1. This is the reason why social media should not be used for news because the person creating that information is too often anonymous. People would say they dont trust info coming from someone they are unfamiliar with yet they rely on a platform that gets information being added to it from around the world instead of going to their local news, newspaper, and trusted web sites for information. These are truly scary times because these same platforms that were meant to bring people together is doing just that. Now instead of friends and family, total strangers are following you and watching your every move. They are studying you. Your likes and dislikes and creating information to cater to you so they can influence and affect your behavior. Criminals dont need to get close to you anymore when they can just use social media to scam and rip people off. Please pay attention to where you get your information because the other person on the other side just may not be who you think they are. Note if someone is sending you unsolicited information question their motives. People dont do things without some expectation of receiving something in return.

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