demo class on social science by mercy

hi I am mercy I have 13 years of teaching experience teaching is my passion the qualification is and maybe it apart from teaching I take up with these church activities such as singing telling Bible stories I have acquainted myself to the latest technology in using digital course in the classroom as well as graphic calculators before going to the topic I would like to ask you some questions I already very good which is the most essential component for us survival apart from food and a is yes very good it's a right answer water what are the various sources of water is rivers legs oceans ponds excellent apart from these sources which is the most important source of water yes anybody in the class very good it's rain yes so let us learn about how does rain occur yes there were two siblings my name's Vinnie and Tina they were playing in a park suddenly it started raining beanie rush to Tina and said sister it's raining shall we go back home sister said no no let us stop the ring system can be stopped the rain let's try our best let us sing this fine rain rain go away come again another day we would like to play hey sister look at the sky it stopped raining wow you are really great sister I wonder how does it range how does rain occur is it so because the sky takes shower no blow not because of it I too don't know let us go and find out from my social science shall we go right now sister yes bro is good together they went to Tina's social science teacher teacher offer the receipt and said what is the reason for coming they said they wanted to know how does it train teacher said very good what a good first we have asked I'll explain you in detail it rains because of precipitation teacher what is precipitation before going to this term before knowing about precipitation we should first learn what is a water cycle yes water cycle it is the process by which water changes its form and continuously circulates between oceans air and land so this process is known as water cycle Oh water cycle involves three processes they are evaporation condensation and expectation yes so what are three processes involved in what the cycle is very good let us all applaud for him to understand the process of evaporation here is a small activity are you all ready fine take a jar of water and mark the level of water place it under the Sun after for us you will notice that the water level in the jar has reduced this is because of the heat of the Sun the same way water in oceans rivers lakes etc when heated due to the heat of the Sun changed his form from liquid to gaseous form and hot air it expands and goes up so this process is known as evaporation is heavy understood can anyone tell me what is evaporation is the process by which water changes from liquid to gaseous form is known as evaporation this all for today children and continue the lesson to move bye-bye

  1. Liked the way you introduced the topic…👍🏼
    Set induction based on previous knowledge of the students…👌🏼good probing questions.
    Teacher is calm and composed! 💆🏻‍♀️

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