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I think my message to you all today is a pretty simple one and that is our country faces some enormous problems and these problems are not going to be solved if people turn away from political struggle of people throw up their hands and despair and say I don't want to get involved it's all crap you are getting a great education here in Georgetown and I hope very much you will learn use what you have learned here the fight to create a better world and to follow in the traditions of so many people for so many years who have struggled to create a more democratic and just society let me take you now back to the nineteen thirty seven and in his inaugural address in the midst of the Great Depression President Franklin Delano Roosevelt looked out at the nation in the midst of this terrible depression and this is what he saw and this is what he talked about in his inaugural he saw tens of billions of people denied the basic necessities of life he saw millions of families trying to live on incomes so meager that the pall of family disaster hung over them every single day he saw millions of his fellow Americans denied education recreation and the opportunity to better their lot and a lot of their children he saw millions lacking the means to buy the products they needed and by their poverty by their lack of disposable income denying employment to many other millions because when you don't have money to spend you're not creating jobs for the people he saw one third of a nation ill-housed ill-clad and ill nursed and he acted against the ferocious opposition of the ruling class of his day people he called the economic Royalists Roosevelt implemented a series of programs that put millions of Americans back to work took them out of dire poverty and restored their faith in government he redefined the relationship of the federal government to the people of our nation he combatted citizen fear and despair he reinvigorated democracy he transformed our country and that is exactly what we have to do today and by the way almost everything he proposed almost every program every idea he introduced was called socialist [Applause] I thought I would mention that just in passing Social Security which all of you know transform life for senior citizens in this country was defined by his opponents as socialist the concept of the minimum wage that workers had to be paid at least a certain amount of money for their labor was seen as a radical intrusion into the marketplace and was described as socialist unemployment insurance when you lose your job you have something to fall back upon abolishing child labor ending the fact that children of 8 10 12 years of age were working in factories are working in the fields the 40-hour workweek collective bargaining the rights of workers to engage in negotiations with a union strong banking regulations deposit insurance and job programs that put millions of people to work were all described in one way or another as socialist yet as you all know all of these programs and many more have become the fabric of our nation and in fact the foundation of our middle class thirty years later after Roosevelt's speech in the 1960s President Lyndon Johnson fought for Medicare and Medicaid to provide health care to millions of senior citizens and families with children persons with disabilities and some of the most vulnerable people in this country today Medicare does not seem to be such a terribly radical idea to say that when somebody gets all they should have medical insurance but when it was proposed once again we heard right-wing forces describe these programs as socialistic and a threat to the American Way of life that was then now is now today in the year 2015 despite the Wall Street Crash of 2008 which drove this country into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression the American people are clearly better off economically than they were in 1937 but here is a very hard truth that we must acknowledge we must address we must not sweep under the rug and that is despite a huge increase in technology and I can remember back I was mayor of the city of Burlington Vermont anybody here from Vermont okay and when I was mayor in the 1980s a radical development took place we got computers in City Hall okay 1980s despite a huge increase in technology and worker productivity meeting that almost every worker in America with that technology is producing a lot more than workers that came before despite major growth in our GDP and a huge increase in the global economy tens of millions of American families continued today to lack the basic necessities of life while millions more struggle every day to provide a minimal standard of living for their families and I hope none of you will turn your back on that reality and the truth is and again this is a truth we must put on the table yes we are better off today economically than we were seven years ago when Bush left office but the other truth is that for the last 40 years 40 years on the Republican leadership and Democratic leadership the great middle class of our country has been in decline and faith in our political system is now extremely low new technology increased work of predicted productivity people work longer hours for lower wages faith in our political system now extremely low the very rich get richer almost everyone else gets poorer super PACs funded by billionaires by Elections Koch brothers alone and a few of their friends will spend more money in this election cycle than either the democratic or republican parties ordinary people working people young people don't vote we have an economic and political crisis in this country and the same old same old politics and economics will not effectively address those crises if we are serious about transforming our country and I hope all of you are serious about transforming our country if we are serious about rebuilding the American middle-class if we are serious about reinvigorating American democracy we need to develop a political movement which once again is prepared to take on and defeat a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation [Applause] [Applause] now I know the terms like ruling class probably not talked about too often here at Georgetown not too often talked about on CBS or NBC but that is the simple fact and in my view the billionaire class must be told loudly and clearly that they cannot have it all that our government belongs to all of us not just a handful of billionaires but this goes beyond politics we need to create a culture an entire culture which as Pope Francis has reminded us cannot just be based on the worship of money we must not accept a nation in which billionaires compete as to the size of their super yachts while children in America go hungry and veterans men and women will put their lives on the line to defend us sleep out on the streets today in America we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world but few Americans know that because so much of the new income and wealth is going to the people on top in fact over the last thirty years there has been a massive redistribution of wealth problem is it has gone in the wrong direction in the last 30 years we have seen trillions of dollars flow from the hands of working families in the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1% a handful of people top one-tenth of 1% who have seen a doubling of the percentage of the wealth that they own during that period doubling of the percentage of wealth they own unbelievably and grotesquely the top one-tenth of 1% today owns nearly as much wealth as the bottom 90% 1/10 of 1% owns nearly as much wealth as the bottom 90% that is not the kind of America that we should accept I can tell you that in my state of Vermont and all over this country it is absolutely not uncommon to see people working two jobs or three jobs to cobble together the income and the health care they and their families need in fact Americans work longer hours than do the people of any other industrialized country but despite the fact that our people are working so hard I go around the country and I see a lot of working people and you can see the stress and exhaustion on their faces their work in crazy hours husbands hardly see wives people don't have the quality time for their kids because they're working so hard just to bring up bring in the income to survive and despite all of that despite out people working so hard 58% of all new income generated today is going to the top 1% today in America as the middle class continues to disappear median family income is $4,100 less than it was in 1999 the median male worker made over $700 less than he did forty two years ago in inflation adjusted for those do you know why people are angry they are angry because they are working terribly hard and yet in real inflation adjusted for dollars they are earning less and they look at all over and they say what's happening why is that but it's not just men last year the median faint female worker earned more than a thousand dollars less than she did in 2007 and 58 percent of all new income goes to the top 1% today in America the wealthiest country in the history of the world that's what we are today more than half of older workers have zero retirement savings think about that you're 50 55 years of age and you're thinking alright how am I gonna retire but because my wages have gone down I have zero in the bank for retirement and at the same time all over America you got millions of seniors and people with disabilities trying to survive on twelve or thirteen thousand dollars a year Social Security from Vermont to California older workers are scared to death and they are saying how am I going to retire with dignity and I want all of you can get your calculators out not now when you leave here do some arithmetic and try to put yourself in the place of a senior citizen in my state of Vermont where it gets cold in the winter trying to survive on $13,000 a year and you tell me how you are going to pay for the food that you need heat your home and buy the medicine that you need and you know what you can't do it today in America nearly 47 million people are living in poverty and over 20 percent of our children including 36% of african-american kids are living in poverty the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any nation on earth and what I want you to think about is why is it in the wealthiest country in the history of the world where we're seeing a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on Earth today in America 29 million Americans have no health insurance and even more are underinsured without rageous lehigh co-payments and deductibles in other words people do have insurance but I talk to people every day they a $5,000 deductible $8,000 duck law they can't go to the doctor when they need and then on top of that for a wide variety of reasons our people pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and doctors tell me all of the time we prescribe something a medicine for our patients they can't afford to fill that medicine that prescription one out of five Americans cannot afford to fill the prescriptions their doctors write what insanity is that today in America youth unemployment and underemployment is over thirty five percent for African American kids it is over 50 percent meanwhile we have more people in jail than any other country China communist authoritarian country four times our size we have more people in jail than China and countless lives are being destroyed as we spend 80 billion dollars a year locking up our fellow Americans the bottom line is that today in America we not only have massive wealth and income inequality but a power structure built around that inequality which protects those who have the money today a handful of super wealthy campaign contributors have enormous influence over the political process while their lobbyists determine much of what goes on in Congress and any member of the United States House or Senate who is prepared to tell you the truth will tell you exactly that now in 1944 in his State of the Union speech President Roosevelt outlined what he called a second bill of rights you're all familiar with our bill of rights and what Roosevelt outline was what he called a second bill of rights this is in my view one of the more important speeches ever made by a president but unfortunately it has not gotten the attention that it deserves so I'm gonna give it some attention today in his remarkable speech this is what Roosevelt stated and I quote we have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without Economic Security and independence necessities men and we would add women are not free men and women end of quote in other words real freedom must include economic security that was Roosevelt's vision 70 years ago it is my vision today it is a vision that we have not yet achieved and it is time that we did [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in that speech Roosevelt described the economic rights righ T s rights that he believed every American was entitled to the right to a decent job at decent pay the right to adequate food clothing and time off from work the right for every business large and small to function in an atmosphere free from unfair competition and domination by monopolies the right of all Americans to have a decent home and decent health care what Roosevelt was stating in 1944 what Martin Luther King jr. stated in similar terms 20 years later and what I believe today is that true freedom does not occur without Economic Security people are not free they are not truly free when they are unable to feed their family they are not truly free when they are unable to retire with dignity they are not truly free when they are unemployed underemployed or when they are exhausted by working 60 70 hours a week people are not truly free when they don't know how they're going to get medical help when they or a family member are sick so let me take this opportunity to define for you simply and straightforwardly what democratic socialism means to me it means building on what Franklin Delano Roosevelt said when he fought for guaranteed economic rights for all Americans and it builds on what Martin Luther Jr said in 1968 when he stated and I quote this country has socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the poor and the poor my view of democratic socialism builds on the success of many other countries around the world who have done a far better job than we have in protecting the deeds of their working families they are elderly citizens they are children they're sick and they're poor democratic socialism means that we must reform a political system which is corrupt that we must create an economy that works for all not just the very wealthy democratic socialism to my mind speaks to a system which for example during the 1980s and I want you to hear this aloud Wall Street to spend five billion dollars over a ten year period in lobbying and campaign contributions in order to get deregulated they wanted the government off of their backs they wanted to do whatever they wanted to do spent five billion dollars over a ten year period on lobbying and campaign contributions then ten years later after their greed and recklessness and illegal behavior led to their collapse what our system enabled them to do is to get bailed out by the United States government which through Congress and the Fed provided trillions of dollars in aid to Wall Street in other words Wall Street used their wealth and power to get Congress to do their bidding for deregulation and then when Wall Street collapse they used their wealth and to get bailed out quite a system and then to add insult to injury we were told that not only were the banks too big to fail we were told that the bankers were too big to jail and this is the system young people who get caught possessing marijuana they get police records and many many hundreds of thousands of them have received police records which have impacted their lives in very serious ways on the other hand Wall Street CEOs who helped destroy the economy they don't get police records they get raises in their salaries and this is what dr. Martin Luther King jr. meant when he talked about socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for everyone else in my view it is time we had democratic socialism for working families not just for Wall Street billionaires and large corporations it means that we should not be providing welfare for corporations it means that we should not be providing huge tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country or trade policies which boost corporate profits while they result in workers losing their jobs it means that we create a government which works for all of the American people not just powerful special interests it means that economic rights must be an essential part of what America stands for among many other things it means that health care should be a right of all people not a privilege [Applause] now I know that there are some people out there who think this is Justin incredibly radical are you imagine in the United States of America all of us having healthcare as a right but I hope all of you know this is not a radical idea it is a conservative idea it is an idea and a practice that exists in every other major country on earth you know not just in Scandinavia in Denmark or Sweden or Finland Norway it exists in Canada I live 50 miles away from Canada not a radical idea it exists in France Germany Taiwan all over the world countries have made the determination that all of their people are entitled to health care and I believe the time is long overdue for the United States to join the rest of the world a medicare-for-all single-payer program which I support would not only guarantee health care for all people not only save middle-class families and our entire nation significant sums of money because all of you should know that our health care system is by far the most expensive per capita of any system on earth but a medicare-for-all single-payer program would radically improve the lives of all Americans and bring about significant improvements in our economy think about it people who get sick will not have to worry about paying a deductible or making a co-payment radical idea when they are sick they can actually go to the doctor and not end up in the emergency room at a much greater expense to the system think about it business owners will not have to spend enormous amounts of time worrying about how they're going to provide health care for their employees think about it and we don't talk about this very much you got millions of workers in this country who are staying on jobs in jobs which they do not want to stay in but they're there because they have a decent health care program for themselves and their families think what it means when young people or anybody else can say you know what this is the job that I love this is what I want to do and I'm going to go out and start this business or do this work and I don't have to worry about health care because all of us in America have health care [Applause] and by the way what a medicare-for-all system will bring about is ending the absurdity of the American people paying by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs now when I talk about democratic socialism what that means to me is that in the Year 2015 a college degree today is equivalent to what a high school degree was 50 years ago and what that means is that public education must today allow every person in this country who have has the ability the qualifications and the desire the right to go to a public college or university tuition free [Applause] is this a radical socialistic idea I don't think so it exists in many countries all over the world and you know what used to exist in the United States of America we had great universities like University of California the City University of New York virtually tuition-free democratic socialism means that our government does everything it can to create a full employment economy it makes far more sense to me to put millions of people back to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure than to have a real unemployment rate of almost 10% it is far smarter to invest in jobs and educational opportunities for young people who are unemployed than to lock them up and invest in jails and incarceration [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] democratic socialism means that if somebody works 40 hours a week that person should not be living in poverty that we must raise the minimum wage to a living wage 15 bucks an hour over the next several years it means that we join the rest of the world and pass the very strong paid family and medical leave legislation now sitting in Congress [Applause] and I want you to think about this and I really don't want you to see what goes on in our country today it's not only that every other major country and they're talking about Europe with Scandinavia virtually every country in the world poor country small country reach the conclusion that when a woman has a baby she should not be forced to be separated from that newborn baby after a week or two and have to go back to work making sure that moms and dads can stay home and get to love their babies is a family value that we should support and that is why I want and we'll fight to end the absurdity of the United States being one of the only countries on earth that does not guarantee at least three months of paid family and medical leave [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] democratic socialism to me means that we have government policy strong government policy which does not allow the greed and profiteering of the fossil fuel industry to destroy our environment and our planet and it means to me that we have a moral responsibility to combat climate change and leave this planet healthy and habitable for our kids and our grandchildren democratic socialism means that in a democratic civilized society the wealthiest people and the largest corporations must pay their fair share of taxes yes innovation entrepreneurialship and business success should be rewarded by greed for the sake of greed is not something that public policy should support it is not acceptable to me that in the last period of time last two years 15 of the wealthiest people in this country 15 people saw their wealth increase in this rigged economy by a hundred and seventy billion dollars got it two years 15 people a hundred and seventy billion dollars increase in their wealth that is more wealth than is owned by the bottom 130 million Americans let us not forget what Pope Francis has so elegantly stated and I quote we have created new idols the worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly humane goal in the code in other words we have got to do better than that not a political issue it's not an economic issue it is a cultural issue we have got to stop worshipping people who make billions and billions and billions of dollars while we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country it's not acceptable to me that major corporations stash their profits in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens to avoid paying 100 billion dollars a year in taxes it is not acceptable that hedge fund managers pay a lower effective tax rate their nurses or truck drivers it is not acceptable that billionaire families are able to leave virtually all of their wealth to their families without paying a reasonable estate tax it is not acceptable that Wall Street speculators are able to gamble trillions of dollars in the derivatives market without paying in taxes on that speculation democratic socialism to me does not just mean that we must create a nation of economic and social justice and environmental sanity of course it does mean that but it also means that we must create a vibrant democracy based on the principle of one person one vote it is extremely sad and I hope all of you will pay a lot of attention to this issue it is extremely sad that the United States one of the oldest most stable democracies in the world has one of the lowest voter turnouts of any major country and that millions of young people and working people have given up on the political process entirely in the last midterm election just a year ago 63% of the American people didn't vote 80% of young people did not vote clearly despite the efforts of many Republican governors who want to suppress the vote to make it harder for people of color and old people to participate in the political system our job together is to make it easier for people to vote not harder for people to vote it is not a radical idea and I will fight for this as hard as I can as president to say that everyone in this country who is 18 years of age or older is registered to vote end of discussion so the next time that you hear me attacked as a socialist like tomorrow remember this I don't believe government should take over you know the grocery store down the street or own the means of production but I do believe that the middle class and the working families of this country who produce the wealth of this country deserve a decent standard of living and that their incomes should go up not down I do believe in private companies that thrive and invest and grow in America companies that create jobs here rather than companies that are shutting down in America and increasing their profits by exploiting low-wage labor abroad I believe that most Americans can pay lower taxes if hedge fund managers who make billions manipulating the marketplace finally start paying the taxes that they should I don't believe in special treatment for the top 1% but I do believe in equal treatment for african-americans who are right to proclaim the moral principle that black lives matter I despise appeals to nativism and Prejudice a lot of which we have been hearing in recent months and I do proudly believe in immigration reform that gives Hispanics and others a pathway to citizenship and a better life and while I'm on that subject let me just say a real word of concern to what I've been hearing from some of the Republican candidates for president in recent months people can have honest disagreements about immigration or about anything else that's called democracy but people should not be using the political process to inject racism into the debate [Applause] [Applause] and of Donald Trump and others who refer to Latinos as people from Mexico as criminals and rapists if they want to open that door our job is to shut that door and shut it tight [Applause] this country has gone too far too many people have suffered and too many people have died for us to continue hearing racist words coming from major political leaders now I don't believe in some foreign ism but I do believe in American idealism and one of the pleasures one of the real joys that I've experienced on this campaign so far being here today with you being all over the country is seeing the huge numbers of young people who are coming out who want to make this country better want to use their intelligence and their energy to address the many problems that we have so I want to thank all of the young people here in all over this country for their idealism and do not do not do not become cynical I am not running for president because it is my turn not quite I was one in a three and a half room apartment and a working-class family in Brooklyn New York I don't think so I got Brooklyn I got Vermont and by the way I visited California Wow but it in seriousness it is not quite my turn that's not why I'm running for president but I am running for president in order for all of us to be able to live in a nation of hope and opportunity not for some but for my seven grandchildren and for all of you nobody understood better than Franklin Delano Roosevelt the connection between American strength at home and our ability to defend America around the world and that is why he proposed a second Bill of Rights in 1944 and he said in that very same State of the Union and I quote again America's own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar rights have been carried into practice for all our citizens for unless there is security here at home there cannot be lasting peace lasting peace in the world end quote now I am NOT running for president to pursue reckless adventures abroad but to rebuild America's strength at home I will never hesitate to defend this nation but I will never send our sons and daughters to war under false pretense or pretenses about dubious battles with no end in sight and as we discuss foreign policy I know that all of you share with me your shock in Yahara that what happened in Paris and you share with me your condolences for the families who lost loved ones and your hopes and prayers that those who were wounded will recover and also those same thoughts go out to the families of those who lost loved ones in the Russian flight that we believe was taken down by an Isis bomb and also those who lost their lives to terrorist attacks in Lebanon and elsewhere to my mind it is clear that the United States must pursue policies to destroy the brutal and barbaric Isis regime and to create conditions that prevent fanatical extremist ideologies from flourishing but we cannot and should not do it alone our response must begin with an understanding of past mistakes and missteps in our previous approaches to foreign policy it begins with the acknowledgment that unilateral military action should be a last resort not a first resort and that ill-conceived military decisions such as the invasion of Iraq can wreak far-reaching devastation and destabilization over regions for decades it begins with the reflection that the failed policy decisions of the past rushing to war regime change in Iraq or toppling Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 Mossadegh was the president CIA and others got rid of them to protect British Petroleum interests the Shah of Iran came in a brutal dictator and he was thrown out by the Islamic Revolution and that is where we are in Iran today decisions have consequences often unintended consequences so whether it was Saddam Hussein or Mossadegh or Guatemalan president or Ben's in 1954 in Guatemala Brazilian President galore in 1964 Chilean President Allende in 1973 this type of regime change this type of thrown overthrowing governments we may not like often does not work often makes a bad and difficult decision even worse these are lessons we must learn after World War two after World War two in response to the fear of Soviet aggression European nations in the United States established NATO the North American treaty organization an organization based on shared interest and goals and the notion of a collective defense against a common enemy it is my belief that we must expand on these ideals and solidify our commitments to work together to combat the global threat of terror we must create a new organization like NATO to confront the security threats of the 21st century an organization that emphasizes cooperation and collaboration to defeat the rise of violent extremism and importantly to address the root causes underlying these brutal acts we must work with our NATO partners we must work to expand the coalition with Russia and we must work with members of the Arab League but let us be very clear while the United States and other Western nations have the strength of our militaries and our political systems the fight against Isis is a struggle for the soul of Islam and countering violent extremism and destroying Isis must be done primarily by Muslim nations with the strong support of their global partners now this has been my view long before Paris but I am very happy to tell you that these same sentiments have been echoed by people like Jordan's King Abdullah the second in a speech just Sunday in which he said that terrorism is the greatest threat to our region the Gulf region Middle East and that Muslims must lead the fight against it he noted that confronting extremism is both a regional and international responsibility and that it is incumbent on Muslim nations and communities to confront those who seek to hijack their societies and their religion with generations of intolerance and violent ideology and let me congratulate King Abdullah not only for his wise remarks but also for the role that his small country is playing in attempting to address the horrific refugee crisis in that region a new and strong coalition coalition of Western powers Muslim nations and countries like Russia must come together in a strongly coordinated way to combat Isis to seal the borders that fighters are currently flowing across to share counterterrorism intelligence to turn off the spigot of terrorist financing and to end support for exploiting extremist ideologies now what does that mean what it means is that in many cases we must ask more from those countries in the Gulf region while Jordan Turkey Egypt and Lebanon in their own ways have accepted their responsibilities for taking in Syrian refugees other countries in the region have done nothing or very little equally important and this is a point that may make some people uncomfortable but it is a point that must be made countries in the region like Saudi Arabia Kuwait Qatar the UAE countries of enormous wealth and resources have contributed far too little in the fight against Isis that must change King Abdullah is absolutely right when he says that the Muslim nations must lead the fight against Isis and that includes and must include some of the most wealthy and powerful nations in the region who up to this point have done far too little Saudi Arabia turns out has the third largest defense budget in the world yet instead of fighting Isis they have focused more on a campaign to oust iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen Kuwait a country whose ruling family was restored to power by the United States driving Saddam Hussein's Iraq out of Kuwait has been a well-known Kuwait people in quake have been well known sources of financing for Isis and other violent extremists it has been reported that Qatar will spend up to two hundred billion dollars on the 2022 World Cup including the construction of an enormous number of facilities to host that event two hundred billion on hosting a soccer event yet very little to fight Isis were still it has been widely reported that the government there has not been vigilant in stemming the flow of terrorist financing and that Qatari individuals and organizations funnel money to some of the most extreme terrorist groups in the region all of this has got to change wealthy and powerful Muslim nations in the region can no longer sit on the sidelines and expect the United States our young men and women and our taxpayers to do it for the they have got to come up to the plate as we develop a strongly coordinated effort we need a commitment from these countries that the fight against Isis takes precedence over the religious and ideological differences that hamper the kind of cooperation that we desperately need further we all understand that Bashar al Assad president of Syria is a brutal dictator who has slaughtered many of his own people I am pleased that we saw last weekend diplomats from all over the world known as the International Syria support group set a timetable for a syrian-led political transition with an open and fair election these are the promising beginnings of a collective effort to end the bloodshed and move toward a political transition in Syria the diplom diplomatic plan for Assad's transition from power is a good step in a united front but our major priority must be to defeat Isis nations all over the world who share a common interest in protecting themselves against international terrorism must make the destruction of Isis the highest priority nations in the region must commit that instead of turning a blind eye they will commit their resources to preventing the free flow of terrorist finances and fighters to Syria and Iraq we need a commitment that they will counter the violent rhetoric that fuels terrorism wherever that often occurs within their very borders this is the model which we must pursue in order to address the global threats that we face while individual nations obviously have historic disputes the United States and Russia now have very strong differences of opinion on some very serious issues Iran and Saudi Arabia to put it mildly do not like each other but the time is now to do everything possible to put aside those differences to work toward a common goal of destroying Isis sadly as we have seen recently no country is immune from attacks by the violent organization called Isis thus we must work with our partners in Europe the Gulf region Africa and Southeast Asia all along the way asking the hard questions whether their actions are serving our unified purpose the bottom line is that Isis must be destroyed but it cannot be defeated by the United States alone a new and effective coalition must be formed with the Muslim nations leading the effort on the ground while the United States and other major forces provide the support they need let me conclude by once again thanking all of you for being here today all across this country there is a significant alienation from the political process people look to Washington and they throw their hands up and they say what in God's name is going on there why aren't our senators and our congressmen paying attention to our needs why aren't we developing a rational foreign policy rather than talking again about getting involved in a quagmire in the Middle East which could lead to perpetual warfare so let me conclude just by saying this the problems that we face as a nation are indeed very very serious like talked on some there's a lot we haven't even touched upon but by enlarge all of these problems were caused by bad human decisions and if we come together if we stand the if we do not allow ourselves to be divided up by race by whether we're gay or whether we're straight whether we're born in America we weren't born in America whether a male or a female if we stand together and if we focus on how we can create sane foreign policy how we can rebuild the middle class how we can combat climate change how we can create a nation in which we end racism and homophobia if we are prepared to do that if you as young people are prepared to engage in the political process I have no doubt that there is nothing nothing nothing that together we cannot accomplish thank you all very much [Applause] [Applause]

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  9. Bernie Sanders is a stinking stinking rotten socialist, communist he people don't believe in freedom don't want nobody Heard bunch of illegal when trump Donald you're going back to the motherland socialist democratic party will be put down Social Democratic Party Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintonr belong to socialist democratic party A bunch of lazy people who don't work will burn your flag

  10. It's hard to tell what socialism is by the scornful name-association spewed by msmedia? Are they saying that there is such a thing as pure capitalism and pure socialism? Attributes of capitalism might seem like; every dog for themselves. Socialism is like: you watch my back, I'll watch your back." The capitalist will sell his mother and the rope…" "The socialist, wants to share alike…" Truth is we are looking at polar extremes of a single mechanism. So it can never be pure one or the other.
    ..Imagine the families that would gather in Missouri, hire a wagon-master/guide and set off across the prairie. When the wagon-train was in single file, it was each man for himself. That's capitalism (free trade). In the event of a collective threat, wagons are circled and its "together we stand." There is your socialism.

    The $96 question is: What is the mental nature our current collective threat? Remember the Menendes brothers that killed their parents because it was profitable. True capitalists? Unapologetic! Psychopaths?

  11. history is always like this: a great man tried everything to pull the nation out of chaos, gradually after decades, brilliant and greedy businessmen corrupted the system again, then if we are blessed, there will be a person stand out and try everything he can to put us back on the right track. Bernie Sanders' ideas and policies are so much like FDR's

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