welcome back to the david package for
joining me is f_e_c_ bold author of sex politics religion have delusional
thinking is destroying america uh… steve great to have you you make
the case in the book that a lack of just basic critical thinking about some of
the foremost political issues is really driving us in the wrong direction uh… particularly with the
politicization of the of a lot of these issues uh… let’s go through a couple
of these one-by-one if we can and just kind of see where you think the critical
thinking direction will get us on these i want to
start with the health care reform which were actually awaiting a supreme court decision on yeah absolutely i mean well then the
idea here is that we another delusional thinking as we
actually have the money to pay for this this this crazy this crazy fall and we
don’t obviously were broke and to to have thirty two million people
uninsured and and then insurer everyone in the country force
everyone to be in shirts attitude to cover these thirty two million on many
of which are really young people uh… is ridiculously in any detail was a
ridiculous week we don’t have the money were broke and we’re going to bankrupt our
grandkids at this time i think i’ll put a spring choral combat rule against us
see i can understand why you would white individually you would come to some of
those conclusions but but the problem is that okay let’s take a look at that
insuring young people thing uh… if we don’t insure young people
when they’re healthy then they’re not going to be able to get
insurance from health insurance companies once they do get sick and now
the inevitable e people do get sick so do if if that is your point of view do you
believe we should just have in uh… national government health care
system like they do in many countries in europe or or do you do are you going the
other way kind of the republican way of saying we should have a completely market free market based system actually free-market basis the more of a
libertarian point here i think i mean republican but yeah definitely more
toward that a free in a foreign and if we’re gonna
at the thirty two million let’s have a thirty two million answer three hundred
thirty two million animate still sounds even if we could afford it it’s a you know it’s it’s a it’s as i a
obviously sometimes like medicine enough anxious really reflects the views of the
obama administration unanswered sob you see a social sweeney union least
organization there and you know administrations so what’s what’s but you
you’ve said were putting their needs two million
people into the for-profit health care system which is
mostly the result of corporate funding in
corporate influence what socialist about that well i i think that the biggest issue
could be resent nobody this is this is one of the delusions that i talk about
the book is that is that no one in this country is denied
health care itnet they never have been denied health care they never will be if
you walk into this and to a hospital off the street in you have no money you will
be treated no through a hold on to say let’s let’s let me know if that is true let’s think critically because i know
that that’s your thing uh… that there are a lot is indicating
that but the patient has to be stabilized okayed that’s legally all
that has to happen that doesn’t mean that you are going to get cancer
treatment for example it just means legally the hospital has the stabilizing
and or transfer you somewhere where you can destabilize but that doesn’t mean
that you’re going to get treatment but i want to go back to what he said what socialist about putting thirty two
million people at the mercy of for-profit health
insurance companies an additional thirty two million people all socialist at the concert that’s
america’s medical students welfare even if it socialized medicine medicine and
socialist and it’s a social it’s a socialist are enough lots of your public states people
are saying near the critical thinking that you’re
telling your defining something a socialist by saying it socialized
medicine you can’t define something uh… the definition for something can
be that which we are defining what all of the soonest about putting
thirty two million people in through the for-profit health care
system and letting companies with profit as
their motive decide whether they should or shouldn’t have treatments approved
co-pays and federal what socialist about that but that’s not going to have a way that
they if you’re if you’re putting them into the system we have currently it’s
not and that’s what they are now honors at your turn well no but if you if obama kirsten
mandate and data i have to buy insurance so i mean there
is a for-profit insurance a for-profit insurance from the for-profit companies
with social about that’s that’s that’s socials because its mandate it’s a it’s mandated by the government
that social spy definition i mean it’s mandated by the government you are
forced to buy a product in its unconstitutional so
that we were thinking about so some basic thought them so the republicans
who first came up with the individual mandate idea in the early nineties their
socialist well i i think that’s all sweeping jenna position i wouldn’t go
that far but i mean i i think that we have a socialist and he does it well i think it day i’m not saying
there’s social sunset casual day that’s the best that they
need that’s why i have a problem with the
socialism claims because many people like to say this is
socialist and when you ask them about it they do what you’re doing they say socialism is socialist or or they
equivocate so i have a right when i’m thinking critically about it i have a
real problem with it well yeah okay let me explain a good and
i don’t be a we well we have some delights medicine
in this country medicated socialism is socialized medicine that care socialize partially socialized
medicine in social security is a socialist programs welfare it’s not welfare but its government you know it’s
government-funded near him into it and then you get money back yet exactly steffi so i mean it’s not
like we’re we’re not totally doing this once saying is is that uh… furthered through the
government to come along and mandate that we buy a product that’s that’s so
i’m not saying above are the administration of their socialist or
you’re not saying that cuz i couldn’t find your hair leaning i said social
other leaning toward the socialist philosophy i mean you’re going that’s a pretty big statements and make
it there socks was back in august a bridesmaid area well idea well i think we have to get the acid
leaning i think the lean toward that black but that’s not by all by my care it to me as i completely socials program
i met i’d you know its coverage of government mandate of a
product it’s our american it’s unconstitutional backing i think david when of i think by
thursday we’re gonna get a decision by the supreme court and i think they’re
gonna they’re gonna go against no pressure i don’t know how they can yes because i want to get other topics will
agree to kinda drop it but again i would go back to the same question
what socialist about putting thirty two million more people into a for-profit
health insurance mandated by corporations let’s talk about gay marriage what’s our
critical thinking analysis of gay marriage well all that it’s not just termination to uh… to keep gays from
being you know from folowing them to uh… to be married in a dance and it’s not
it’s obviously a religious thing it’s it’s it’s from the religious right
they’ve been going after pete i mean you know they discriminated against almost
every group b_ i mean women bunny reveal the religious right has gone against
women they’ve gone against minority save money it’s it’s just ridiculous and it’s
kinda gay marriages can be passed in this country day there’s no question it
because it’s the right thing to do is just a matter of time the all these all
these bible bumpers are gonna lose eventually because it’s
wrong it’s outdated it’s antiquated they need to grow up emotionally let
people be who they want to be cc i think i was surprised about our disagreement
on health care reform because you’re so spot on with the gay marriage issue i mean
there’s no question inevitably this is a fight that’s going to be lost and it is you’re right being directed
mostly by the religious right since we agree on
that one leaf it one more topic in death penalty give me your thoughts well i i think we’d ought at the death
penalty is a really truthfully controversial issue i a i really think coming to our study is it show that it’s
true that it’s not really effective in the really some conflicting studies on
as i struggled with this one in the book on a slant i think it i think that the damn the
death penalty should be ya you know should be enforced in we should
have it but that at the same time a lot of studies show that that it’s not
really effective in deterring crime so it’s really that’s really a tahoe i’m
not against the death penalty but i think again it’s more a but before the
religious right infringing on up i’m on policy and paul so you believe that it’s perfectly
legitimate for this state to sanction the killing of people based on a list of crime is the state
itself has determined to be worthy enough of of death as the punishment you
believe the stated that but i thought i would say it was like
terry well i think you know it’s it’s a tough
one it’s a it’s a tough it’s a tough issue and really studied a lot and uh… it’s a tough one but yeah i
think stories i think if i think it does determine people i mean it did get an
answer people i mean to uh… you know from from committing
the example of that ances and not although some some studies
showing at six exactly what it was at the beginning he said you don’t think
that it’s a very good the terrify me what about the fact that forget about
whether let’s skip whether the state should have the
right to make those decisions about taking
life from others uh… what about the fact that like for
example we just found out that in texas and innocent man was put to death what
about the finality of it the lack of of being able to provide
someone remuneration for ron imprisonment or or
incorrect polish met once it was the kill them you
can’t do that yeah i know and a lot of people make
that case not me and i think that there’s been there
there but very few cases that it turned out that women of all the people that
have been put to death i don’t think there’s been there been too many
mistakes but you’re right in a bit of one percent there’s a mistake made on
one person that is that is one of the issues i don’t think that you told us
that i’m married to say it that way but that’s reality unavailable lights one out of three is not bad i guess on
the three topics we got to the book is sex politics religion it’s by steve
siebel even if we don’t agree i thought but the book was very compelling and an
interesting read so thanks for being on today i think they’ll appreciate

  1. I'll say it over and over again. I love the way David is able to interview insane people and get them to freely express their totally insane viewpoints as if they actually made sense. Keep it up Dave!

  2. And those goddamn Socialist states. Forcing us to have auto insurance. And then, what about all these traffic lights and speed limits? SOCIALISM!

  3. Socialism is NOT communism.
    And the USA borrows most of the money from a communist country: China
    Just in case, people forget.

  4. I don't think the health care bill is socialist. I am against "Obamacare." I say scrap it! Make Wall Street pay for health care, social security, medicare and medicaid, food stamps, SCHIP etc. With a 1% sales tax on all wall street turnover on hedge-funds and deriviatives.

  5. For a guy who claims to like logic and reason so much it seems very hard for him to apply logic to things when they don't follow his political ideology.

  6. The reason for the discussion is "Obamacare" comes from the right-wing. Our current system is closer to socialism (in emergencies, they have to stabilize for you whether you can pay or not). This system is suppose to get rid of this "problem". Nonetheless, the right wing decided to attack it as socialism. Plus, a lot of us liberals want an actual socialist health care or insurance. Obamacare doesn't really move us closer to it.

  7. Something the MSM almost never tries to do. And many of those who would be willing to do it have issues with actually being able to stay calm and collected in the face of extreme stupidity.

  8. He would likely consider himself a "strict constitutionalists". If it is something he disagrees with and the constitution does not explicitly say the federal government can do something, then it is unconstitutional. If they agree with something, even if the constitution says the federal government cannot do it, then it is still constitutional. If they disagree with it and the constitution says it is okay, then it is socialism.

  9. whats so wrong with socialized medicine we are ranked 28th for healthcare not #1 and the #1 country cost is 4 times less the the USA is ………………………..

  10. in socialist countries we dont need private healthcare because we get healthcare for free,we dont have someone telling us we have to buy something from private companies so talk for yourself stupid idiots in the us,you dont know what socialism is.

  11. Single-payer health insurance costs LESS less privately insured medicine. Do your research — this is a FACT.

    So called "socialist medicine" is economical — it's not going to make your country go broke.

    Critical thinking, kids, critical thinking

  12. Critical thinking is apparently on the decline. I wish I lived in Canada, or Sweden or somewhere that actually has a good amount of smart people.

  13. Canada is screwed up, too. Maybe our educational system imbues a bit more critical thinking and less nationalist self-mythologising than in the US, but it seems that a lot of people forget all this as soon as they leave high school. Look who we have running the country, who won our last election, if you don't believe me. Still, mostly have no use for the worst of the crap like FOX News, so that's a good sign 🙂 Peace out.

  14. As a socialist — and a Canadian who is PROUD of our public health care system — I have to say that I hope the court overturns Obamacare. Americans want — and deserve — REAL publically funded, universally accessible medical coverage. Obamacare is NOT that. And until the insurance company-enriching farce that is Obamacare is off the books, that's not going to happen. Obamacare was designed EXACTLY to kill socialised, accessible, universal health care in America. It must be ditched.

  15. I'll explain this. Pay attention, everyone.
    Hitler was a socialist. He was one of the most famous socialists. He practiced socialism, with the Jewish people. He made all of them do what he told them, regardless of how they felt about it. An example would be him making red arm bands mandatory.
    Obamacare is socialist. Obamacare is a large tax increase, that makes it mandatory for you to pay taxes…for other peoples' health insurance, REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL.

  16. I'm not. The way I see it is, I don't feel comfortable knowing that my tax dollars are paying for a stranger's health insurance. Does that make sense?

  17. How is it unconstitutional? To force the taxpayers to buy health insurance, for strangers? Are you kidding me?

  18. By your notion EVERY government program is unconstitutional. As examples, the military/roads/public schools are unconstitutional because people are “forced” to pay taxes for them, while poor people use them. EVERY program is based on government’s authority to tax for the general welfare. Show me where the Constitution explicitly prohibits the government from doing this. In fact, the Constitution endows the government with this power (Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 and the 16th amendment)

  19. Your analogy is flawed because Hitler suspended the Weimar Republic (parliament) and hence he acted as a dictator who was not subject to the people. We are not in a dictatorship, because our Congress has not been disbanded, and the Affordable Care Act resulted from a vote that came from a representative democracy, however flawed, in the form of our Congress – not dictatorial force. Also, Hitler was NOT a socialist. Don't be fooled by the NAZI (National Socialist) name. He persecuted socialists.

  20. Obama told the country multiple times that Obamacare is not a tax increase. Obamacare is the biggest tax increase ever, for the middle class. The president lied, to the United States.

  21. Call the healthcare system what you want, what is more human and positive than making sure every citizen, in the UNITED States, has proper health care? The anti-universal health care commenters here are as divisive, if not more, than their politicians. You're failing the country because you're just trying to get yours and screw everyone else. Hurry up and leave to another country and find that any country you'd want to move to has universal health care laws and is more liberal than the US.

  22. "Forced by the government" is NOT socialist by definition. That is totalitarian and/or authoritarian by definition, because the government is using its authority to force us to do something. The socialist elements of the health care law have NOTHING to do with any mandate. The socialist elements are the government subsidies for the poorer half of America, which helps them purchase PRIVATE INSURANCE, which is the capitalist/corporatist element of the health care law. It's not black and white.


    I can't believe people buy this shit. If I had to put money on it, I'd say you got that exact line about it being the biggest tax increase ever from Rush Limbaugh. I trust I don't even need to argue why this pathetic little health care bill is not the biggest, or even REMOTELY CLOSE to the "biggest tax increase ever" on any level, for any group of people.

  24. I'm Canadian. I *have* public health care. What do YOU want? Corporate feudalism? A few rich people sitting pretty while the peons all fight for the scraps?

    I partially retract my desire for Obamacare to be overturned. Obamacare sucks, it's a horrible law that doesn't actually give people universal healthcare — and it costs more than publically funded system. However, I also understand that it's a BIG step forward.


  25. Now, my taxes go to millions of strangers' health insurance. I'm paying more taxes, for another person. What the hell?

  26. exactly …i sometimes i feel like hitting these people over the head who say Obama is a socialist…he's a bloody corporatist puppet …socialism is exactly what the elite are afraid of …

  27. Right. And you prefer your tax dollars go towards killing foreigners with multi-million dollar toys? Or to tax breaks, interest-free loans and subsidies ( (i.e. corporate welfare) for uber-rich megacorporations. Good fucking logic there. WAKE UP, conservative America! It doesn't matter whether you're con or lib or martian — this is the TRUTH. Nothing more, nothing less. Are you priorities helping regular people, or at they helping subsidise the uber-rich to get richer?

  28. I live in Canada and the government does not "run" health care. It funds people's insurance via taxes and ensures basic access. Doctors are still in fully private practice, they're just payed by the provincial governments. The parasitical middle man is cut out. It's not the Soviet Union, ffs — you people need to wake up and get informed. However, so everyone knows, the public system is limited and for advanced coverage you still need personal or company insurance policies.

  29. It's not a tax — it's corporate welfare. One. More. Time. For those who STILL haven't got the memo …. Genuine public health care systems cost per capita about HALF what you Americans are paying for your private, for-profit insurance companies. So why don't you demand single payer and watch the cost go down and the benefits go up? Logical, no? WAKE UP. people.

  30. First, can you explain to me how Obamacare isn't socialism? Are you not denying that it is? Okay. You believe all this "help the rich get richer" bull shit. You must be one of the sheep. Sorry, but I wouldn't feel right arguing with you. Bye.

  31. Because socialism is defined as state and/or collective ownership — as opposed to private, for-profit ownership, which is capitalism. Obamacare is all about private, for-profit insurance companies. It's capitalist, not socialist. Moron.

  32. Seriously, give it up. You don't have a clue what you're talking about and you're wrong. Go milk your goat or make some moonshine or what it is you hillbillies do with yourselves when you're not in the internet.

  33. Iagree and that son of a bitch obama is turning this country into communism and socialism. Our government is uncontrollable, we have no more checks and balances, whatever the president and his people wants goes even if it is bad for this country. I hate to see this once great nation turn to co corruption

  34. This country does not and never has tolerated a law that is communist therefore this law will die just like the draft which forced men to go to war against their will, also segregation which forced colored people to live with racism and discrimination, and soon this law will die because it forces people to buy health insurance even if they cannot afford it or get punished. I think that's communism right there.

  35. yes, i know, car insurance is mandatory but only if you own a car and the government will not punish you if you do not want to buy it, you just can't drive a car that's all and you only get punished if you are stupid enough to drive a car without insurance. But with this law almost everyone is required to have health insurance even if they have a hard time affording it, people have a hard time paying motgages and food to feed their families, this law will make the depression worse

  36. so think before you say the F word because that person you just cussed out to was actually right and knows what they are talking about

  37. Obamacare will die and Americans who actually care about their freedom, liberty, and democracy will God willing soon have peace of mind and we will wake up from this whole obamacare nightmare and find a way to REALLY better healthcare without worries and anxieties and come up with a law that is 100% free of socialist and communist politics

  38. Hitler was also a communist, and our country has NEVER tolerated or supported any kind of socialism because our country is based on Democracy and it will always be that way.

  39. There is an infinitely better way to reform healthcare. This isn't real reform because a true reform does not cause lots of worries and anger towards many people. Frankly, Obama is a liar WHERE IS THIS DAMN CHANGE? Well i'll tell ya one thing, he;s changed America alright, he's changing it from democracy to Marxism and I will not just stand by and see the my country that I love fall into his corruption. FUCK YOU OBAMA AND HIT THE ROAD BARACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. And that hillbilly does have a clue what he is talking about and actually cares about his country and the welfare of the people who live in it.

  42. And I do not think it is right that there should be insurance companies that are for profit, it should be non profit and the funds should go for medical research such as finding cures for diseases and not to be spent for luxurious hotel suites for the obama democrats and lavish Jaguars and Mercedes. Moron.

  43. By the way, the top 10 percent pays around 70 percent of the country's taxes. How is that fair? Punish me, if I choose to become a neurosurgeon? That doesn't seem like equal treatment, in the land where everybody is supposed to be treated equally.

  44. Adam Smith on taxes: "It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expence, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion." Do you know who Adam Smith is, you inbred hillbilly moron?

  45. Now you're making even less sense than usual. Comparing me to Hitler. Yes, I hate ignorance. I make no apology for that. And I call ignorant people rude names. But now I'm advocating genocide. Every time you open your mouth — or touch your keyboard in this case — you look stupider and stupider. Proving over and over that I'm right in calling you a yee haw hillbilly.

  46. I don't know why you're being so hateful, towards me. I just stated my opinion, on a YouTube video. I didn't expect for a hateful Liberal to jump the gun and insult me, the way that you did. I'm a yee haw hillbilly? How do you determine that? Because my political preferences are different yours? Oh. Okay. I call that bigotry. Democrats believe it's their way, or you're stupid. Like you can't disagree with them, about how the country should be ran…or you are a fool. Okay.

  47. Hitler was a fascist who hated communism and socialism (just because they used the term "socialism" in the name doesn't actually mean they are socialist at all.) The Nazis did not nationalize businesses and in fact had lower tax rates on businesses than the US did during the war. Socialism per se and democracy are not mutually exclusive and many democratic countries have socialist policies (incl. the US) and still maintain free markets. Learn some history and political theory.

  48. The Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") was a plan originally developed by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and was designed to benefit the for profit insurance companies since it gives them millions of health customers. It's almost exactly like the plan put into place by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. The "mandate" to purchase health insurance was the compromise to have coverage for pre-existing illnesses and it benefits for profit insurance companies greatly.

  49. There is NOTHING "communist" about the Affordable Care Act. It's a CONSERVATIVE plan; not a liberal one at all. Look up the Heritage Foundation and tell me whether you think they are "liberal" or socialist. You obviously know nothing about political systems or economic systems and have been getting your information from heavily biased sources. There is nothing "communist" about this plan. It's designed to benefit existing insurance companies who are very capitalist.

  50. Prove it. Explain to me how bailing out Wall Street companies and having advisers who are all from the very capitalist Wall Street financial firms in any way counts as being socialist or "communist." Explain in detail what specific policies can be shown to considered to be a nationalization of any businesses or industries (as in TOTAL takeover and then run by the govt.) I got news for you, our govt is already corrupted by corporations from the K-street lobbyists and the Citizens United ruling.

  51. And they weren't already? You might want to learn a bit more about how government is run. We ALL pay taxes so that we can have govt. services; quit worrying about your taxes as though you are the only one paying them. Even poor people pay taxes.

  52. So you're not worried that someone who lives nearby could get a transmissible disease and because they can't afford to treat it, you could possibly end up getting sick as well? Health is a COMMUNITY concern, NOT an individual one. You aren't an island. I know you think you're the only person in the world that matters, but it's not the case. Just because you can't see beyond your own little self doesn't mean that other people aren't smarter and can't think of what the larger consequences are.

  53. The Heritage Foundation doesn't develop "socialist" plans. They are a conservative think tank. The "Obamacare" plan was developed originally by the Heritage Foundation and is almost exactly like "Romneycare." There's nothing "socialist" about it.

  54. I'm not the only person, that matters? Lol. Why did you think that I thought that? Do you have any reason? I'm not nagging because my taxes are gonna go up, I'm nagging because millions of peoples' taxes are going to go up…to pay for strangers' health insurance.

  55. Because you obviously have no understanding of the importance of healthcare in a larger sense and how other peoples' health can affect you, the economy, and our nation as a whole; and the fact that you are not taking that into consideration is telling. We are less competitive with other countries who are paying less for their health care. If you had a more reasonable proposal such as single payer, I would be with you

  56. Did you know?

    Here in New Zealand, if you are injured in an accident (car crash, fallen down the stairs, sports injury), the government will pay for your medical bills, recovery and even lost income if you are unable to work. We don’t call it ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’. Instead, we call it ‘looking after people’.

  57. I have self control and put away a minimum of 5% of my income into a rainy day fund each month. I make exactly $21,600 a year and live on my own. I just live within my means. If I can do it then so can anyone else. I don't pity anyone who can't take care of themselves. Sorry.

  58. Wow, what a timely response.

    OK, can you cover health insurance premiums with that income? And if you can, will the service you can afford cover a catastrophic medical emergency? If not, well…I won't feel pity for someone who spews chest-thumping rhetoric like yours and then turns out to need help paying medical bills. Sorry.

  59. I don't expect you to feel pity for me. I believe in Darwinism in every aspect of anything I can think of. One day I'll die, and that day will probably sooner than you. The least I can do is leave other people alone. If I believed in charity I'd probably be a religious person. Oh, and sorry for the delayed response. I don't have regular access to the internet. I do want you to know I'm not against you taking care of other people. …just against someone coercing me into taking care of others.

  60. Socialism is simple. When you are required to pay for a government program, freedom is defeated and your income becomes an asset of the state. Paying taxes for protection and government payroll is a stretch itself. But for taxes to pay for someone else's health benefits makes you a servant and earner for "the people" which borders on comunism. Everyone should pay taxes and get health insurance on their own.

  61. David said that Obamacare is putting the 32M (I think more) people into corporate, market-driven, for profit insurance plans – which is wrong. It is obvious that David is a socialist thinking guy. Obamacare is a socialist program just like Social Security, Medicare and other welfare based programs. Obamacare is not about for profit insurance. If the government wants to insure 32M people, have at it. Don't force everyone to buy this crap. David is a little left-leaning smart-ass!

  62. But America was built on "Choice". If I wanted to give people money to get healthcare there is a little thing called Charity. The difference between Obamacare and Charity is the choice part of charity.

  63. socialism is equal rights to every one no rich no poor no priorities every one is equal problem is all the big countries that try socialism they let corrupt people in to the goverment who turn socialism in to what many people call communism the only reason places like america dislike and spew hate against socialsim is becaue under socilaism every one no mater there job gets paid the same so all thoses big coporate bosses and politicians will have massive pay cuts

  64. The heart of Obamacare (the individual mandate) was an idea that came from the HERITAGE FOUNDATION in the 90s to combat real socialized medicine.

    Anyone who thinks it is socialism knows nothing of socialism, or the Obamacare's history.

  65. What is it about Americans and calling any policy that is remotely towards the left 'socialist', and using that as an argument against it.

  66. The US should stop spending so much on WAR and look after its own. We have public health in Australia and it works fine. Can you really trust private health companies to look after the vulnerable and the poor? By the look of your health system obviously not.

  67. In the sixties, republicans and Democrats alike enforced high taxes for the rich which was distributed fairly well on the safety net regarding education, pensions ect… It was a partisan thing to actually care for the people instead of the rich. Something which tells us that American politics has moved to the right.

    Either way, socialist or nor I don't give a fuck about any label which is in this case of Obama care is a deliberate rhetorical device deployed in order to discredit him. The Congress should instead of indulging in bribery (known as lobbying) care about the public sector as well. The safety net must be restored. (though it won't happen in the near future)

    (note that I am not found of him. Especially since he got his undeserved Nobel peace price as well as embracing the trickle down economic theory…)

  68. Black Presidential candidate Ben Carter proves that Obamacare is Socialism that is worse than slavery for Black Americans. Created to keep people Dumbed Down. / (2) To prove that politicians like Obama and Bernie is selling America Socialist Lies. /

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