Debate 1984 (Part 14) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

yes on the right hand microphone sorry for interrupting mr. professor at path I have two questions one for each side first to the Socialists I'd like to know why it is morally right for me to sacrifice the fruits of my labor to someone other than myself right for you to sacrifice all of the fruits of your labor where do you draw the line I would certainly say that you live in a community in which other people have contributed to your well-being does your mother do your laundry you know there is this notion that you're a hard bald individual with this shell and that nobody helps you that you do it all yourself it's sort of like the 19th century when men we're men and ladies still did the laundry I don't think any of us lives in that context mind if you're at school which I suspect you may be my tax dollars go to pay for your education and I'm pleased that they do I am pleased indeed that in our community in our society that it's possible for you and for me it was possible for me to go to university even although my family couldn't afford it personally I feel that I should give something back and I hope you'll come to feel the same way in a capitalist society you do not derive benefits from quote society as a whole but from specific individuals who have done specific things and there are mechanisms to determine exactly what it cost and how you compensate the person you do not take general tax money for instance from people who have no children extorted from them and use it to pay schooling for people who do have children life is not a systematic raid on whatever you can grab off with the implication that you are then mortgaged as a serf for life to pay effect as far as your mother is concerned she has a moral obligation before she does your laundry in fact earlier than that before she decides to conceive you you did not ask to be conceived she has to say to herself it's a one-sided choice on her part you were not consulted she has to say to herself if I have this kid it's going to mean 21 years of doing laundry is it worth it to me or not do I regard the pleasures involved as sufficient payment and if she says no I would say do not have children but the more practical proper attitude is not to say I resent doing it but I'll do it bitterly as a sacrifice for 21 years and then that kid will be a slave for life to repay me I don't believe that urge and consistent breeding slaves

    my thoughts were : is she implying that my mother is doing it involuntarily – with no value to that of being a mother and son ?
    he put it much better ^_^

  2. Sweet Jesus. That's thinking on your feet! Peikoff could have talked total rubbish all debate long and he would have still won on the basis of the logic of that response.

  3. Maybe it would have been better if Jill Vickers were to not go to college and be in a position to warp the minds of more people.

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