1. Wer auf Deutsch über den Prager Frühling diskutieren möchte, gebe in den google "geschichte forum ag prager frühling" ein. Auch wenn der Thread schon älter sein sollte, ruhig wiederbeleben.

  2. "Habent sua fata libelli, Books have their fates. The fate of the book called THE JOKE coincided with a time when the combined inanity of ideological dictatorship (in the Communist countries) and journalistic oversimplification (in the West) was able to prevent a work of art from telling its own truth in its own words. The ideologues in Prague took THE JOKE for a pamphlet against socialism and banned it; the foreign publisher took it for a political fantasy that became reality for a few weeks and rewrote it accordingly." Milan Kundera, "Preface" THE JOKE, June 1982

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