1. Cabbot, you are a true patriot but why in the hell won't you call these brainwashed zombies, why they use capatilst phones, drink capitalist soy lattes, why they wear capitalist clothes, or why they work for a capitalist company(if they work) These scum are a literal cult by definition. Sick and disturbing. Keep up the great work!

  2. Americans are stupid. every dem interviewed have no idea wtf they are even voting for or on. They don't even know the candidates and they dont even understand what socialism is

  3. It's ok if you don't know something, but don't claim to know everything and shut down your brain like so many of these idiots!
    Look Listen and LEARN!

  4. It makes me sad when I see this video. I am sad that there are that many ignorant people in the world. You should have to pass a test to vote in the USA

  5. One important fact to consider is no one is fleeing the United States for Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela.

  6. They dont mean like communist socialism but that socialism that makes the govmnt more responsible for its people.
    My head hurts for watching this and Im now dummer.

  7. Good lord the ignorance from these people on the left is unreal! I do love hearing the people that came here from socialist countries tell the real truth about socialism and how it has (throughout history) always failed!

  8. Clearly the only thing these people know about socialism is that the people pushing them toward it keeps promising them free stuff, so to them socialism=everything for free.

  9. I’m not even a full on trump supporter but they all look so level headed compared to the democratic supporters

  10. Socialism gives the power to the politicians who have done nothing. Capitalism gives power to the people who produce and creates!! In capitalism people have hope and the chance for upward mobility. In Socialist Countries there is no hope!!

  11. Government is the problem!!! Tell me what Government program in America or around the world is doing well??

  12. I'll leave that up for other people to decide, you heard it folks! These people are just ignorant on all facts, very sad. The pink sisters, dumb & dumber.

  13. These leftists are the sort who get an idea in their heads (typically through propaganda in the media, parents, social circles, and indoctrination in public schools) and assume that just because that idea is there that it must be true. There is a totally lack of humility, reflection, and self-criticism. The stereotypes seem to me to be totally backward. Growing up I was always told conservatives are all ignorant and uneducated but my experience had showed the complete opposite.

    But even worse than this sort is the actually intelligent and educated leftist, for he is truly a hateful person.

    “The pure man of the left detests being, always preferring, in principle, in the words of Rousseau, what is not to what is.” – Jacques Maritain

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