1. In the begining it says the US is 79% white. I know this game is old but when was is made? The 1950s? White Americans are only ~60% today, because of immigration reform in the 60s.

  2. Being a decent person is a slippery slope to full-blown Mandarin-shirt-wearing Maoist. Left is best.

  3. This game is so fucking broken. You can win the whole game by implementing a flat tax at the start and instantly get billions of extra tax dollars into your coffers and spending it on all kinds of shit until you've fixed everything. I fixed the Greece debt by doing this in like 6 turns.

  4. As a gamer, I love the idea of this game. As a libertarian, I hate the idea of this game. And think all of the mechanics are wrong.

  5. I love how you kept wanting to make the masses happy and did nearly nothing that a large amount of voters wanted. xD

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