Democratic Debate: Bernie Sanders Says 'Taxes Will Go Up' for Healthcare | NBC New York

we'll taxes go up for the middle class in a Sanders administration and if so how do you sell that to voters well you're quite right we have a news ition for America and at a time when we have three people in this country owning more wealth than the bottom half of America while 500,000 people are sleeping out on the streets today we think it is time for change real change and by that I mean that health care in my view is a human right and we have got to pass a medicare-for-all single-payer system under that system by the way that's majority of the people in this country will be paying significantly less for health care than they are right now I believe that education is the future for this country and that is why I believe that we must make public colleges and universities tuition-free and eliminate student debt and we do that by placing a tax on Wall Street every proposal that I have brought forth is fully paid for Sanders I'll give you ten seconds just to ask the answer the very direct question will you raise taxes for the middle class in a Sanders administration people who have health care on the Medicare for all will have no premiums no deductibles no co-payments no out of extra out of pocket expenses yes they will pay more in taxes but less in health care for what they get

  1. What a misleading question in order to fool Americans about Bernie’s amazing policies. Too obvious. NBC Please don’t fool the American people anymore. Americans are now too smart to be fooled.

    If the government works hard with transparency and honesty, people will welcome paying more taxes because we know it will benefit ourselves. Like in Sweden. Raising taxes does not always mean a negative thing. Sweden achieves fair redistribution through their smart taxing. If you ask Swede people whether they wanna lower taxes and cut their welfare, they will say no. The reason Americans don’t want to pay taxes is because the politics are corrupted. The tax is not used wisely for the majority of people. If we have a true politician who sincerely want to work for people, we can change the conception. I support Bernie because he understands democratic socialism like in Sweden.

  2. Who is F paying for it!!!!!! I AM, SO Shut up YOUR 95 year old butt .DONT LIE. WE WILL HAVE TO PAY!!!!!

  3. Stop NBC in trying to twist his words!! Sanders is right, his proposals are far more realistic than any other candidate, hes looking to the European way of Healthcare which works, I am from the EU and I can get healthcare in any EU country and it doesn't cost me a penny with my European medical card. I am from Ireland and college is free, we even get a grant for college education in regards to Books, and rent. socialism is what the EU is made of every nation in the European Union is made up socialist democratic governments for those who do not know.
    I live in one of the top 5 richest nations in the EU and we pay high tax rates but we get good healthcare for it. Good services and grants for College.
    We trade with 27 nations to the tune of 120 billion a year across 500 million people int he Eu and over a 120 nations outside of it…Sanders will provide better trade, better jobs and better incomes…and tax the rich like FDR did to the tune of 70%, no more standing on the neck of the working class and slave labour..

  4. TURD BERNIE says TAX the EVIL CORPORATIONS! LOL! TAX TAX TAX… until its the POLITBURO that controls everything.

  5. Or how about I just do what I want with the money I make and these liberal progressives quit intruding on my personal liberty?

  6. We can pay what we do now and cut all the BS out .. Like war military spending , death tax , bankruptcy would go down if we had healthcare Medicare system , end patriot act , end Ice, TSA so much we can cut out to save to keep our taxs about or a hair higher then what we pay now ..

  7. The media bias against Sanders is ridiculous. The title of this video is explicitly framed to instill fear that Sanders will raise everyone's taxes with nothing in return. Medicare for all's taxes will replace insurance premiums, and Americans will save thousands.

  8. I'm single and self-employed and pay a exuberant amount of taxes on my home my car my income to the point that I don't understand if it's worth the hustle for me to be out there working as hard as I do

  9. Bernie gives beautifully scripted answer as the actual benefit of taxes going up
    NBC title: TAXES WILL GO UP!!!!!!
    Sad moment when you have to admit the Fox News debate is more “fair” then a generally liberal newscast. Makes sense though, they’ll do anything to maintain the elitist regime

  10. Bernie doesn't possess anything of value except giveaways to people who can't make it with all the opportunities America has.

  11. They framed many of Sanders questions in ways that would create unpopular sounding answers because when Sanders does get to elaborate on the details people largely agree w him thats how he closed 20 points w no name recognition last cycle.

    Some people say he did get to explain…yeah he forced it in there at the beginning if he would have said "Yeah were going to raise middle class taxes" first they would not have gave him the extra 10 seconds and thats all we would have heard. Note also this was their 1st question to anyone so out of the gates the were gunning to make him unlikable while feeding more positive framing to corporate candidates they do support (like Kamala Harris its no mistakeshe has stolenall Sanders talking points go watch her talk on similar topics over 4 years ago she didnt sound like this but Sanders always has ). Take a closer look at these people and who they are maybe youll see whats going on many do.

  12. Of course everyone's taxes will go up to pay for all the 'free' things he plans to give to an entitled minority. I didn't get to go to college, but now I have to pay so people I don't know can attend? Utter bullshit!

  13. They had to give him 10 extra seconds so they could make this video. F You Corp media hacks we are onto your BS!

  14. Bernie still doesn't understand or comprehend that CROOKED HILLARY is as of today June 28th 2019, will not let BERNIE WIN. Come on Bernie quit wasting millions on a campaign that Hillary won't let happen. POWER BUDDY, it's all about POWER

  15. Best part about this is that Sander has been honest about his answers, even if its unpopular he will tell you exactly what he will do. From a very young age his Honesty has gotten him in trouble, he is like the modern David from the Bible, commits sins but never lies about it.

  16. The rich are trying to put us against Bernie who is for the people. Often times we are the ones who ruin our chances of success. Dont let them scare you into rooting against Bernie.

  17. Hey Bernie guess what I'm going to help you out cuz nobody's talking about you today you are a loser and even against all those bimbos and morons that's stood beside You last night you came out and no one's talking about you so I just wanted to say something so is that you might feel good that somebody really doesn't give a s*** about you.

  18. lol if you "Tax Wall Street", investors will simply move their accounts off shore. The smart ones would be short selling US currency in ForEx too if this idiot became president.

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