Debate 1984 (Part 15) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

I know I'm afraid I I'm gonna be very rigid about one question per questioner there are lots of people lined up standing I'm gonna get through a fraction of them so I'm going to go over to the left-hand microphone one question per question is the capitalist I'm curious about your concept of reality what happens if here's an average family growing up and you happen to have a mentally handicapped child you didn't plan on one but it came along you don't have any money so I guess we'll just throw it in the garbage pretending doesn't exist in the case of a Canadian Indians who's kind of hanging out there you know doing whatever he's doing these white guys come on go hey you can't do that you know I mean just because you have money you know something does that mean did you forget about everybody else well maybe my question is what are you going to do about the people who don't have the money to afford certain medical educational things are you just going to forget about them and just let them do whatever well I think that we covered that but I'll answer it again briefly you either have to believe that human beings by and large and in the majority can survive by their own effort or that the whole human race is congenital incompetence handicapped and helpless if the latter is true there is no such thing as human survival if it's possible for the human race to survive at all and it is it has to be because the normal face is an individual who is not handicapped or mentally retired or run over by a truck who is able to afford the things that his life requires when it becomes a tad off and becomes productive I thought that happened I was told that happened only United States 1910 in the case of people who are handicapped and in difficulty through no fault of their own they depend upon private church that is it there is no I do not regard that such a thing as a handicap as a mortgage on anybody else's life I myself would fall in to give to church if I thought the person didn't create his own handicap hold on principle the idea that a social system is to be defined by what happens to the handicapped the social system has to be defined by the nature of the man and when only when that question has been answered and you lay down the principles that are healthy human being requires to function do you say the surplice will voluntarily be given to those relatively small group of people who are helpless through no fault of their own as far as medical care is involved try to remember that we do not have capitalism valid the fantastic escalating costs particularly for people who are unemployed is not a phenomenon of capitalism but of the mixed economy the two last questions come together wanted to pick up Jill's point for a second we are an interdependent community as I see it you're sitting in this hall tonight because you go home today and when you go home today you're going to perhaps take a taxi that's inspected by the metropolitan Toronto licensing Commission it's also paid for by taxpayers money and every part of our life each of us benefits and is affected by the structure that's been built in this society in we come that may be the problem but you'd be along on half year without that problem I've been in places that don't have that problem and in return in return you have the right to expect that you owe somebody something and I want to tell you there are most people in the hall I tell from the applause we know this who don't believe it who don't share this and I don't care but I think with John Ridd path and I think what dr. peacock are talking about is such an ugly and mean and heartless system it is such it is such a throwback to that 19th century Dickensian world that one of these guys lauded as the as the apotheosis of capitalism earlier when in fact life was miserable and scummy for most people that I am thrilled to know that this is a very narrow extremist friend of the right movement and that most of its advocates are in this room tonight that gives me hope that gives me hope that this kind of miserable way of wanting to run a world will not prevail much beyond where it goes in this room

  1. I am a Capitalist and I take great pleasure in giving my "surplus" to benefit others. Is taking that pleasure mean, ugly and heartless?

  2. Adam Smith: “How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature which interest him in the fortune of others and render their happiness necessary to him though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it.”

  3. It would have been better if instead had Peikoff raise the point that self-interest helps the handicapped, rather than charity. The handi-capped would be much worse off depending on charity than depending on a self-interested society and all the positive externalities that result from that. A handy-capped person can be helped very little in a socialist system, but may be healed or made much better of by technological advances and lower costs in a self-interested society.

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