Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s Campaign for Universal Basic Income | The Daily Show

There are now 15 Democrats running in the primary.
That’s so many people. Look at all those faces. Look at all of those faces! They’ve got enough people to start the world’s
worst soccer team. And because there are so many
Democrats running, many Democratic voters
are wondering, “How do I know
which one to choose?” Well, for Ronny Chieng,
the choice is clear. Here’s his report. The 2020 presidential campaign.
Like my afternoon poop, it’s not quite here yet,
but I can already feel it. Out of all the candidates, there’s only one
I can see myself in. I’m Andrew Yang, and I’m running for president
as a Democrat in 2020. CHIENG:
He’s a successful businessman, and I don’t know
if it’s the cut of his suits or the way he lights up a room, but there’s just something
about this guy that makes me want to vote
for him based on zero research. Okay, so, you’re Asian. You’re running for president. What else is there to know? Uh, my platform. Right. Uh, I thought
your platform was… being Asian. There are many,
many other Americans who care more
about my stance on the issues than, frankly, uh, you know,
what my race is. -Which is?
-Asian. Yes. And that’s all
we need to know here. Okay, let’s wrap this up. ♪ ♪ You know, uh, I think
we should discuss my platform. If you want to talk
about what you believe or whatever, go for it. I’m gonna edit all this out,
by the way. I believe that every
American adult at the age of 18 should get $1,000 a month
free and clear from the government
to do whatever they want. For working hard, right? Oh, for being a citizen
of this great country. CHIENG:
As his ads show, Yang is all about
universal basic income, the idea that the government should give everyone
a monthly check, even if they’re not working. You can’t just give people
free money. That’s the only reason
people work. If I was getting paid
without having to work… You can’t quit your job
on $12,000 a year. It would it make
so that Americans can transition as technology is eating away
many, many jobs. Artificial intelligence
is around the corner. Oh, my God.
Artificial intelligence? Robots? That’s your thing? -Yes.
-Dude, you are making it so hard to blindly vote
on identity politics right now. Projections are
that about 44% of American jobs are subject to automation. Self-driving cars and trucks
are going to displace -five million Americans
who drive for a living. -Shit. It’s going to displace hundreds
of thousands of bookkeepers, lawyers and on and on. CHIENG: According to Yang,
everyone but me should get ready
to be replaced. However, budget policy expert
Bob Greenstein doesn’t think that will happen. Robots are coming for some jobs, but they’re not going to replace
all the jobs or even most of the jobs. But are you
only defending robots because you’re a robot? No, I’m not a robot. Prove it. Which of these squares
has a stop sign? -Three of them.
-Yeah, point to the scares. This one, that one,
and this is the third. Very good. But I’m not sure
I just proved I’m not a robot. -What do you mean? -Well,
maybe you could develop a robot that could identify
the stop sign squares, too. What? So, Bob might not be human,
but he’s got to recognize that Yang’s universal
basic income is a winning idea. UBI is a beautiful idea. Thank you.
That’s all I needed to know. Well, it actually isn’t
all you need to know. The problem is
it’s a beautiful idea that’ll never really happen. Ronny, it costs
nearly $4 trillion a year. Why wouldn’t people vote
for that? Have you ever had someone wave
cash money in your face? -Not really.
-It feels like this. Can you feel that? I can feel the wind. That’s some cash wind. Where does the money
for the cash wind come from? But, Bob, it’s no fun
asking where this came from. Policies only really work
if they can happen. In the real world… CHIENG:
I don’t need to listen to Bob. All he cares about is reality. If this presidency
has taught us anything, it’s that reality
doesn’t matter anymore. Now we’re going to have
the space force because it’s a whole… CHIENG: So, if Andrew Yang
is gonna stand a chance in this election,
he’s gonna have to learn what really excites
today’s voters. If we had a value-added tax at
even half the European level, -we’d generate…
-You’re using all these numbers and all this nerd shit. Listen, there’s only one thing that wins elections
in America, okay? That’s fear and hate. That’s two things. Okay, again with the numbers. People are jobless, angry, and ready to blame
their problems on another race, and robots are the one race
it’s okay to hate. Yeah, well,
robots aren’t a race, for one. Good, deny their humanity.
That’s a great first step. The next time you campaign,
I want you to go out and say, “Robots are causing all the
robot crime in robot Chicago.” -There is no Robot Chicago.
-Doesn’t matter. We’re not talking about truth.
We’re talking about hate and fear and getting in power for Asian people and getting revenge
on every single person -who ever said we weren’t
good enough. -Yeah, I’m for… I’m for none of those things. Okay, good thing
I’m here to help you out. So, this is an ad we prepared
for your campaign. Andrew Yang knows America
is being invaded by robots. They’re sneaking
across the border, taking the jobs we love and imposing their same-sex
robot sharia law. Andrew Yang
will stop the robots -from banging your wife
-(whirring) and becoming
your son’s new dad. Yang 2020. You will not replace us. What do you think? It’s kind of the opposite of where we need to go. So you do not approve
this message? No, I do not approve
this message. You do not what?
Sorry, I missed that. Approve this message. And what-what
is your name again? I’m Andrew Yang. Yang 2020. (bleep) the robots. (bleep) them to hell. I’m Andrew Yang and I–
approve this message. (laughs) Ronny Chieng, everyone.

  1. The Daily Show (Viacom) still has not posted anything from Andrew Yang’s interview on their channel as of this morning. Think about that for a second. 🤔🤔

  2. Was tryna find the new episode with Yang discussing his policies and was actually hilarious… why is it censored I’ve been watching since Jon stewart through oliver’s take over and now trevor noah and not once have I seen the daily show censor a presidential candidate that wants to help EVERYONE out

  3. See a lot of butt hurt 😭 mf over yang gang fuk u mean… diss shit fo joke Ronny done it every time get over it

  4. I do truly understand why people hate this video. But we have to remember this is on Comedy Central. What I think what they’re trying to do with this bit is that there are close minded people out there who can’t see past your race, or won’t support something that won’t happen even though it could change the world. This shows how Yang’s ideas are seen as unworldly because we’re in a country that has been influenced by a cheeto! Yang’s ideas, if carried out, will change our country but because some people can’t see past his race or can’t see a future of change, it just shows that there are people out there that can ruin his plans just because of their bias. Yang is truly trying to change this country and move it to a better place instead of “making it great again.” You know what is great? Yang. This bit truly shows that even if all these problems are brought up in Yang’s face, it doesn’t matter because there are people out there who have already looked past that. And those people are the people who hate this video.

  5. All that green flows straight (back) into the economy.
    Grow local. Upgrade yer couch. Sell your car.

  6. Housing as a primary concern, then, from there, you can go somewhere with the other basics.
    Housing; it does not have to be profiteable.

  7. It's Comedy and Jokes.. I see the Big Picture… Yang showed a humorous down to earth side of him… U may think they clowning Yang Platform wrong.. I Love and Vote Yang..But, here's the truth if I didn't know anything about Yang and seen this Comedy video.. What's still sticks out is here's a candidate that want give a Freedom Dividend of $1,000.00 to citizens.. That alone would make me research more about Yang.. Therefore after researching they will than support Yang2020…i see the video to be negative cuz the jokes But more Positive over Negative because it still makes me curious to wanna know Who Yang Is…A Win Win for Yang Gang..

  8. I thought this was great fun! Yang Gang – we've reached a level of satire now that's exciting to watch unfold! Enjoy it!
    Would love to see the outtakes. Looks like this would have been a lot of fun to film.

  9. Media hit pieces like this will only broaden Yang’s support— same as asking him two questions at the debate and shutting off his mic. The Streisand effect is real

  10. @thedailyshow where is the recent interview with Andrew Yang and why is it not on your YouTube channel?

  11. And here I thought the daily show was good for us to get inform about dem candidate but it just people who think their funny making fun of someone who actually has a concrete policy and ideas to help most poor Americans.

  12. This is why I stopped watching Daily Show.
    They lost their identity of a news media after Jon Stewart left.
    Or probably that was why Jon left in the first place.

  13. got my car towed which cost me $700. I had to use my credit card. Wish I had UBI .could not pay the credit card i wish i had UBI vote yang

  14. Can we all together draw more attention to Andrew Yang, please? Everybody that are willing to vote for him, please urge people to check out his proposals, interviews and ideas! I mean on every media outlet you can think of (as comments on youtube videos for example, posts on ig/fb…), talking to people about him… Let's get him elected!

  15. THIS IS THE DUDE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE NEEDS TO ELLECT…..the people DO NOT ELECT THE PRESIDENT……he's nnneeewwwwwwww……fresh ideas. not connected to anyone even though he's listed to the democrats….HE'S A MATHMATICIAN……this is the dude the country needs for now. HE'S NEO from the matrix!!!

  16. This is so disrespectful to Yang. Unfortunately, he is not a politician and doesn’t know how to play the game as well. Politicians who do well tend to know how to evoke a lot of emotions from the crowds. I love Yang. He has a unique perspective and solutions (being a successful entrepreneur) in solving this country’s issues.

  17. For everyone saying they don't like how Andrew Yang was treated, yes I see your point 100% – BUT he agreed to the interview in the first place KNOWING it was by the daily show. Im sure he expected something like this. You know what though? It got his name out there – I am sure he isn't too upset.

  18. This was in poor taste. Way to give a underdog Democratic candidate attention while treating him like a joke, give him no chance to defend his political ideas and give serious talking time to a person downing his ideas instead. Fuck off, Trevor.

  19. His supporters are feel butthurt. They forget that this comedian always shock and play with those he interviewed.

  20. Here is an incredible full length hour long interview with Yang from the amazing journalists at The Des Moines Register. Highly recommend you give it a watch, even if it's just a skim. But viewing the entire thing would be cool too

  21. this was funny to me, it got Yangs name out there more but alot of people wont get whats a joke and whats not and look up his actual policies. this only makes him seem like a joke. i wish he could at least more policies in. the newer video is much better.

  22. The talk shows and late shows don't support Andrew Yang. Go watch Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. they all don't support Andrew Yang because if he take office they will have no more jokes and show ratings will dip. These shows have accumulated so much followers and money since Trump's presidency they are not going to give it up to a guy who will actually solve problems and forces them to be more creative with their shows.

  23. A fun video that gets a high view count is great for Yang. He has plenty of more informal videos. Calm down, Comment Section. This was hilarious and those who hear "1000 dollars" will search for more info.

  24. After showing the interview of the guy asking where the dividend money, you guys should have panned back to Yang so that he could actually respond where it was coming from. I know this is a joke segment but you screwed up any viewers whose only connection to Yang could have been this segment. You are a stupid twerp, Ronny.

  25. Think is, Yang and other economics explained very well, where the money for his Ideas will come from. To rebutt him just by letting a random guy say: "yeah but where should we get all that Money from?" proves a lack of minimal Research time on Yang and topic.
    The monthly 1000$ Idea is something realy popular in Europe and we had already lots of test runs.

  26. There is something I fundametally disagree with Yang and it has to do with his stance about the healthcare bill. I saw where they asked him if he supports a private option and he does. My friends, he's a bright individual don't get me wrong, he would be a great advisor or vice president but when it comes to getting a law passed the Congress will chew and spit out law proposals to where they are sometimes not much better than nothing. Going in half assed with a healthcare proposal because it is not popular is not how we're going to get a quality healthcare bill passed. Having a private option will give the insurance companies the loophole they need to keep subjecting us to a disgrace of a system. They will give the better treatment to those who "pay" and garbage coverage to those who have the public option. Bernie's policies are radical but they need to be. It doesn't mean the laws will end up being like he proposed but at least he has the guts to go and fight for them. It is the time to start thinking big because the Republicans don't think small. We need structural changes. Yang could be a great asset to help make the visions of Bernie come true as he has demonstrated to be highly intelligent. I think Yang could make an excellent vice president. Bernie and Yang 2020

  27. People don't understand that this interview is getting Andrew's name out in a comedical way, while also highlighting about how people dump aside statistics and other information and choose to go with "hate and fear". So it leaves the viewer the option to go check out Andrew themselves.

    I feel that this is quite an effective method since it would catch the attention of those who won't bother with classic interviews, as it passes on the important message to them on how we should do proper research instead of just going along with the mindless "hate and fear" junk.

  28. I understand how people are upset about this “interview” and that it was disrespectful, however Yang knew exactly what he was getting in to. Maybe he chose to do this so people will see his “humor” and that he’s “human” like the rest of us. And this did make people look him up and he gained more attention towards himself which is good. Just saying…

  29. I’m Yang Gang, but ppl in the comments need to realize this is a comedy sketch…on a comedy show…with comedians. I loved it and thought it was hilarious!

  30. You're a joke Trevor and so is Ronny Chieng, this show literary is just trash trying to be funny in any way possible.

  31. A lot of people hating on ronny. But you have to understand why he acted the way he did. Ronny is acting as the voice of many americans who wished they asked these questions to yang. Technically speaking, he is the voice of those who dont research and think they know everything without delving into their own findings. I believe that this is completely intentional. Ronnys purpose is not to give a strong interview. His purpose is to represent the masses, a reflection of the wide the majority.

  32. So disrespectful. If you actually gave him the time to speak and learn his platform people will see where he is coming from and learn a thing or two. It's shame

  33. U.B.I=taxing the riches higher but U.S. is in a Debt of 2 trillion dollar like how the hell can we make that up?

  34. Can nobody see this is a satire, lmfao I can't believe everyone missed the punchlines. Like why the hell would comedy Central be a platform for a politician do a serious interview. it's very clear yang did this to gain more publicity while informing people on the basics of his policy

  35. Alright, I’m a big fan of Yang, maybe because I’ve watched maybe around 50 of Yangs speeches and interviews, some of them are longer than an hour, before this one, I found it very interesting and funny. LOL

  36. I work in a hospital. A laboratory. In two years they say there going to have a new instrument that does our jobs. We will be replaced.

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