1. Wow, I just had a 5 min evolution from hating you to really liking you…. I started off on your Instagram through a comment you left on Belle D… I was like "Oh great another insta model chick" Then I noticed you have youtube… I said to my self "Oh? she has youtube…She actually says stuff out of that face?" Then I found your content to be "interesting" I finally fell on this video and was like "Damn, this girl is talented…Me like" New fan. From Hate to Great.. Focus on your skills not your appearance. Those fade.

  2. this song suits u so well? hello? BEAUTIFUL!!! Myah we missed u gal, hope u get better sis bc u r a veryy godly shistarrr! 🤘🏻

  3. Honestly, this kind of acoustic virsion of this song is the best. I listened to the original version and immediately found myself going back to this. So good, girl ❤️❤️
    Edit: and even sick?! Fuckin' legend…

  4. Wish you’d make music kinda similar to this, more natural, less production. Still a fan of both of ur albums regardless

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