Debate With A "Libertarian Anarchist"

okay how's it going I could answer your jelly broken challenge to a libertarian Oh God horse you got the phone reception to do it I'm sorry what of course of course okay yeah so um I guess I should just explain my position so you don't have to guess which trained of libertarian I am so philosophically I guess I'm an anarchist I hate this dude in government in general I just don't believe in it and uh I guess politically I'm libertarian and that I'd be willing to compromise on reducing the size and function of government to like only the things that absolutely cannot be done in any other way like for government in the rare case that government is the optimal solution if if that is ever the case I'd be willing to compromise until we find some better market solution to whatever that particular problem is okay and so give me a sense of of what those things are like what do you think the government is doing now uh that could be picked up by by private by the marketplace let's start with what one of the biggest expenditures are that we have right so uh the military do you think the military should go away what military the military yeah yeah I think it should be like very seriously reduced um you know like maybe 1% of our current budget um if you look at just our naval fleet I mean I think we have something like 10 or 11 aircraft characters boats and builds being supercarrier and you know russia has one china has one and they're like the old time not the nuclear ones so I think America would be just fine I don't think there's any real external threat to America I think geography serves as a natural barrier to most right and I think you know like this right of terrorism is largely caused by our foreign policy firstly so yeah I'd like to substantially reduce the size of the area okay so we reduce the military now the next biggest expenditure by the US government I guess theoretically I mean ya know it's it's not even theoretical uh by your definition would be Social Security and Medicare and do you think that we could do uh retirement insurance by the private uh by the marketplace as opposed to the government yeah so I think a better system would be uh you know right now health care is well it's you start with Social Security and then we'll go to health care I'm sorry uh you see that again you're kind of breaking up uh let's start with Social Security and then we'll go to Medicare Social Security okay so my argument against Social Security is rather straightforward and simple it applies to all government on you I I think in one of your videos once you mentioned that Social Security is like the best thing that government does or something along those lines it's and of the most successful hold on for a second it's been in my estimation one of if not the most successful government program that we have had in terms of reducing reducing old-age poverty and it's also one of the most popular okay yeah sure so like what even if we just give rough rough estimates like Social Security you know that's the thing that justifies governor I guess you know just that's one example there there is actually no government program that I can point to or look at and say hey this government program is so great and somehow justifies the Vietnam War or the Iraq war or you know among the various wars that our guy I believe like the government does such incredible evil that no dog no program as good can ever justify the incredible people wait a second didn't you I'm sorry I'm confused I'm confused didn't you start this by saying that the other type of libertarian who is willing to have some government programs as long as it's the minimal amount the things that the market can't do better than government so this that what you're talking about your your anarchism I don't wanna I don't want to get in this argument about like you think there should be no governments and and because if they did the amount of evil they do does not justify their existence whatsoever but you've already started this by explaining to me that you're the type of libertarian who's willing to make that compromise and have some government so you don't need to tell me about how you don't think there should be any government right now we're discussing what used to how you started this which is that you think there should be some dinner and I'm asking you by going line by line as to the biggest expenditures of this government I'm asking you we've we've heard what you said about the military we should we should drastically reduce it I think you and I are at least have some measure of agreement on that now I'm asking you about Social Security and your answer is not that because of what we did in Vietnam we shouldn't have Social Security your answer is what should we keep it or not yeah so I would be willing to say that yeah sure let's uh keep Social Security I guess until we can find a better solution I believe a better solution is certainly possible through the market I think Social Security may be a sense of work that is it's not the 401ks because that's been a unmitigated disaster no I would I definitely wouldn't call 401k a better alternative my view is that just through you know law market forces wealth naturally increases over time and what we're doing right now is reducing scarcity through technology I believe the cost of everything is gonna go substantially down in the future just through economies of scale and things like that I think even buying a home will be pretty cheap and I think a lot of things in the future are going to be automated when we get to the point when we'll be ok but let's talk about until we get to the Jetsons level and all of the the largest source of wealth that Americans have is their homes so if the homes go down in value significantly we're going to need even more social security frankly from the government it seems to me but um so Social Security we keep what about Medicare um you know the I haven't really put too much thought into Medicare in my view is that all care in America is totally overpriced and that's mostly because of government regulations really almighty does that work yeah well I think a better model would be like the surgery center of Oklahoma where you have like price disliking companies like you walk in there and you lets out and I need surgery on your wrist or whatever it is and they say okay well that's gonna cost us and now you know they don't have like the secret pricing system dippity that depends on which insurance company that you have a government rotation but what government regulation causes secret pricing uh well therefore one one example is Medicare they're very known to overpay and all insurance actually know general you gotta brush up on your Medicare Medicare is actually far more uh not only efficient in terms of delivering insurance far more so than the private market but it actually is the single greatest source of any type of price controls because it puts downward pressure on prices because they can group negotiate well I don't know because I remember watching 66 or 60 60 or whatever they show us and um saves as I was getting like a scooter something and buy one outright was like two or three hundred but if you go through Medicare's like you know fourteen fifteen hundred or so be silly like that or they will rent oh I see yelling you know but the people who are either too fat or otherwise and immobile to to walk yes if you get any medical procedures and you have insurance private or Medicare uh your prices are actually higher that's correct but that's all insurance well so you don't think there should be hundreds well I know how this insurance thing works anyways because I remember before he left you require to have insurance I didn't have it and I would always pay a cash price and the caps prices always it's always always substantially cheaper than what they were charging insurance company and how much did you go for for your cancer medication I'm sorry how much did you pay for your cancer medication oh I didn't have cancer how much did you pay for your I know that your your the the surgery that was required after your accident oh I didn't have an accident I see and so what what kind of things are you paying for fuck you know like regular doctor visit do you think that you're ever going to you're ever going to get you know maybe some major medical bill at one point your life I I hope not but I certainly think it's possible yeah I think it's probable statistically speaking I'm sorry do you think it's beyond possible like probable yes you're sure it couldn't be probable but then it so how we were about in your third grade mid 20s or early twenties the surgery center of Oklahoma you know I think that overall that would be cheaper than uh you know this certainly were during we got order or it certainly could be uh how old are you why how old are you how old am i dirty 30 all right do you have kids yeah I did I think Arthur do you have kids what do I have service children children yeah I have three children do you have a health insurance for those kids yeah I do why or did you let me ask you this did you before uh before uh the Affordable Care Act force you to did I did for know before the Affordable Care Act may mandatory did you have health insurance for those kids oh yeah active out in the military you okay me anti-war and energy I used to be military I see and okay but you don't have to get health insurance for them you know but it's really receiving subsidized so but okay but let me ask you a question if it wasn't cheap and subsidized would you yeah yeah if it wasn't cheap and subsidized would you get them health insurance oh I don't know probably I I don't think I could have afforded it otherwise okay so so you wouldn't have gotten them health insurance how would that make you feel to have your kids going around without health insurance ah I feel pretty bad about it yeah so in other words the subsidies for the health insurance that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that god forbid one of your kids gets some type of disease where you couldn't pay in cash for it god forbid that happens they're protected now so you start to begin to see the value of a government that doesn't mean that that government doesn't do bad things certainly but then I I think back to applying why is health care so expensive in the first place and I see that as a function of government I mean but you plan explain to me why that's a case you can't explain to me why that's case you can tell me that a scooter Medicare pays more for that scooter than the then a cash purchase does but medic but a cash purchase also plays less than private health insurance well here's looking what with insurance in general what the Medicare in particular when a company knows that like a big you know someone with a lot of money is going to make a painting here they're going to raise their jackets and prices like immediately because they know that normal people couldn't possibly afford to pay like three or four hundred bucks just on the doctor and get a checkup so are you're suggesting company a certainly can so usage ding they are compared without Medicare prices of of of medical service would go down that's what you're suggesting well I think most of the regulations and healthcare I mean I think that's what causes the cost to be so I what regulations can we do you clean syringes at the doctor's office I mean what regulations are you talking about that role I think a lot of the paperwork here and kind of ridiculous could that's why we have things like medical tourism it should cheaper to do in other countries and uh you know like if you want to go to Thailand for you know similar service it's going to cost way more in America right I think that's mostly due to government regulations really but you can't explain how that's the case well there's a few mechanisms for example if you want to talk about like prescriptions and stuff I believe that you know cost by government and pets you know it people aren't allowed or legally allowed to make generic versions or not boss yeah I think is something that there's true I think there's some truth to that but I mean so you would I think you and I would both agree on patent reform that's fine okay I would provide Martin reform you know would provide that point info right it would be government baby becoming a doctor in America is ridiculous like the amount of money that you have to pay for college here I will call it use in the bubble itself that's another topic we could talk about let's talk about timeout for a second you realize Thailand has universal health care coverage scheme that is implemented by their government yeah I am and honestly I think a single-payer would actually be better than what we have now with Obamacare it's not ideal well I agree with work there it gets better it's just better than you know who's coming you know the one candidate you know who the one candidate in the entire race Republican Democrat anybody well or there's actually two if you want to include the Green Party who are promoting a single-payer health care insurance it's not deliver tearing candidate Rand Paul it is the socialist candidate running as a Democrat Bernie Sanders yeah I mean I I have to see the two of them in a debate but I'm founder Jude I Got News for ya you're not a libertarian you're a socialist oh and you know what but I don't buy that I'm equally likely to vote for Bernie Sanders as I am read all I really should bring know a lot of it it really should be more because you don't have an issue you know it's not a question of you thinking the market can do better why would you support single-payer that's the least market oriented bum approach of health care which is the largest sector of our well not the largest but but I think probably number two or three in terms of our government expenditures well because I I think the system we have now distorts the market too much that the ofer would almost be better right because basically my rent right now is for progressive it's just a handout to the insurance companies who now they have all these xpbex you agree they can agree for money corporatism yeah with a smaller government yet it becomes more promise than corporatism sure but it's not better than capitalist right and we're barrels that capitalist exists that Thailand that you're talking about because that's a government-run health care where does that uh that free-market medicine uh delivery system work outside of like Somalia okay say that I'm sorry all right well listen I gotta go but I appreciate the the fact you're enjoying the socialized medicine of the military uh I you deserve it but you know what we all deserve it and so uh but thanks well III don't think that the military should be the size that it was like I don't think I ever should have been in the military at all I agree what I just was tell people people make mistakes I guess yeah I mean I wasn't I wasn't an anarchist when I signed up okay though the Afghanistan war kind of create – well I just see government as it's a mostly evil I don't know anyone could possibly justify the existence of burden and ask knowing all the things they do well you know government's made up of people all that is made up of people and so by the same principle people are evil and if people are evil then there's no point to any people and then we're basically basically gotta also be pro orb so I appreciate the phone call okay thanks I mean I you know I agree war is bad and governments do some pretty evil things and our government does some pretty evil things there's no connection between that truth and the idea that you should then be against the government doing good things and if you don't think that government can do any good things you have to believe that social security is a bad thing in which case you would support the ending of Social Security which this guy didn't if you think that government cannot do good things you can't possibly say I would want single-payer over a market-based system that we have now because by the way that you think if the market is bad in this instance then it's gonna be the more bad if there's more of it but I'm glad your kids have health care I have genuinely do uh there's nothing that scares me more than when people decide like well I don't think there should be a government so my kids are not going to get health care and I have over the years run into people like that and it's uh very disturbing you

  1. Cut 99% of the defense budget? Call me Patton, but does he really think that we could make do with a military budget of $7B? Payroll alone would be several times that.

  2. Every time I get an EOB from my insurance company, the cost of the procedure (cash price) is ALWAYS more than what insurance pays (adjusted price)

  3. Why do Libertarians sound like a broken record ? "I'm sorry" "I'm sorry" "I'm sorry" "sorry" :Sorry I didn't get that" "Say that gain" "I'm sorry " "I didn't hear that" "I'm sorry " "Sorry"

  4. Sam should start his arguments with "How old are you son" ??? They all seem to be wet behind the ears !

  5. I'm visitting from the year 2019, most democrat candidates are running their primary campaigns on Medicare for all. Also Donald Trump is president.

  6. I may be in the minority here, but I have a lot of sympathy for this caller because I do believe that his experiences of being in the military drastically shaped his political views. I genuinely feel bad for him but I do believe that he is insightful enough to go back to the drawing board and look at what the right policies are for the majority of people, including himself. And those policies are 100% populist left.

  7. These Libertarian calls in just to waste time always acting like they cant hear what did you say huh i cant hear you, say that again. Sam my brother always on point. Great video

  8. He's pro lean/effective government rational thinker. I don't know how in the hell he came to the conclusion he's an anarchist

  9. After watching a lot of these libertarian caller videos, I'm thinking that in a libertarian utopia the phone service would totally suck.

  10. Libertarians are accidental comedians. Could put one up on stage and have them just talk about the way they see things and the room would be roaring with laughter.

  11. Yes healthcare is expensive because of the government, it’s called them allowing the medical industry to charge whatever they want. If we had regulations like other countries we’d have cheaper prices.

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