Debbie D’Souza delivers a warning to Democrats hawking socialist policies

Pavlich: Our next guest was born and
raised in Venezuela and has a warning to 2020 Democrats
campaigning for socialist policies here at home. Debbie D’Souza joins
us now to explain. Debbie, thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it.
Tell us about your upbringing in Venezuela and how your
country has changed. D’Souza: Growing up in Venezuela,
I had everything that was available to us. Food, clothing, luxuries that
people can’t even imagine looking at Venezuela today. Venezuela was a very
prosperous country, a very beautiful country, but prosperous. The government
believed in the constitution, they followed it. The government has always
been corrupt, but I think that it’s really hard to find a non-corrupt
government anywhere in the world. And so that was no exception, but
they did follow the constitution. It was not a tyrannical dictatorship
like it’s become now. Cain: Debbie, if we look at Venezuela
by the numbers right now, they say that nearly 90 percent of all Venezuelans
live in poverty, inflation is forecast at 10 million percent. Million.
D’Souza: Yes. Cain: And the collapse has led to shortages
of food, medicine, and other basic goods. Five thousand Venezuelans are fleeing
the country every single day. Do you see any danger in what the 2020
Dems are proposing right now, calling for socialist policies here in
the United States? People say, “Oh, it’s impossible. It could never
happen here.” What is your experience? D’Souza: My family said it could never
happen there. They were convinced that Hugo Chávez was not going to turn
the country into a communist country, and he did it. For the last 20 years,
Venezuela has been on the road to socialism. Socialism is equal misery,
so anybody that thinks otherwise needs to go to Venezuela and
witness it for themselves. Everybody can’t find food. You go
from grocery store to grocery store just to find the basics. You line up, and
if you don’t get in by the time they close, you don’t get food. There have been
reports of people actually eating their own pets. It’s horrific, and I can’t imagine
that anybody in America would think that something like this was a
wonderful thing. It’s a terrible, terrible way to live. It’s a horrific
ideology that I can’t imagine anybody thinking is a good thing. Pavlich: Debbie, there have been
a number of Democrats in Hollywood, leftists, who have praised Venezuela as
a place where you can actually get to the American dream faster than
you can get to it in America. You have Elizabeth Warren now saying
she’s proposing a tax on the wealthy and the richest of Americans, saying, “It
will only affect the tippy-top 0.1 percent of the wealthy, those with a net worth of
over 50 million dollars. I’m calling it the ‘ultra-millionaire tax.'” But as
Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is running out of other
people’s money.” And as you know, Venezuela used to be one of the
richest countries in the world. So what is your response to people
who are kind of creeping in with the socialism here in America? D’Souza: Well, that’s exactly how it
happened there. It was actually socio-economic havoc on the people that
were hardworking and making money. So what happened is that their money
went nowhere. The regime actually posed price controls on business owners.
They couldn’t make a profit anymore. So a lot of the middle class and upper
middle class, they started moving out of Venezuela. So yes, they ran out of
people’s money, and now they have horrific poverty and horrific crime.
It’s one of the most dangerous places to live in the world. Pavlich: Debbie, we really appreciate you
coming on to share your story about Venezuela and the tragedy it has become
as a result of socialist policies. Thank you so much.
Cain: Thank you, Debbie.

  1. Glad to finally hear people speaking the truth ! To the socialist … Have a nice vacation there . Learn the truth !

  2. You can't expect a greedy govt to put food on your table when all they think about is fattening their pockets socialism has always been a failure to many govts around the world it will never work here because the people will not allow it..Venezuela is a classic example of why it doesnt work but the democraps think the people are stupid to allow them to steal our money in plain sight to line their pockets they're KRAZY tell them to stick it up their asses…

  3. Am, am, am, am, am,…Jesus, lady, learn English already. But you certainly qualify to be White House Press Secretary, you have the stuttering going for you.

  4. The Corrupt Dems know this will happen here too. They want to take control of as much of the wealth of our nation and citizens as they can for their own gain. Their prize for dismantling our Republic to be handed over to the highest bidder.

  5. Socialism and communism is exactly what the Democrats want. The reason being is because they want absolute control and power, and they will do anything it takes to gain absolute control even if it means selling any soul they have to devil to obtain that kind of control and power over society.

  6. In the 1950s, which was one of the most prosperous times in U.S. history, the top marginal tax rate for the very rich was over 90% for many years.

    It's absurd to claim that what happened in Venezuela will happen to our Constitution-based Democratic Republic. Clearly the 1950s did not lead America to a socialist government. We change our leaders when we're dissatisfied with conditions. As long as our leaders never abandon the U.S. Constitution, were safe. The woman in this video is clueless.

    I'm not in favor of accumulated wealth being taxed though, just income tax and some sales taxes.

  7. Scary that there are American leaders who want to emulate Venezuela. Scary that so many Americans are brainwashed and that it could actually happen if the Republicans lose in 2020 or 2024.

  8. Doesn't it ever occur to you that Only the Kleptocrats and Elites keep preaching and selling Socialism to the ignorant masses who don't know that Socialism is actually Feudalism?

  9. Don’t think for 1 minute that the democraps want socialism because it’s works .!! The reason they want it is to make America fall .

  10. It's 2019. Why aren't Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Jimmy Carter, Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson and Oliver Stone in Venezuela and Washington telling us how great socialism is? This is always the result of socialism so why aren't they telling us how great things are in Venezuela?

  11. If you're going to subjugate a population your first order of business to turn them into uneducated idiots. The second is to create an identity they admire and pressure others to admire and to be that identity. The third is to teach them to fight ruthlessly and attack by any means necessary anything that doesn't agree with them. The fourth is take over. In older times that meant by force. In a democracy that means by vote. We're at the edge of stage four.

  12. Once those heavy taxes come in here's a preview:
    1.the rich who don't want to pay 70% will probably move lots of their money offshore they may move themselves to avoid it
    2. They are going to fire a lot of people to make up for the massive loss of money and send jobs back to mexico, china, india, bangladesh, vietnam, anywhere they can have cheap labor
    3. Due to the above side effects, ocrazyo cortez's 70% tax now falls on all of the middle and lower class, terrible results

  13. This is how Socialism always ends; Chaos, Death and suffering. Plenty of dead bodies over the last 100 years. . Never mind it's not real Socialism so we must try again and again and again. Lunacy.

  14. Gee wiz folks, how was it that the US tax system sucked all of us in when it was originally only meant for the "richest" to pay their "fair share"???
    Yep, same crap Pocahontas is preaching today!
    Libtards want YOUR $$$ in order to give other people free stuff so these leeches will vote for them as we witnessed the last several election cycles.

  15. Go there now. Take a hundred dollars with you. Get your throat cut for it. Hey ocaisio want to go on vacation there? Work at a bar for road kill scraps to eat?

  16. I predict if a government shift towards Socialism, ooooh will the sh*t hit the fan!
    "Thanks to Our Founding Fathers & the popularity ubiquitous firearms (registered & unregistered) our system of government / Constitution is reasonably safe.
    * The May Day 1992 / Rodney King Riot(s) didn't even represent "concerned armed Patriots"
    Think about it.

  17. I think that Debbie absolutely correct. She is able to see the dangers clearly, hopefully some people will listen, it depends on how infulentual the democrats are.

  18. That's what these morons in the U.S. need to hear, that socialism doesn't work. And they need to hear the truth from someone who has come from a country that has lived in that environment. Thank you Debbie for spreading the truth!

  19. Gee, where have we heard this story B4? Maybe we can air that clip on all the national news stations across America, to wake up the sleeping population who haven't got a clue.

  20. Oh, but you don't understand,…..The Demonrats want our citizens to live in a shitty country, just like Venezuela, so that they have all the power to tell everyone how to live, where to live, which foods they can eat, what kind of car they can have, etc.,etc. But the Demonrats always forget that We the People still have the power to oust them from office. Forcefully if needs be, with our Constitutionally protected firearms. And most of us would love to do a France type overthrow of the Socialist Progressive Demonrats, except with firing squads, not beheadings.

  21. Showing an extreme example like Venezuela and claiming it could happen here is weak journalism. Feeding on the fears of rubes and bigots is just plain pathetic. Republican leadership led us to the great depression of the 30s ,and the great recession of 2007. Thank god two smart democrats like Roosevelt and Obama came along to fix it. But I know sometimes facts confuse Trumptards

  22. The dems are not listening. All conservatives can do is try and get the independent voter, which is certainly possible. The new democrat leader is a radical Leftist, and the new democrat voter is an ignorant, collage grad who knows nothing about America's founding or socialism's evil past.

  23. Shows you the sheep are completely stupid, keep voting demshit demshits, you like that way of life take a vacation in venezuala and send back a post card how you liked it, period…..

  24. How to force all The Greens to move from Australia to Venezuela……? Half a year of personal experience would do?

  25. ya the white rulers of our destroyed planet..have starved Venezuelians n corrupted there media that the people blame maduro..for trying to keep Venezuela out of new world order…puppet politician..instead of maduro.. stupid sheeple who once again fall for american ur brainwashed mind n back maduro

  26. These millenials and the like believe Socialism is cool because they have never experienced it. Democrats such as cortes and sanders have sold this idea from their expensive homes and 5-star hotels. People like them will never lack money but ordinary people will. To American parents I say this, in your desire to give your children everything they need, you have made them useless. Some of these troubled minds think money grows on trees. By the way, shame on people who support the killling of fully mature babies, you are murderers!

  27. All these people in the migrant caravan don’t need our help, the Venezuelans do!!! It really ticks me off!! I would support bringing them here temporarily, until their government is overthrown and back on track.

  28. I think the wall will be used to hold Americans in when we desire to flee Socialism. The mob of useful idiots will stop travel when the money runs out and socialism turns commie like it always does.

  29. the ONLY ones wanting to live under socialism are millenial western nutters.. BILLIONS of those who live under socialism and tyranny are DIEING, trying to escape..

  30. it happenned in ancient rome.. its happenned in every great kingdom in history.. socialism is a nirvana fantasy dream that would only work in heaven .. and even there, we have a King.. but here on earth ,,,it is a fatal disease.. what a lovely lady

  31. she said it best, socialism is equal misery, pay attention America, under no circumstances allow one shred of socialism, stop the dems agenda now, for our kids and grandkids sake

  32. This is what happens when you push a liberal, socialist, hate America agenda in schools. You get native born people taught to hate capitalism, freedom, and democracy. It takes immigrants from shithole countries to appreciate the true greatness of the USA. Don't believe for a minute the leftists didn't have this planned for decades.

  33. Yet…………..the lemmings here keep following the leader on the way to the cliff. Lefty's are so stupid they are a threat to North America.

  34. The 1% of the rich can move to other countries or live on their yachts in international waters. How will they tax them then.

  35. I love how the retarded Republicans keep beating that dead horse called Venezuela as some example for all socialism. You would guess they never heard of China, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherland Etc. All countries with socialist policies of universal health, tuition-free college and so on. And they are doing just fine. Whiny Trump butt sniffer responses in 3,2,1

  36. Just tax the middle class more….Oh! I forgot…there is no more middle class…taxed out of existance!! Stupid socialists!

  37. In human history, any society that went to a Communistic or Socialist form of government has collapsed from extreme poverty and government bankruptcy, and the collapse ALWAYS ends in violent crime and civil war. Common Collective ONLY works for ants and honey bees because the workers simply can not think for themselves.

  38. Allow me to lay aside, for now, the debate about whether or not socialism really is a good idea. I should like it if I could simply have someone answer one question: If, as 'we' are assured, socialism is a workable, beautiful concept that simply hasn't been implemented correctly…

    what makes anyone think that the US Federal Government is capable of doing it right?

  39. Democrats are the Party of Late Term Abortion, High Taxes, Open Borders, Karl Marx/Communism, Lawlessness, Racism and Crime!

  40. Not one of her better interviews. She is saying “um” quite a bit. She is generally a very intelligent and articulate woman.

  41. Greed is not the problem. Envy is the problem. MANY Venezuelans still there support Maduro because of envy, not up to but not far from half. Many people would rather spread their misery than see anyone prosper because it reminds them that they are lazy or stupid or in some other way less capable. Equality of outcome has an inverse relation with equality of opportunity and freedom because not everyone is created with similar abilities. Feminism is another form of this envy.

  42. Remember we are in a spiritual warfare…. However, God wins 🙏. Keep praying and make sure you cling to God Almighty Amen😇😇😇

  43. Let's keep in mind that the slavery of crony capitalism is any better folks. America does indeed need a second America revolution. Government itself is corrupt… everywhere in the world. We have the technology to make obsolete most government jobs and replace the politician with a simple voting system. We no longer need representatives to act on our behalf when we can simply mass vote via internet. That way the vote decides not the corrupted politician.

  44. This character is a sell out. Traitor to her country. She is either blind or ignorant. If she went to college she probably fail her politics classes. Her statements are erratic. Yes, try to get the current president out because he fail the people of Venezuela but don't sell out to get him out. If you approve an intervention and Venezuelans die, these lives lost are on you, too.

  45. Waaaay too late for warnings.

    America is a western civilization being assaulted and our Founding Fathers through God showed what it would take to have freedom, liberty and individuality.

    Those failed states and the people of it fail because they refuse to go through the trials by fire.

    American conservatives always yapping about jobs, real estate, life insurance, economy and health care all that doesn't matter when you're being purposely supplanted and nothing done to address the issue which isn't difficult to deal with if you're serious.

  46. socialism brought down one of the biggest markets in less than 20 years – actually much less than that – by believing in a socialist regime.. and still this system of government is being spread around the world as some form of utopia.. socialism is the path to destruction….

    reference to Scandinavian nations and its application of socialism does not disprove rather it approves the facts about socialism.. and those who challenge this need to first commit to an extensive research to understand how the government and economy actually operates in those countries.. until then, they will always think otherwise..

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