialists, starting with American politicians. My family is in the elected Chicago Democratic party. Rock-ribbed Republicans like the Obamas and Clintons. They love this stuff.

    "There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party… and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat." – Gore Vidal

    "Every nation gets the government it deserves." – Joseph de Maistre

  7. Democratic Socialism is form of socialism yes but don't act put quotations on it like its not its own political ideology.

  8. Venezuela is not Socialist, although socialists maybe currently in power. Most the nations economy is in private hands. Massive poverty existed in Venezuela before Chavez came to power and the economy weak as is was only serviced the wealthiest. You're not right about much it seems.

    Public healthcare for example should be seen as great investment which given the chance will pay massive dividends to the economy overall. Same for any social program.

    If you wish to suck up to the Koch brothers and the like, like a mindless slave, then go ahead.

  9. The difference between conceited and deceited is the difference between right and wrong, leaders and followers, strenght and weakness, the producers and the looters, defenders and victims, rational pragmatists and deluded hypocrites, republican voters and democratic voters.

  10. I've been watching many of your videos for the past few days now. You are too smart to say such dumb things. Either you are intentionally trying to deceive people or you've hit an ideological block that prevents you from seriously understanding just what it is you espouse.

  11. There is a free healthcare for all movement in the state of California. The trouble is that the program will cost more then twice the states already bloated budget. So, Cali could triple their taxes, and would still be bankrupted by this one program.

    These socialists want to implement similar programs on the national scale, for free healthcare, free child care, free education, Paid maternity mandates, free food assistance, free elective genital mutilation surgery, free abortions, tampons and condoms, free parking, free gas… oh, and a Negative Income Tax.

  12. Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. Robert A. Heinlein

  13. You make a great point about how self reliance disappears and makes the collapse of socialist countries that much more of an issue.

  14. No one said it better: Margaret Thatcher once said that “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Just look at Venezuela….

  15. styx , you should pull your hair back, come on camera wearing a cheezy suit and maybe holding a prop pipe, looking like ward cleaver as a goof, then step off camera and come back on as yourself, just a thought

  16. Venezuela is an example of a failing dictatorship. Welfare State is not the same as socialism—it's capitalist. Capitalism is based on exploitation and the welfare state accomplishes this. A cash-crop economy or a monoculture economy based on oil is a symptom of capitalism.

    I love your videos but the way you use the word "socialist" is a cliche for bad government. If something failed it's obviously because it was socialist, etc etc. You make good points but they are not against socialism; your points hit hard against a) the welfare state and b) incompetent leadership.

    Socialism is an evolution of consciousness. It's about a mind-set. All attempts thus far have been incomplete. The global economy is still capitalist, no matter how hard they try in Venezuela.

  17. Democratic Socialism is owning three houses. It's a fluff term for a capitalist party. NOT socialism.

  18. Wow, when I go back to the UK from Sweden and I see the price difference for common foodstuffs and pretty much everything else. A beer is usually 7-8 dollars at the bar, and only wealthy Germans come here for their vacations.

    We are not comparable to Venzuela, as this is a very planned, centralised economy that rolls along (just) but we have leftover socialist services like workers' unions – those are a mixture – people have another safety net (to pay for expensive stuff) but its hard to impossible to get a permanent job.

  19. Love your content Styx, but I disagree for these reasons. All we want is healthcare to be provided by the goverment because the system we have now has failed. Healthcare isn't a good. Now the free college thing I think is dumb. I agree with perhaps free public community college or at least lower tuition using money from taxing things like weed. The four year colleges we shouldn't mess with. That's it. The rest of the economy idealy would be left untouched. If you combine capitilism with a small touch of socialism for basic rights like healthcare, police, and firefighting the system would work well. After all for socialism to be actual socialism the goverment would have to control the market. Liberals don't want pure socialism, communism, or fascism. Bernie is not a pure socialist in any form. To insist that he is a lie. Lastly I don't support him comepletely, especially on Israel. Lastly I don't like marx and I don't like Trump.

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