what is up guys and welcome back right eventually got to the point where I can take on the hardest a horde in the game on the hardest difficulty setting now is it as difficult as the hard one or more difficult I couldn't really say I think I'm Way more experienced now with the the ins and outs of this area so I knew where I was running kind of like when I did on hardware but I couldn't you know distinctively see any more difficulty than the actual hard mode so going through the weapons quickstik share the chopper and the RPD obviously and obviously his while your napalm and I do utilize these smoke bombs a lot more as in bunching them up as well as when you cut those logs and therefore you put a smoke bomb in there as well and you can bunch them up a lot more than just doing the actual cutting itself so we're gonna get very up close and personal this time around and last time I kind of exited the area I went up the road a bit this time I maintained I stayed within the area the whole time and managed to do the entire thing without any damage it got very close as you will see a couple of swipes just above my head and I ran out of ammunition for some reason I think I was using the wrong weapon the chopper instead of the RPD which holds a hundred and five I think and I haven't been able to get trustable three on the south area the crater leg to get the upgraded clip because I just wanted to get back here and do this so as you can see I am directly beneath these bastards now so I put one down me in that passage where you saw one over here and one on the stairs over here now my practice runs that I did this I think it was the second run of third run that I did it but the first few times these bombs blew up because they're remote bombs they're not proximity bombs but the second freaka gets close to it it just blows up so don't know again if that's a glitch but it was very irritating now I got unlucky at the start yeah because one guy woke up and started running towards me I didn't have enough time to properly place the napalm where I wanted it but it's alright because I laughed at it anyway and you see I killed by throwing the throwing it and I shoulda shot that driver because have you didn't know what in there but I'm young I think I use these I didn't use the same route as I did by the time but over here I just added this little section over here because there's a lot of pathways ins and out right here as you can see so I spammed the remote palms there and then I used the smoke bomb over here and I was managing to bunch them up quite nicely over here guys I'm really at this video a often I wanna catch it in [Applause] [Applause] I shit [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh yeah [Applause] so there we have it guys 500 strong horde on the hottest setting in the back the second you see the full the truck text up there that means you've actually finished it because it doesn't actually tell you that's a horde because it's a story mission well though it does count towards the Horde killer story quest line but yeah guys um if you have any questions if you have any suggestions or anything like that because I've got a save game before this I'll be able to come back and do this anytime that I want but as you will see now I don't show me collecting all of them I just skip here and then I go to the inventory now and as you can see it is five oh five the five being the runners I took out on the way to the Horde but guys already hope you enjoying the content smash the like button please if you are any comments you have just asked or boys can reply I'm going to leave you with some more footage of the same footage actually but just to make the videos a little bit longer so guys I want to say thank you so much for watching and I'm gonna catch you on the next one I Drive the truck you fight the free [Applause] [Applause] I said [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh yeah [Applause] another bounty

  1. There's a tunnel on the side of the sawmill that's WAY easier to kill them in because you can blow all of them up instantly

  2. Why dont you just use the roll through the window trick and sit on the boiler to defeat it no damage? I get you want to challenge yourself but after the first play through on any mode its pointless to do so.

  3. Hey a fellow Saffa gamer! Where in SA are you from? Awesome video – I managed this horde in stealth the first time round, hoping Survival Mode lets me do it that way again!

  4. Bro can you tell me how you kept ur good bike when i started the survival mode i had to use a brand new slow bike

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