Democratic Socialism and Christianity are NOT compatible

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  2. Peasants: So Jesus, what if we just gave all our money to the Romans and let them help the poor?
    Jesus: Okay, I'm gonna start over, let me know when I've lost you.

  3. This whole "extreme equality" business always reminds me of the book/movie 'Harrison Bergeron'… Where if you're "too smart or talented" the PTB do things to "level the playing field". (Another brilliant Vonnegut creation.) Highly recommend it if anyone hasn't read/seen it.

  4. Ha I was just thinking, "I bet Jesus would be for free markets – VOLUNTARY interactions, not forced communism". He might have taught that we should help/love each other, but he wasn't coercing people to do so with the threat of violence.

  5. Democracy and Socialism are completely opposite of eachother! Kinda like Governmental Intelligence! But that's how we started fucking up the country, by bastardizing the language! Bad is good, as in "Damn, that car accident fucked you up good", and so forth. Also taking out of the schools the teaching of why our country was founded by CHRISTIANS! And removing the teaching of good manners, and civics classes, has turned an entire generation of students into whining little wussies that just can't deal with the realities of life.

  6. Demicrats have benifited from Christianity in America. They could not have pushed so much femanism, gay rights, and more more without the freedom that they were allowed. Muslim countries would not have allowed it. Socialsim does not allow it.

  7. Excellent points. Charity begins at home. Let me give when and where I want; at which point, I will do so with a joyful heart. I don't understand how you can be a Christian and support the pig tyrants.

  8. This was so well put! People too often confuse the authoritarian aspects embodied by some forms of the religion with the tenets of the faith. It takes a special kind of evil to twist the word of God to suit your own ends – AOC and the article's author are completely lost. I was reminded of a Bible quote that sounds very opposed to Socialism: "… If a man will not work, he shall not eat."

  9. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

  10. AOC is not a Christian. It is just amazing to me that athiests are preaching to me what my relationship with Jesus is and what the Bible says. They only use it when they can twist it. MLK was a plagiarist and an adulterer. People need to get him off of a pedestal and realize he was a sinner, too. Oh, Jesus also said the poor would always be among us and we should be charitable which is a choice not force.

  11. Christianiy is a brotherhood. It is not democratic. Christianity can be considered socialism, but that would be false. Christianity has no political stance. Christianity is far from socialism, and vastly far from and goverment party, especially a democratic party

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