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  2. Full marks must go to the flight crew for providing and doing a awesome job,yummy food too I might add & I really enjoyed watching this video flight report.

  3. 2:25 There is a lifehack for that situation! As you can see, the passenger is blocking the entire way so other people hae to wait which delays the entire boarding process. I have learned very soon from my parents, who taught me a lot of helpful things, to go to your seat, stay half in the row(I hope you know what I mean) so nobody has towait for you, afterwards wait until there isn't someone so you can stow your bag. This might not work always like when your neighbour arrives but it mostly does. The easiest thing is not have hand luggage but this is your decision. I for my part don't have hand-luggage unless I have short-haul flights

  4. i am going to NY in march also with delta from FRA Frankfurt, so that's why i landed at your video. great vid. It's my first trip to US, so I am bit excited… : -))

  5. Delta older cabin crew are alot more friendly. The younger crew, especially the male younger crew are so bitchy to each other and their passengers.

  6. What made this economy class fantastic? How wide are the seats? What was the pitch? Were they soft? Hard? Supportive? Was the area clean?

  7. The food looks a lot better than American or United. Plus a hot towel? Wow. Nice they gave you 2 meals. I am impressed. Flew them to Miami from JFK and they were way better than American or United. Good legroom and a TV screen. And enough toilets.

  8. Amazing service! I generally fly Air Canada transatlantic and their service is really minimalist in terms of food. So very impressed to see this 🙂

  9. This is nothing special 😉 , when you fly with Turkish Airlines this is minimum Standard , at Delta its everything cheap Plastic this is at Turkish Airlines metal cutlery & Breakfast was not like a Box @TK they give real omlette and Breakfast … but thanks for sharing your flight with Delta … its show me that its better than WOW Airline 🙂

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