Debate Is Healthcare a Personal Responsibility or Community Responsibility?

hey Tom nice to talk to you I think a couple things you mentioned that gal just recently about how she passed away selling the vacuum yeah it didn't selling go check it out how could she have three jobs and only make 10 grand a year she must not be reporting all of her income she's going through a fourth divorce I am not feeling bad for this lady I mean I'm sorry she died but I'm not going to blame the government of Florida and a Medicare system for an individual situation okay I'm guessing the position that you're taking is you don't think that the government should be providing health insurance to people is that is that the bottom line here no I think why not to try to get out of as much stuff as big why not they do not dissolve in air and why not Aaron why not because the government is not a competitive organization it takes from one group and gives to another so Aaron you're saying that the health insurance should be competitive it should be 100% competitive why absolutely why it should be a free market why market like everything else why just like education Aaron it's a very simple thing you know the purpose of the government and read your constitution was to promote the general welfare of the United States there are some things that are part of the Commons they they do serve the public good education and health care are two of those things and those are areas where when you look at every other developed country in the world the only exception is the United States were the village idiots filled with people like Aaron and what every other country in the world has said no we're going to not only provide free education to everybody Denmark pays students $200 a month to go to school to go to college we're not only going to provide national health care with it for everybody but we're gonna provide it with no deductibles whatsoever that's the that's the case in every other developed country in the world and what do they get out of that what do the people get out of that what does Aaron get out of that lower costs better education and explosion we saw this in the United States here and after the World War two when my dad came back from from Japan on the GI Bill went to college for two years that the GI Bill for every one dollar we spent on the GI Bill sending young men to college for free for every dot one dollar week we got back we spent by 1965 we had returned seven dollars in extra tax income to the federal government as a result of those people earning higher salaries than they would have made if they didn't have a college education education is an investment health care is an investment if you have a healthy populace we have maternal death rates mother's dying in the United States at rates that are comparable to African countries and and I'm not talking to the top of the line African countries we have the highest maternal death rate in in the developed world in the United States because we don't have a national health care system charlene dill is an example of that what don't you get about if everybody's healthy and if everybody is educated it's better for the country because people responsibility personal responsibility you didn't birth yourself you didn't raise yourself you didn't educate yourself personal responsibility crap every day I have to get up and deal with myself and I never ask the government for they can take yeah you can't use that word on the air so I've got a I've got a beep you out but you never ask the government for jeez I you know I just I don't know how to get through I don't I'm it just seems so obvious let me just recap real quickly and real cleanly it is entirely appropriate that we have a private sector and the end and you know I don't want the government making my blue jeans I don't want the government making my computer I don't want the government making my car but there are certain things that we all all of our fate hangs based on that have to do with the public good water septic electric healthcare education these are the appropriate areas where in fact government doesn't job in private industry you

  1. "Personal responsibility" : "full and complete control of all facets of life, from conception to decomposition."

    This is the foundation of Objectivism, Social Darwinisn, Eugenics (!) and LaVeyan Satanism.

  2. Never call that evil socialist fire department !
    Let your house burn down to prove what a good independent little lackey you are !

  3. After paying for Medicare, I would say that the government has a commitment to the people who paid into it. This was not tax money. When are the conservitives going to get honest?

  4. It's painful to listen to indoctrinated idiots like Aaron that are too lazy to actually question anything they believe or put any actual work into their views before becoming zealots for their narcissistic & solipsistic world view.

  5. I just love your show Thom! The way you hold the line and use the facts just makes me gleeful when it exposes the call for "personal responsibility" for what it really is.

  6. Healthcare is what E.F. Schumacher would call a divergent problem, where there are at least two self-consistent "solutions" which each alone are incomplete. "Personal responsibility" is incomplete because some chronic illnesses are unavoidable, and others we were ignorant or deceived into unhealthy behaviors that had probabilistic consequences. "Communal responsibility" is incomplete because as costs explode it becomes dictatorial and ban freedoms with probabilistic risks.
    Insurance companies theoretically can do better than a government in assessing behavioral risks and associated costs, and charge rates. But if they had complete freedom, they'll just refuse to cover people they don't want to cover, including preexisting conditions, or set rates so high they can't afford to live. Governments can set inclusive policies, but it can't do it if all the healthy people want cheap plans, and all the chronically sick people are forced on government plans.

  7. The problem is, unfortunately, you can't convince conservatives of anything which they do not already think.  They want everyone to either succeed completely alone or drop dead and get out of the way of those who did with a few exceptions.  You can be a young child, very elderly, or disabled.  If you're disabled, you have to be in a circumstance where you didn't, in a conservative's mind, contribute to your own disability.  They think government is evil and anything you don't do alone is weak and awful.  The US will have to be cut in half in population nearly instantly, somehow, to change anything.  Conservatives will never let anything permanently positive happen because they want to be able to refuse people things without repercussions against them, especially if it's what they think of as a "moral" idea.  The only reason I stay on the US is that I can't leave.  It is not worth it here.

  8. Take his driver's licence away and ban him from using government supplied roads then see if he thinks that the government shouldn't be providing anything.

  9. The countries that Thom speaks of are small, homogeneous, averse to political conflict and most people are hard working and contributing members of society. That is very different than America.

    America is also one of the unhealthiest nations on the planet, not because of a lack of healthcare; rather, it's because of eating a diet that mostly consists of highly processed garbage foods, guzzling artificially flavored sugar water (soda) and leading sedentary lifestyles.

    Forcing the responsible members of society to bail out the poor choices of those people is only an inequitable band aid that will do very little if anything. It attempts to treat the symptoms but not cure the underlying disease.

  10. Progressives are baffled by how some right-wingers don't seem to make any analysis from a societal perspective. Those who do misunderstand most things; how to get real economic growth, how to get affordable health care etc. But there is one general argument that kind of "saves" right-wingers, and that is the view that the country shouldn't be treated as any kind of collective (society), so looking for rational societal solutions shouldn't be done.

  11. I take it that Americans really don't know how the Government(s) work?
    I take it that they don't understand that every election is to determine who it is that is going to represent them, be it state of federal.
    you often hear the "I didn't agree to that" from people who don't understand that they are part of a nation and that they have given authority to state and federal elected officials to make decisions on their behalf, so when all these officials get together and vote on what they are going to use tax money for, they have agreed to that use of tax money.
    So if and when the government chooses to have a national health service that caters to the medical needs of every citizen, they have agreed to to that, because being a citizen, that is the power that they are giving the people that are elected, to do that very thing.
    I know the various governments are severely corrupted, but I can only presume that is because people don't understand what the government is and that THEY are the government.

  12. Personal responsibility that's something this fool ( hartmann ) never talks about. Why, why, why, he sounds like a 3 year old.

  13. The truth is, that caller hates other people, he wants other people to be miserable because he was miserable. When he says other people should take personal responsibility, what he really means is that he's angry and bitter his life was difficult so he wants everyone else to suffer like him.

  14. Plenty companies produce cancer to society that is not individualized this debate about personal responsibility is null and void… Our modern society has everyone in the same chemical waste land..thusly needs to be managed as a society and as a whole.

  15. The caller is a dope. Suckers like him are a big cause of America heading down the tubes over the previous few decades.

  16. It’s a Community responsibility, without question. Too many things in our immediate environment affect our health. Sure, a person can eat bad, not exercise, & have addictions, but the problems simply don’t stop there. If you live within a ten mile radius of a busy highway, the brake dust alone could severely affect ones health. Bad food supplies, poor infrastructure (Flint, MI), factory pollution, poor working conditions, poor housing (lead paint, asbestos), big pharma drug pushers, etc. A person can only be responsible for so much.

  17. Healthcare is a social responsibility and a universal right. Ill health impacts on society as a whole and hits the social conscience. 69% of bankruptcies in USA are directly related to medical bills for sudden ill health – that can never be right that an illness means we must lose our house!

  18. FeatureFlint’s Water Crisis and the ‘Troublemaker’ ScientistMarc Edwards took up the cause of water activists in Michigan a year ago — and earned their trust. Now he’s fighting to keep it.

  19. He sure did some dancing around your questions Thom . He is a prime example of your brain on stupid . He has swollowed so many lies , he is choking on them .

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