1. Happy Tuesday to everyone except these spineless companies bowing to China!
    Shaming 00:06 – Dobre 4:26 – TIA 7:25 – China/NBA/Blizzard 9:28

  2. Played 10+ years of WoW on private servers. Two months into me subbing for the first time ever? Blizzard RANDOMLY supports a censorous controlfreak government!
    Thanks, Blizzard. Now I feel guilty playing WoW classic, even though it's an objectively good MMO and personally my favorite.

    Therefore – I will definitely NOT extend my subscription unless they (Blizzard) explain their motives and apologize for bowing to foreign corruption and over-regulation
    (as if 90% countries on this planet weren't already over-regulated themselves and they needed extra over-regulation imported from other countries THANKS).

    NBA? I couldn't care less, TBH. But for doing what they did, they get the title of "useless tool of a reckless tyrant"- as does anyone/any company/any group of people that support authoritarian suicidalism.

  3. What being professional has to do with having a bikini photo on your Instagram. She could be their best employee. And how many men have their shirtles, only in boxers beach/swimming pool photos on their instas?

  4. And people still say McCarthyism was a bad idea, look at you now America. The average Chinese is so unbelievably patriotic, has no problem cutting out the NBA from their lives and move on, all while "American patriotism" these days means buying USA flags from Walmart (made in PRC) and giving money away to companies that cherish Chinabucks over the USA (so, almost every company these days). This is called treason you know?

  5. If he wants to go on a live stream of his own and voice his opinion then fine. Fact is he chose the wrong place to voice his opinion. If they were to allow him to do this, then they must allow ALL others to do so. So by punishing him, they actually decrease the likelihood of the behavior repeating itself within the lower tiers of the community.

    Hey…a white male gets no punishment for raping a woman and leaving her behind a dumpster to die…oh look public outrage. But when a private company punishes a guy for blatantly breaking the Code of Conduct they hate on the company for their swift actions to punish the offender. Oh look. Public outrage because people do not understand free speech.

    Free Speech protects you from the government taking legal action against you. It does not protect you from being punished by private companies unless they too are part of the government. And yes Chinese government probably would have rode Blizzards ASS on the subject if they had done nothing. The backlash from taking action against Blitzchung was probably far less costly than dealing with China's political interference.

    fact is that he chose the wrong place and time to voice his opinion. He would be just as guilty if he screamed FIRE in a crowded movie theater and caused an incident where people will potentially be injured from mass panic, which in essence is an act of terrorism and inciting fear.

    I too have no problem with peoples right to voice their opinions, but I also believe that people need to wise up and chooce the proper time and place to do so.

  6. Well… so much for buying overwatch on switch. I was so excited too… oh well! Looks like I'm buying Luigis mansion 3 instead! Wooo

  7. Can someone tell me why the woman in the first story doesn't know how to capitalize her sentences? She says she's a professional with experience but can't capitalize her fucking sentences… really queen? I'll guess she was too angry to care but if she didn't then as an employer I wouldn't take someone like that seriously. Obviously the company did a shait thing especially since they used her photo without consent (which I think it's illegal in the civilized world) so fuck them.

  8. We’re already dealing with a profits over people problem. Now it’s profits over freedom. Fuck them and I hope the Mei memes causes the Chinese Government to ban Blizzard.

  9. If I was ever famous enough to have people wanting to meet me, I would be hugging everyone! I love hugs! I get much more energetic around people that want to see me!

  10. There has been an update on the hearthstone story. The president of Blizzard has released a statement saying that he will get his prize money and the ban is only 6 months now. This fixes nothing and is a quick and cowardly attempt at damage control.

  11. Remember “we the people” make that clear, don’t give up your rights especially the 2nd because without that one you lose the 1st one.  I guess 🇨🇳 can destroy our 1st 🤯


  13. We saw Philly in his thong pics. We didn't ask for that. He still hired himself. He puts his money where his mouth is.

  14. I can't believe that I am thinking of the McCarthy era with a glimpse of positivity. He would have gone to town on these CEOs.

  15. In the first story, what the company did was crude but what they said was right and it kinda is shitty.

    We all, especially new graduates who had social media all throughout school and college had most probably at least once said something or made a video of something "unprofessional".

    Sure what that company did was shitty but their are even more companies that have their own judgement of what is "unprofessional".

    I don't know what we should do for the future, maybe have conditions on the conditions they can take things on social media into account….

  16. That dobre guy didn't do anything, all these over emotional cucks are reading too much into nothing. I saw nothing strange in their interaction

  17. Blizzard and the nba are retarded they are giving up or right to free speech you live in America and you can say whatever you want

  18. I’m from Austin Tx , this is hilarious, all the women here wear leggings or short shorts . Barely anything on 6th street or the weekends. The business usually have professional dress code . Not just casual. But those women are all sluts on social media 👏👏👏 that Kickstarter won’t last in Austin at all lmao

  19. There's a heavy amount of censoring going down on r/blizzard reddit too. I was banned for posting a link to a post that they were actively suppressing from public eye. I called them out and they banned me lol.
    reddit is just as bad… china is actually winning this war…

  20. That's a rich thumbail title coming from someone who politley asked the washington post to please stop calling him an alt right bigots in a bigot collage😆😂🤣

    Dont even get my started on the pewd stuff, bro you are youtube coward the channel!

  21. I had barely even heard of the hong kong protests until i heard an AMERICAN company had taken 10k away from that kid who won it. And took away the livelihoods of two esportscasters that worked for years to get to where they are. When an american company overtly bows to chinese censorship and fires people for demanding democratic freedom we have to take notice and demand answers. Oh and btw: kid was from hong kong.

    Fuck china all of it

  22. Supporting those "Proteseter" is supporting terriosom and separatism in my country. Most of you don't even care enough to know what's really happening in HK.
    This just show how
    arrogant and entitled you all are towards other countries. NBA is not being censored. NBA was banned because you all are uneducated pricks who lives inside your own box and somehow thinks you are entitled to voice stuipd opinion towards my country and my people.

  23. I mean it's not really censoring on China`s part. If you disrespect me why should I give you money?

    Well , NBA and Blizzard always have the freedom to say no and China isn`t pointing a gun on their head.

  24. F*** off Philly!

    How dare you f***ing say anything about spineless companies bowing to financial interests when you yourself tried to scam us with betterhelp?!

  25. Forcing companies to take a stand political 🤣😂🤣😂Why protest now? I havent seen any comment about Tibet, so why now when its Hong Kong? Is it only because its now in the spotlight and people love getting upset by whats "fashion" to be upset about. Keyboard warriors, gather here – we shall protest. In twitch chat and youtube comments where it matters! FREE TO PLAY! No i ment, FREE FOOD! fuck. FREE HARAMBE! lets try again. THE EARTH IS FLAT! There we go.

  26. I personally think bikini shots are “unprofessional” but this is a social media company named kickass. So I don’t see the problem here. And then they posted her picture of her body just to shame her?! Wtf. I hope no one wants to work for them after this.

  27. Hmmm, American values are for sale, who woulda thought….. well everyone, this isn't new information, it's just most people are ignorant on the issue.

  28. why these companies are afraid of china. prolly they will lost sales when they pull out their companies but it's also their lost. china is not the only country to focus on,

  29. I think someone needs to try and educate NBA players (which admittedly may be impossible) about China but hey that would mean they couldn't keep such high inflated salaries.

  30. Do NOT cover the following side of the story. You will be nailed as a supporter of China's regime, Blizzard and NBA does not need you to defend them, you will be seen as pro organ trade.

    Would you put your Chinese employees at risk? Would you as a head of company take responsibility for the consequences on your associates in China? China is bad, we can all agree on that. Sure there is money to be made in China but that is far from the whole case. Please tell me what would you do in the shoes of Blizzard or NBA?

    I totally agree, we can thank Blizzard and NBA for bringing attention to Hong Kong. But this is too much. This is not simple, there is so much more to this than covering in front of the Great China. You CANNOT allow a political stand on company platforms. First of all you'd have to allow all of them in that case. Other option is to decide what is right and what is not and that should NOT be a thing for a worldwide company to decide. Taking a stand has consequences, Blitzchung was aware of this. Blizzard has now reduced the penalties and Blitzchung in his response respected Blizzard and their decicions. The outrage does not, there's more likes to be gained. I am rude but we have to see outside what is fed to us, no matter the greatness of the cause.

    My prayers are with Hong Kong, from the bottom of my heart I hope them freedom. Not to point at Phil but there is so much money and karma to be gained on jumping on the "hate a big company" wagon. Clickbaits are not helping Hong Kong. No one knows how do you stand against China. It's terrifying. I've been burned on the spot for this opinion many times but still I do not see how milking this situation helps Hong Kong. People and freedom matter but saying nice things changes nothing. This is not a simple case of selling your soul for that China money.

  31. Literally 2 steps forwards one step back blizzard. You release classic and everyone is happy, then support censorship and piss everyone off again. GG.

  32. Kickass Masterminds can go fuck themselves, that's my opinion on that story. They're right it was an avoidable situation, and they decided they didn't want to avoid the situation and use this woman as an example. When a sorry comes out only after there's an outrage behind it by many I'd never take it as a faithful or sincere one.

  33. If they had a problem with the photo, they could've at least let the employee know how they felt without publicly shame her like that

  34. regarding the NBA: just wait them out. china's solution for noncompliance so far has been to create their own, ie. weibo. they have no hope of forming a league even remotely comparable to the NBA. they've never won a single Olympic medal in men's basketball while the US has taken gold in 15 of the last 19 Olympic games. no other county in the world has a league that can compete with the NBA

  35. Yao Ming probably felt he had no choice or risk his social credit score. :(( Sooo sad… credit scores! Repeat government propaganda or forever stay in your room!!

  36. That big oppressed NBA player said about China, "we love everything they're about". Ha! Wonder how he got through school?

  37. Some NBA asshole also said something about, (and I'm paraphrasing) We allow and support freedom of speech but there are consequences. LOL I guess if there is a cost/consequence, it's not really free then is it?

  38. Thank you DeFranco! So many celebrities and "influencers" are to pussified to speak out against the totalitarian malarkey coming out of China. RESPECT

  39. as someone who has toured before and been actively a part of these types of meet and greets, this is really not okay. Generally, "VIP" meet and greet admissions should happen before a show, where the performer is clean, rested but also stage-ready. After-show meet and greets are more informal: on my tour, it was a quick backstage hello to a select few and the performers were still on that post-show high. Then there's also "stage-dooring" which is normally free and the audience members get what they get haha. Having a paid meet and greet that goes on for hours or more after the show was not a smart decision schedule-wise. Granted, this is probably their first touring experience where they aren't used to the hectic schedule, lifestyle and managing executive decisions like this. Hopefully, they can learn from this experience so that they can give their fans OF WHOM THEY OWE EVERYTHING a met and greet in which they feel truly special.

  40. I did the android download and did not get the free items you said I would get. Nice job cheating me for sponsorship

  41. Slut shaming? Sluts absolutely should be shamed… Is she really in the category of a “slut” though? I think you are conflating the two…

  42. It's interesting that movie stars and television stars get a pass with their dealings with fans but a youtuber can't be burned out from being on tour? What the fuck is up with this bullshit double standard? Kylie Jenner treats her fans like garbage but it's cool, she makes makeup and stars on a "reality" show.

  43. Laura Ingram to Lebron & NBA
    "Shut and and dribble.

    Lebron James "I refuse to be silenced."

    China "Shut up and dribble."

    Lebron and the NBA. crickets

  44. Thanks so much for always speaking your mind. Been following your channels for a long time over the years and coming back for stories like the one on China is a breath of fresh air. You haven’t lost your touch! 🙌🏾

  45. Ok so hear me out, I'm a little split on the issue with China and don't really know where I stand at the moment. I was speaking to a Chinese friend about it the other day and I started off by saying "well this is just feels wrong with how the Chinese companies are pressuring the NBA and other organizations" but my friends point was that as consumers of a market based society, we vote with our feet by boycotting products that do not share our views, can't Chinese companies also do the same thing by boycotting and disassociating with organizations they do not share the same values and beliefs with? and to be honest, I kinda agree with him, or at least I think I do. I dunno my guts telling me that it's not fair so many others within the NBA organization gets implicated for one person expressing their opinions, but at the same time I can't really see it being fair to say that 'a company (Chinese or not) must keep paying $ to sponsor a team they don't like or share the same beliefs/values with'. Would love to hear others thoughts on this since I don't think it's that simple.

    The issue with Blizzard is another issue altogether i think. I think Blizzard was in every right to let the player go for politicizing the platform. The player knew what he was doing and by shouldn't have expressed his views on a 'gaming' platform. There's a place and time for everything, people don't log onto watch a Hearthstone match for political opinions, I personally log on to watch some Hearthstone to relax not to think about politics – if I wanted to hear political opinions I'd watch the PhillyD show 🙂 I think if the player wanted to express his opinions and views, he should've done it elsewhere rather than in what appears to be a tournament. (I don't think it's fair that Blizzard fired the casters though, that's just a bit too much, they didn't seem to have done anything wrong).

  46. Coming from the same coward that doesn't stand up for smaller channels when they get censored. This is rich.

    You're a joke, and not in a good way.

  47. Its too bad so many people value money over human rights. Who cares about chinas money if they oppress their people. America was once the shining example of fighting for freedom. What the hell have we become.

  48. Dear Philip Defranco

    Since I'm late to this video it's unlikely you will ever see this comment, but in the off chance that you see it I'll post it anyway. First of all, I'm not Chinese nor do I support the CCP nor have I ever set foot in China. I'm Korean, and I've lived in the west my whole life.

    In recent years there has been a noticable surge in hostility and racism toward Chinese people and by extension Asians in general, due to both MSM channels and indepependent channels like yours overwhelmingly portraying "China" (read: the ccp) negatively, often in a very hostile light, and the average viewer being unable to distinguish between China and the CCP, Chinese people and Asians in general.

    This might not be noticable to you, but it affects me as a person of Asian descent and makes me feel unsafe in my own country.

    I'm not asking for censorship or for you to change up your content or style – I just wanted you to know.

  49. Dear Phil…you pulled the same kind of cowardice when Google leaks showed they aim to manipulate elections and control the political narrative. Meh…thought I'd purged Phil from my recommendations.

  50. So, that was a little more than just a picture of someone in a bikini. Her breasts are partially shown. The fact that social media encourages people to post semi-porn pics of themselves doesn't at all equate to someone just being proud of their own image. We make choices in life and choosing to bare ourselves, whether fully or partially, can indeed determine whether or not a company would want you to be part of their team. Sheesh, it's really common sense stuff… and we're supposed to be teaching our young girls that there are many more substantial and valid ways to show they are proud of themselves on social media. We do realize that young terns imitate this kind of behavior just to be noticed now, don't we? Let's all start being a little more serious about what a problem this is and how it's also creating the extreme amounts of anxiety young girls feel now. Pictures like the one this woman posted are exactly what puts pressure on young girls. So, we'll, asking them to think this woman is also professional is a bit of a stretch. I'm just sayin'…

  51. If kickass INTERNALLY chose not to hire her because it thought the bikini pic was unprofessional, I'd disagree, but see that as ok. But I see it as completely wrong to have publicly posted the pic and publicly shame her. Also, I agree with the take that it's very hypocritical for a company named "kickass" to think bikinis are unprofessional.

  52. I don't think those guys were so tired that they couldn't flex the facial muscles under their face. If they were that tired they would have collapsed before they got to that point.

  53. OH NO! Has the American idea of the Global Gag Rule been turned against America? If only EVERYONE saw that coming miles and miles away.
    look… I agree that companies and organizations like Blizzard, the NBA, Electronic Arts and so on could very likely survive without the Chinese market, but America has been using the same practices for decades and is still doing so. The actual Golbal Gag Rule is still in effect and has been EXPANDED in 2017 by the American government.
    You get the right to complain once you abolish the practice and not one second before.

  54. Call blizzard a coward again I dare you ffs they had their reasons so say anything about them again and you will see me in the comments again so leave blizzard outta the videos

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