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dozens of major corporations as a result of Trump's tax bill paid nothing and federal taxes what you don't say is that everybody paid less in taxes and they did under Obama or they would under you your pieces but I bet you're paying more than you thought what do you say you thought you were gonna get a bigger price break screw you now I wanted to get into the top socialist lies top five myths that people would I guess these just continually let's just start with this Bernie Sanders Town Hall and Fox News it personified everything wrong with the left-wing let's start with this I happen to believe Joe that we have an absurd tax system and what millions of people today are paying actually more in taxes than they anticipated Netflix and dozens of major corporations as a result of Trump's tax bill paid nothing and federal taxes I think that's a disgrace what you don't say is that everybody paid less in taxes than they did under Obama or they would under you you pieces by the way do you notice you said dozens of corporation dozens just run a quick search and see how many corporations are in the united states hint it's a lot more than doesn't that's okay their policy they're paying more than they expected because they wanted an even bigger tax cut that you and the media to see them as thinking they wouldn't even get even the New York Times in an expose on this many people who got a tax cut didn't actually believe that they got one at all most people saved money paid less in taxes this year the middle class benefited from a tax cut everyone did but I but you're paying more than you thought well what are you saying you'd thought you were gonna get a bigger price break screw you this is how socialism works it deceives people into think they're worse off in the art by lying to them and then using that misery to get elected promising to solve everyone's problem with free money and this was well get to the top five I think the biggest myths the most pervasive myths all this was reiterated there was an article this week announcing memes TV did you see it's an online socialist media network who without a hint of irony it'll be a pic it'll be a paid subscription service Stephen that's a text so I went to their site to see what they were about again let me know which socialist candidate you want us to livestream next week starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Sanders Harris Club which are but gig Warren when did their site means TV to see what there were no surprises I felt like this segment was long overdue let's cycle through the top five all right let's get number five is that there is no class mobility the cars are stacked against you this comes directly from the new paid subscription so you only really have like so many more doses he said on the factory you can go to the college or you can go to the army what do I have to do so I can get into a position tour I can change what I want to taste of course is survive what I feel like I have no options and you proceed to name all the options three unbelievable options by the way the officers from those three items are probably at least three thousand options like I could work at a factory and work your way up to vice president work your factory this is in Detroit this network where a UAW worker cost the company an average of over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year whoa I'm going to the military well you mean you get to ition paid for work your way up to I don't know officer not to mention serve your country or I got to go to college and choose any of the hundreds of degrees available there this is because the options I got are only infinity the three options to on-ramps basically there are three on-ramps to any option you want for the rest of your life I okay this is this idea that there is no social mobility in the United States the cars are stacked against you over the course of their lives fifty six percent of Americans will find themselves in the top ten percent seventy three percent will spend at least more than a year than top twenty percent okay so this idea that there's a static ninety nine and top one percent ruling class it's just not true particularly in the United States and this brings me to myth number four the capitalism only benefits the wealthy we hear this all the time that America shares a rich country but for most people it's terrible my mom actually told me like moving to America just like made everything worse from where and the hiring now seemed to be just doing worse and worse and nobody really seems to be able to do anything better in a system in place that keeps us there and to find out about that system like it's only $9.99 a month [Laughter] they're not gonna stay poor for long here's no system is perfect but mainly any system throughout the history of mankind that has pulled more people out of poverty than the free enterprise in a capitalist system Venezuela they killed there you go you know what let's do a little exercise everyone watching everyone watching the system any system right now think of in your head okay know that let's just go because they tried it they try to amplify this with Donald Trump yeah people are worse off everything yeah we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years record numbers of workers returning to the workforce highest job a labor force participation rate and by the way even with all that we actually have both the lowest layoff rate and the highest amount of unfulfilled meaning available jobs since the Department of Labor began recording the statistics ever it's time to toss your hip noose over the basement pipe because I only got three options college military or being an entrepreneur it's like I could go to school study and maybe like the stem field or get our shot tank we need a new fifth there right I hit the notification bell by the way join up at lattice bedroom slash Muslim it's more necessary than ever half a similar field Richmond can tell you the core subscriptions and if the notification bill I already said that and when it's an iTunes it doesn't really make it's about here's are the biggest ones you've heard this a lot right the idea that there's there's no wage growth one of the most common myths is that wages have remained the same few factor in inflation and you look at us where people are working more but they're not getting paid any more money here you go you hear it all the time and about half of Americans don't own a stock a mutual fund odenneny expect it means nothing to them so they'd rather get a wage increase that for quite a while that doesn't seem to be moving too much is wage or wages yeah two percent the trouble with 2% is 2% kind of just sucks wage hardening proportions not enough to make anyone feel the job market boom first if I'm gonna go ahead hominin but it's your chin penciled on thick the burgermeister meisterburger has two very big line lines okay this is just as problematic to use their word as the wage gap they do 77 cents in the dollar that just compares women make x-men make why one problem with computing wage growth the way that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics do is they they do average hourly earnings if I get a little nerdy let me try and go through this really quickly that doesn't take into account lifetime wage growth I highly recommend you check out the sources in the overlay that we bring up here right now let me distill it for you when you take into account individual wage growth is calculated by the census but their current population survey ok those models it's actually closer to 5% average doesn't suck no average individual wage growth is always higher than the simple average hourly earnings growth and there are a few reasons for this and I want you to do your own mental exercise because anecdotal obviously doesn't necessarily prove a point but the empirical data I believe will match up with your anecdotal experience so anyone out there right now who's done a job or been in a career in the same field of work for more than 10 years watching right now ok I'd like you to comment below if you have been doing the same job or working with the same company same field of work for 10 years I want you to do some math have you only seen a 2% wage growth III would no challenge anyone out there a couple of lower earners at the beginning of their life by the way they didn't have the most wage growth as people get older they get wealthier the percentage of wage growth is less so if you're seeing that sort of pay bump bottom out a little bit that now it may be used to be 10 percent 12 percent now it's 2 percent that means you're probably being paid pretty well if it's over a lifetime yeah exactly on top of that wage growth just hit a ten-year high despite all the models breaking the exact opposite and it seems like it's likely to keep accelerating alright that listed frankly no much wait no us you're gonna be so tired of all the girl naughty wages you won't have room your your wages I love stretch marks ok here's a second life it's just it's really stupid but I'm going to point out why I think you'll realize it's stupid on its face but you often don't think of it this way that wealth inequality is a huge problem we on a deal with the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in America very few people think it is acceptable or moral that the top one-tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% here's what I call a stupid exercise if I've doubled every single person right now watching listening doubled all of our incomes tomorrow every single one wealth inequality would increase would you be pissed would you prefer to live in a place like Cuba or Venezuela where people make whopping $30 a month in Cuba the problem isn't poverty the problem is wealth inequality and I know that there are some nations in between I'm not saying your only choices the United States or Cuba generally speaking right socialism simply socializes mediocrity poverty matter of fact every study that we have available shows there's no correlation between wealth inequality and the poverty rate usually as wealth inequality becomes big as that gap becomes bigger conditions of poor families have actually improved and here's you know it's not so much a lie that they they push the fears of let me set this up with effect socialism has never actually worked ok and they always try to claim that it's never been tried properly or where it has been tried properly now they've pivoted this is only less 10 years to the Scandinavian countries that they're all socialist Rico what happened in Venezuela they call that democratic socialism but looks like he's masturbating in another that any time there's been attempts of ordinary people to engage in self-determination they can get crushed by external nations look at US policies toward Venezuela has been very very ugly Nicaragua in the same way so we've never had a chance to really pull it off so it's only been a movement so far well so long as we know what Democratic Solent and if we know that in countries in Scandinavia like Denmark Norway Sweden they are very democratic countries obviously America to look more like Scandinavia that's right that's right and what's wrong with that well there's a lot wrong with that first off thus nuts the snus news goes up your nose that's not no news goes here stuff goes here I don't know anything about to cigars by the way a lot of they come from a lot of these craphole countries oh they took Nikolas the one silver lining they translate Venezuela a truly socialist and by the way oil-rich country kind of starting on phase three only failed because of US policies through the Scandinavia we did a whole segment on this so I'm just going to brush on this scannin even countries actually they built up their wealth under free market economies and right now they're actually moving much more toward free-market capitalism despite their incredibly small homogenous populations by the way keep in mind corporate tax rates actually lower than the United States were under Obama we're actually going there directly now finally for the first time and something else that is remarkable to me did you know that when Scandinavian people move to the United States they have higher standards of living on average than those in the Scandinavian countries in other words Danes the United States have it better than Danes and Denmark Sweden the United States have it better than Swedes in Sweden without the high suicide rate why no Japan but I thought Norway Norway that's just because of the weather and they all have to watch Let The Right One In yeah and by the way how many times do they have to come on camera and say Bernie please stop pointing to us it sucks yeah we're not they have a lot of they have a social safety net which by the way is why cars for example most I think in Denmark most people can't afford used cars you can go to a lot of credit and we wrote an article about this not long ago because the taxes are unbelievable yeah there's a huge burden on the middle class that being said they built up their wealth under free market economies so you can't claim that a country if the United States for example tomorrow the United States tomorrow became a socialist country don't you say that we became the world's greatest superpower under socialism no of course not obviously I would say that the facts are on our side okay because I just listed over a dozen I know that both sides argue they're on the side of truth okay let's put that aside for a second one thing that can't be denied is that even in theory capitalist free enterprise errs the conservative worldview can only function if an individual feels empowered and I know that Bernie bros are going to say that that's a lie because of the system man all right I know I know the fact is that the conservative message is predicated on the idea that individuals feel optimistic about their opportunities in future socialists can only remain in power by convincing the entire population of hopelessness conservatives have to campaign on hey anyone can make it in America you're good enough damn Kratts and Socialists half but I repeat myself have to campaign on you can't make it you're not good enough others are going to win you'll lose and none of it is in your control because it's all a part of the system it is a selfish appeal and certainly right now in the United States it's not based on truth right now in an economy with the lowest unemployment highest job participation least amount of firings most amount of jobs available in decades they're still selling you propaganda that you couldn't possibly make it without them and I'll come out and say in 2019 only the weakest among you by that line if you look at all of the prospects I just listed out there and feel you don't feel hopeful in any way there's there's no hope for you you lost hope long before you made that walk to the ballot box that's my biggest problem with socialism there if you liked this video subscribe or click one of these videos playing in a box you know what hit the notification bail because subscriptions don't really mean anything anymore especially if you're not eighteen or older at the very least logged in to youtube is 18 or older because sometimes people are 25 but they don't know how to use the YouTube system properly and then you never just get the notification pal or you hate yourself

  1. You call out Bernie for not stating that everyones taxes are going to raise under his plan, but fail to disclose that those raise in taxes are cheaper than for the average American than paying monthly healthcare premiums and copays.

  2. I worked for a company for exactly 10 years and went from 8.50/hr to 11.50 an hour so what’s that, a 30% increase? And I had no degree and never went for a promotion to another department. Had the same position the whole 10 years. So these people are, once again, morons. Liars. Idiots.

  3. Hahahahah nigga USA is the best place in world lmao everyone lives here nigga its always been capitalist and got so good cuz its capitalist like move to some 3rd world socialist shithole hahahah why u so dense lmao just get a job, zero irony here people

  4. I've worked for the same employer for just 5 years now, and the increase in my hourly income is over 25%. So not even looking at 10 years, where the hell are they getting this 2% nonsense??

  5. I work in the automotive industry in product development. Comparing my first job to now, over a 12 year time period, I have seen an increase, just shy of 138% in my yearly wages.

  6. Show some empathy. He’s talking about the 3 choices being perfect choices that lead to an infinite amount of options but he fails to understand the circumstances. It’s easy to go to college and pursue a degree unless you have to take care of your mom or younger siblings because your dad is locked up in the county prison. Your mom might even be a drug user, so what choices does that leave you with? I don’t believe in socialism but you are wrong when you say there’s infinite amount of choices to make. Maybe there were a infinite amount of options for you growing up because you didn’t have to make your way through the inner cities and go through the institutional racism that many people have to go through. You’re a smart guy, start showing it by understanding that this topic has multiple facets to it than just your own.

  7. I mover to America from Colombia when I was 10. This country is so "bad" That my parents are wealthy because they have their own business. I served the country in the Marines had to get out for an injury but now as a 27 year old I own my home have 2 brand new cars and an amazing job that pays salary and work from home. Please tell me why America is so bad??

  8. Steven crowder said most people were told by the media they wouldn’t get a tax break then showed a screenshot of The New York Times (a major news organization) saying that they would get a tax break.

  9. The funny thing is 99% of people I know who say they support socialism have no clue what socialism is. They end up saying they support welfare, taxes and government programs like schools, post office, cops, firefighters, army etc.

  10. On Wage growth-i’ve been at my current employer for almost 10 years. I started as part time for $9.50 an hour and my wages since I became full-time have more than doubled. Can’t complain!

  11. Look… I am a HUGE Trump supporter. With Trump there is some bad, and some good, I voted for him in 2016 and I ‘ll vote for him in 2020. However, my tax bill for FY 2017 is $10,000 more than it was in FY 2016. I am a small business owner with an LLC, I earned about $160,000 in FY 2017, and I am PISSED about this “tax cut“. Multi billion dollar corporation’s are paying ZERO in federal income tax… and they’re doing it on my back! Also in the military, you cannot ‘work’ you’re way up to Officer.

  12. Yes crooder, The inequality (economic and social) is a problem in your country, i think it's called hum…Ethic and democrcay. Oligarchs and corruption is not a good thing actually. But hey what do i know ? 🙂 I'm not a failed comedian bourgeois who recycled himself in propaganda after all lol. Even from a "communist" point of view, this tribalism is exaggerated ^^

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